Why you should start a blog on WordPress? 10+ best reasons 2021!

You are here to either to know why you should start a blog on WordPress? Or are finding reasons why you should shift to WordPress from any CMS.

But before answering this question? Let’s start how you got the idea to start a WP blog.

At first, you might have heard of blogging as a money making machine and wants to start a blog.

Then you get to know that there are two main CMS (content management systems) in the blogging world. One is the blogger and the other is WordPress.

You might have heard that WordPress is much better in terms of features it offers.

It has a lot of features such as themes, SEO, plugins and so many things that blogger platform can’t have.

Why should start your blog with wordpress? 12 secret ways!
why you should start a blog on wordpress.

Also, not only features but also it has security and you have your own blog not like blogger in which you hand your blog to google so that it can close it anytime soon.

All the pro bloggers use WordPress only and according to recent stats it is reported that 32% of the entire Web and 59% of CMS-built websites are made on WordPress.

Still not convinced then here is the answer of why you should start a blog on WordPress?

It is because it has a lot of things such as security, speed, reliability, fast contact service and many other things that google won’t include in its CMS (blogger).

So, here are some reasons why you should start blogging on WordPress only.

1. Blogging is easy.

Now, I think most of you have gone to the comment section of this blog and started writing absurd things about my blog.

It is because I have said blogging is easy. Now, this term lies for WordPress users because it is very easy to write a blog on wordpress.

Yes, you have to learn certain things such as how to write a blog, copywriting etc.

However, while writing a blog you get many features.

Such as attractive CTA buttons, tables, fonts and many other things to add to your blog which any other CMS can’t give you.

Why should start your blog with wordpress? 12 secret ways!

I am surely not saying blogging is easy as a piece of cake but with the help of WordPress it surely would be easy to bear.

Also, the best things about blogging on WordPress is that Yoast SEO gives you all the on-page SEO checklist required to rank your blog on google.

So, all these cumulative effects make your blogging journey fruitful.

2. Power of affordability.

Nowadays, WordPress self hosting providers have reduced the rates of their WordPress hosting at the minimalistic cost.

It is due to the rise of the digital revolution around the whole world. People want to start their blog to earn passive income along with studies or jobs.

Why should start your blog with wordpress? 12 secret ways!
why you should start a blog on wordpress.

I personally suggest and prefer only one cheapest hosting provider for beginners whose rates are cheap but not their features.

It is hostinger that I personally use and recommend to my readers if you want shared hosting.

It costs around 3500 rupees for unlimited websites and also you get 1 domain for free as well.

So, what do you want more to start your WordPress blog?

Start your blogging journey now and get your best deal at hostinger.

3. Gives you fuss free writing.

This is the best thing that I personally like on WordPress more than blogger or any other CMS.

Yes, from the writing perspective as I have previously told you to learn writing skills.

However, if you want all the writer mind of yours to work while writing a blog then WordPress is best.

It removes all the settings tab and gives you the experience as if you are writing if you are writing your blog post on a white paper.

Why should start your blog with wordpress? 12 secret ways!

You can also add the old post editor with the plugins if you are more comfortable with it.

If you are using the normal post editor that comes nowadays then if you want to have fuzz free writing experience then remove all the setting tabs by clicking on their icon.

4. Motivation and fire to work.

Motivation is quite important if you want to learn a skill and make money out of it.

However, if you are not investing some money into the skill, then it feels empty and less motivated for learning that skill.

Yes, surely you can work hard on a skill without investing money.

Reasons to start a blog with wordpress

However, this point is for those of you who are like me.

Who always take take things lightly if no money is involved in i

Also, money adds a bit of fire in you that if you have invested the hard earned money of your parents in a skill then you have to repay it.

Hope you have got my point.

5. Authority Blogging.

This is the thing that is the major point for choosing WordPress over any other CMS.

Due to the amazing plugins and themes you can make your website an award winning website.

It adds authority and trust within your visitors.

They would think that you are a master of your niche and would visit your website first if they have any query related to the niche of your website.

Reasons to start a blog with wordpress
why you should start a blog on wordpress.

You might be thinking that blogger have a lot of templates that can make your website look professional. So, why choose wordpress?

There are two main reasons.

  • Speed.
  • SEO.

Let’s first talk about speed, as you know that you can’t add plugins to your blogger website and the speed of your website is in the hands of google.

So, if you add any twinkle twinkle little star theme to your blogger blog it would reduce the website speed to a great extent.

And if you know a small bit of SEO and blogging.

Then you also know that a slow loading website can decrease a lot of necessary factors of your blog which could decrease your website ranking to a great extent.

However, in WordPress you can use many caching plugins such as WP rocket or Swift performance lite to decrease the speed of your website.

Now, in terms of SEO you know that Yoast gives you all the necessary points for doing on page SEO in WordPress.

