Do you know you can’t be a blogger!!!

If you choose a wrong platform to make your website.

Blogger and WordPress are the two major platforms to make your website without writing a single line of code.

Many of us gets confused which we should use to make our website.

So, in order to fix your confusion I have come with this post on WordPress Vs Blogger – Which is Better For Making Money.

So, let’s get started.

Trend Of Blogger Vs WordPress

As I have previously told that Blogger and WordPress are the two most widely used CMS (Content Management System) in the world.

WordPress has been downloaded more than 35.6 million times till date.

Also, Of the top 1 million websites build using a cms, 48% of them are using WordPress.

According to a study of BuildWith 95% of the site using WordPress are blogs.

Blogger is the second most popular platform for making websites after WordPress.

In the top 1 million websites around 1% of them are build with blogger as per the same study by BuildWith.

We have put both the terms “Blogger” and “WordPress” on Google trends in order to see the popularity graph of these terms.

As you can see clearly from the graph that WordPress has arisen in popularity and surpassed in terms of popularity from blogger in 2005.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source software that helps you to make any kind of website be it online store, portfolio website or a simple and sweet blog.

It has been started in 2003 and till now it is up and working for more than 18 years now.

WordPress is a free CMS however you need a domain and hosting to start your website.

It helps you create a beautiful website from scratch without any prior knowledge of coding.

Types of WordPress

There are two types of WordPress:


Here is a demographic comparing these two types of WordPress:

What Is Blogger?

Blogger is a free blogging service which gives you unlimited hosting and free domain with it.

And with this unlimited hosting your website can handle as much traffic as you can.

It was started by Pyra Labs in 1999, and it was acquired by Google in 2003.

You can also add a custom domain with your blogger website which you can buy from any 3rd party domain provider.

Criteria To Choose The Best Blogging Platform

There are many criteria to choose which CMS is best for you to make your website.

In this post I will tell you 11 most important factors to choose the best CMS for you.

1. Ease Of Use

If you are a new blogger then you might have zero knowledge about blogging.

Then it is very important that whichever CMS you use it should be easy to use, so you can get your hands to it ASAP!


Simple and beginner-friendly blogging platform to start your journey as a blogger and learn new things in blogging.

You have to first create a google account prior to start a blog on Blogger.

Then you have to go to the blogger website and start your blog.

Next you have to select the theme for your website and then after adding theme you can start writing your first blog.

After that you have to fix some SEO settings and connect it with Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

However, in order to customize your blog you have to be an expert in HTML because you can only customize the HTML of your website.


Setting up your WordPress website is super simple process.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of coding in order to make a stunning website.

Because themes and plugins can do your work easily.

Also, on WordPress you can easily customize your website without even writing a single code.

However, if you are new to WordPress then you can find the process of editing and writing your blog somewhat difficult.

Writing your blog post on blogger is easy, but the customization is hell of a lot easier on WordPress.

Winner – Tie

2. Ownership

Ownership of your blog is extremely important because if you are starting a blog which is actually owned by anyone then how come it is your blog?

Also, if you want to make your blog a sustainable business then you should have full control over your blog.

Such as how your blog would look, how to monetize it and when you want to close it.


Blogger is a free CMS that let’s you create your website free of cost.

Also, it is backed by search engine giant Google itself.

However, if you blog is hosted on Blogger then the ownership of the blog goes to Google.

It means that Google have the full control when they want to close your blog.

Along with that there are several instances where blogger blogs are terminated without any prior notifications.

Also, it is possible that Google can terminate the whole blogger service like it had done with and feedburner.


In order to have a WordPress blog you have to buy a hosting from a hosting provider which provides you full control on your blog.

Your website won’t get terminated without any notice.

Also, you have full control on how long you want to run the blog.

Along with that you can easily move your whole WordPress website from one host to another.

But on blogger, you can only host your website on blogger.

Winner – WordPress.

3. Flexibility

Another factor is flexibility which you get to design and customize your website.

Can you fully customize your theme?

Can you add your favorite widget to your website?


On blogger, you have very less flexibility to design your website.

There are very limited themes and widgets which you can add to your website.

Yes, you can add third party themes, but it is really difficult to find good ones from it.

Also, you can’t add any third party widget to your blogger blog.

Along with that on blogger you won’t get any plugin for e-commerce features, speed optimization etc.

Which limits SEO and monetization opportunities on your blog.


WordPress is an open source CMS software which means that you can easily add anything if you know about coding.

Not to worry, Non-Techies out there.

WordPress has a lot of plugins and themes which can literally help you add anything imaginable to your website.

Some of these plugins and themes are free as well as paid too.

You can add social sharing icons, pop-ups, single product widget to your WordPress website.

Also, if you are a coder you can also make a plugin by yourself which is a great way to earn money as well.

Winner – WordPress.

4. Appearance And Design

You know that first impression is the last impressions.

And this same principle works in SEO and blogging field as well.

If your website looks like this then your user won’t think a second before pressing the back button.

It can cause less user engagement with your website and higher bounce rate which can cause throw your website out of Google.

But if your website looks like this then you will get rankings ASAP!


Blogger provides you very few themes which you can use it on your blog.

You can customize it to some extent with the build in theme editor from blogger.

However, it is not that powerful and customizing your blogger website by yourself through HTML is quite tough.

You can add some third party themes in your blogger website, but they don’t have much layout options.


WordPress consists of more than 7400 free and paid themes in the official directory.

Also, you can easily customize your website with the build in theme customizer in WordPress.

But if you want to take your website to the next level then you can also use page builder to customize your theme.

Also, if you buy premium themes then you can fully customize your website without writing a single line of code.

5. Support

Reliable support of your website is very much needed to stay on the top of the Google.

Because with each Google’s algorithm rolling out new errors also comes in and if your CMS don’t give you the ways to fix it then it can cause your website to slip down from Google’s ranking.


As you know that blogger is a free to use platform, so they don’t give you a one on one support which can help you fix problems that you are facing on your website.

Blogger has a set of guides which can help you fix some of the basic problems which you can face while using blogger as your CMS.

You can click on “?” button on the top bar in your blogger dashboard if you want to read the guides.


WordPress has a forum where users are super active, and you can get the solution of your problem by just typing your problem in the search box.

Along with that you can get help from your hosting provider in fixing the error you are facing on your website.

Also, there are numerous of tutorials on WordPress which can help you fix errors on your website ASAP!

You just have to put your problem on Google or YouTube.

6. Updates

Regular update of the CMS helps your website to smoothly work.

Update helps you fix bugs in your CMS and also protects your website from hacking.


It doesn’t get much regular updates.

Google rollout a single update every single year for blogger which also don’t fix many issues.

There are two major drawbacks of it:

  • Lack of customization and design.
  • A lot of bugs and opportunity for hackers to hack your website.


Comes with a lot of updates which fixes a lot of bugs.

WordPress comes regularly with small updates and rolls every major update in every 4 months.

So, these regular updates gives you a lot of customization options and bug fixes.

7. Future


Google hasn’t given blogger a major update since 1 year now.

Recently and feed burner is closed by Google.

So, the future of blogger is in the hands of blogger and if you want to make business through your blog then you can’t rely on blogger.



WordPress has been on the rise in this game of CMS since 2005 crossing blogger in terms of popularity.

Many big branded websites are made on WordPress.

It captures the majority of market share in the niche of CMS.

And all these stats that there is a very bright future ahead of WordPress.

8. Transfer


Moving your blogger website to any other CMS is quite difficult.

A single mistake in transferring your blogger website can hurt a lot of your SEO rankings.

Even if you remove all the content from your blogger’s website then it would be in the Google’s server for a long time.

If you want to know how you can transfer your blogger website to WordPress then I have explained it in the end of this article.


It is super easy to transfer your WordPress website to any other CMS.

With some clicks you can export all your website’s content which you can transfer to any other CMS.

Just you have to draft all your post in your WordPress website in order to protect your rankings from Page Rank.

9. Pricing

It is bad if your blog is draining a lot of your money from your pocket.

Also, it is equally bad if you want to make your website without spending no money on it.


Making a blog on blogger cost you no money.

Blogger gives you unlimited hosting which can handle any amount of traffic.

Along with that you get a .blogspot domain as well.

However, if you are making a blog with blogger then I would prefer you to add custom domain to it.


WordPress is totally free to use CMS but still need a domain and hosting to start your website.

But the price you pay to start your WordPress website is completely justified because it helps you create a beautiful looking website just with some clicks.

Also, starting fast loading WordPress website is quite affordable nowadays with Hostinger which gives you hosting with a domain and an SSL at just $1 per month.

10. Monetization

Monetization is crucial in your blogging journey because at last blogging is a business and you want to earn money from it.


It has very few monetization options on blogger because you get a handful of widgets on blogger, and you can only make static website made of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Along with that you can’t make beautiful looking CTAs with blogger which is super important for increasing your affiliate marketing conversions.

Which makes it difficult to do affiliate marketing on your blogger website.


There are a lot of monetization option which you can use on your WordPress website.

It comes with a lot of widgets and elements which can skyrocket your conversions and increase your affiliate income.

Along with that you can almost any kind of website with WordPress such as E-commerce website.

11. SEO

SEO is an integral part of making a profitable website because it helps you get free traffic to your website.

If you drive traffic from your website with paid ads then this traffic comes until you pay for it.

But unlike paid ads you get regular traffic to your website with SEO.


On blogger there are very few SEO settings which you can fix.

Also, there are no plugins on blogger which can automate your SEO process.

Most of the themes present on blogger are not very SEO friendly and also bulky which takes a lot of time to load.


You can make your WordPress website SEO friendly easily just with some clicks.

Along with that you get plugins on WordPress which can automate or make the SEO process of your website a lot easier.

You can add FAQ Schema, XML sitemap, robots.txt to your website easily on WordPress.

Along with that the themes on WordPress are SEO friendly and fast loading which would help you get higher Google ranking easier.

How To Switch From Blogger To WordPress Without Losing Google Rankings?

Made your mind to transfer your blogger website to WordPress?

Then here’s the step-by-step process to transfer your website from Blogger to WordPress without losing Google Rankings.

A. Domain And Hosting

In order to start your WordPress website then you need a domain and hosting for it.

I have previously told you that WordPress is free to use but require hosting space to host your website.

There are many hosting and domain providers which can help you start your WordPress website.

But many of them are super expensive and have very slow response time which loads your website like a tortoise.

But here slow and steady don’t win the race!!!

GoDaddy is the prime example of the hosting provider which gives you super expensive WordPress hosting with a slow loading server.

Not only me but Sumit Sao from Blogging Lift has also mentioned in his post “How I Get My Site Load Time Under 1 Second?” that when he used GoDaddy hosting his site loaded in 8 seconds which is super slow.

So beware of these hosting providers!!

But there is one hosting provider which gives you a fast loading hosting for your WordPress website at the lowest price in the market.

And that hosting provider is Hostinger which gives you WordPress hosting at just 1$ per month.

Along with that you get free domain and SSL which saves some of your bucks of domain.

I personally host all my website on Hostinger and here is the GTmetrix score of my website.

Get your best deal on hostinger from here!

Here is the step-by-step process of buying hosting from Hostinger.

First, go to Hostinger website and scroll down you get the hosting packages Hostinger provides.

Click on premium web hosting because it can handle more visitor and also helps you add more than one website.

I personally use it and I have 5 websites hosted on it which loads superfast.

Then you would get redirected to cart page.

If you want to get hosting for the lowest price then you can get the hosting for 48 months i.e. 4 years.

However, if you don’t have that much money then you can buy the hosting for at least one year.

Then click on check out and make your account on Hostinger if you don’t have one.

There are a lot of payment options in Hostinger, so you can choose one according to your comfort.

After buying you would get redirected to hpanel where you have to install WordPress on your website.

Scroll down and click on auto installer.

Then add WordPress to your website.

B. Transfer The Blog From WordPress

First go to your WordPress dashboard and then click on Import under the tools section.

After that download the blogger tool to import your blogger blog to WordPress.

Next after downloading the blogger tool then you have to click on authorize.

After that you will have to log into the Google account from which you have created your blogger blog.

You have to give the access of your blogger blogs to WordPress then after that you have to click on Grant Access to give the information.

Then you will get a list of your blogs.

Choose the blog which you want to migrate and then click on import.

Then you have to wait until all the post, categories and comments are imported.

At last review and check your categories, posts and comments if it is imported right or not.

Some Important Tips

You can face two major problems which can drop your website’s ranking from Google while transfering your blogger blog to WordPress.

First is Permalink problem which you can face while transferring your blogger blog on WordPress.

Blogger has a default permalink type of which you have to set manually on your WordPress website before transferring the content.

Note: If you have any other permalink structure on your blogger website other than one mentioned above then you can also change it with the method that I am going to tell you.

First, go to your WordPress dashboard.

Then go to permalinks under the settings tab.

Click on custom structure and type “/%year%/%month%/%postname%”.

Second problem is the Google algorithm PageRank.

According to this algorithm Google penalizes those websites which have the same content from any other website indexed on Google.

So, in order to protect your website from it then you have to draft all you current posts on your blogger website.

First you have to set up your WordPress website and when it is fully ready then you can draft the existing posts, transfer it to your website and publish it on your WordPress website.

You don’t have to delete your posts from blogger as you might need it if you do some error during the transfer.

As long as the posts are in draft form you don’t have to worry about Page Rank.

Transfer Your Feed

Emails subscriber is super important because it can help you get your affiliate sales and traffic to your blog.

According to campaign monitor, the average open rate of email is around 15 to 25 percent.

So, you should protect subscribers of your blog while going from Blogger to WordPress.

You can easily do it just by following these steps:

Go to your blogger dashboard.

Go to Settings > Site Feed.

Click on Post Feed Redirect URL.

At last type your new website URL in the Post Feed Redirect URL.

In this form,

Bang you have protected your website’s subscribers.


Now I want to hear from you!

Have you made your mood to switch from Blogger to WordPress?

Or tell me how I can improve this article to make it better?

Either way tell me in the comments down below.

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