However, not only Yoast but WordPress is also SEO friendly which adds more chances to rank your website higher on google.

But in blogger you won’t get this feature of inbuilt SEO or any plugin that can help you with on page SEO.

Do you want to know how you can create authority of your website fast and earn money as quick as possible?

Then the best thing that you can do is to create a micro niche website rather than niche one.

And if you want to know how to make it in the right way? Then here is a guide by me on it.

7. WordPress is free.

Now, one of the major benefits of using WordPress is that it is free to use CMS.

However, you should have a domain name and self hosting server for wordpress to install.

Reasons to start a blog with wordpress

Not like Wix or any other CMS which doesn’t have that many customisation options but charges you money to use it to their full extent.

8. Non Coders Heaven = WordPress.

Do you know most of the people who design their website on WordPress don’t have prior knowledge of coding or designing a website.

It is because WordPress is heaven for all the non coder people because they have a huge directory of themes as well as plugins.

It can make your website into an award winning blog without coding a bit from your hands.

Reasons to start a blog with wordpress

Yes, I know that to make your blog an award winning blog you have to invest money in some premium theme as well as premium plugins.

However, there are free themes and plugins that can make your website not an award winning one but a really good website.

9. WordPress is secure and easy to manage.

WordPress has a lot of good things that I can write about day and night non stop but one of the best things out of them all is security and management.

First let’s talk about security, in blogger your website content is hosted by google which means that the content inside your website is not yours.

Also, as you know blogspot.in just got shut down by google and people who were using it weren’t able to recover content of their website.

However, WordPress is a self hosted one which means that you have control on your website fully which adds more security to your content.

Reasons to start a blog with wordpress
why you should start a blog on wordpress.

However, your WordPress website can be hacked.

So, to protect your website from it you have to use plugins like Sucuri or Jetpack to protect your website from spam and hacking.

Now, let’s talk about management of your content, as I have told you that at blogspot there is no security of content.

Any time google would think that now it’s the time to shut down blogspot fully like it has done with Orkut.

Also, it would not help you much getting the backup of your website.

However, you can easily by yourself manage your content and backup it as well on WordPress.

Many hosting providers such as hostinger give backup options in their control panel.

However, if you don’t have one then you can download the Updraft plugin for creating backup of your content.

10. Any kind of website you can make.

There is a huge misconception that WordPress is best for blog kind of websites. However, it is just a false assumption.

At WordPress you can make any type of website ranging from e-commerce to a normal blog very easily and fast as well.

Blogger or any other CMS can’t give such diversity in designing your website.

Reasons to start a blog with wordpress

For example, Shopify is famous for making e-commerce websites but at WordPress you can make any kind of award winning website.

There are many builders, pre-built themes in WordPress which can make your design work easier than other CMS.

So, if you want to make any kind of website then surely go for WordPress.

11. Learning and implementing.

Now, you might know or not that WordPress is a huge aspect of website designing and there is a separate job of WordPress website designer.

So, you can easily make money by learning how to use WordPress, what are the best themes and plugins and how to design your own website by page builders.

How can you do that easily? By making a blog with it.

By making a blog with WordPress, you will learn how you can add social icons to your website, how to make your website homepage and so many things.

So, if you want to learn how to use WordPress then the best way is to make a blog or a website with it.

Reasons to start a blog with wordpress

Also, most of the things that you learn in blogging, SEO all of them are based on WordPress and if you are not on WordPress then you can’t implement what you have learnt.

So, if you are thinking of a career in SEO and blogging the do come of WordPress.

12. SEO comes first than anything.

Now, the best feature that I love about WordPress is that it has in-built SEO functionalities.

WordPress has been made with quality coding and semantic markup as well. For non coders, only remember Google loves WordPress.

That is why rarely sites which have other CMS rank higher on Google.

Reasons to start a blog with wordpress
why you should start a blog on wordpress.

Also, not only it has in-built SEO but you can also increase its SEO functionalities with Yoast SEO plugin as well.

You can set up WordPress SEO with this guide by me on SEO.

13. All of your competitors are using it.

Now, at the starting of this article I have told you that most of the web share is under WordPress.

Also, in any niche the top websites or which you call competitors websites are using WordPress.

I won’t tell you why because I have told you a lot in this article.

So, if you want to lavish the love of Google for WordPress then do create or migrate your website to WordPress.

Frequently asked questions.

Should I use WordPress for my blog?

Yes, definitely because it is the only CMS (Content management system) which can help you elevate your website totally to a next pro level.
So, if you are still not using it yet then shift to it.

What are the advantages of WordPress?

There are several advantages of WordPress such as :
1. SEO friendly.
2. Full control on the website.
3. Many themes and plugins to scale your website.
4. Functionality is best of all the CMS out there.

Why WordPress is the best blogging platform?

It is mainly due to two reasons:
1. Scaling up is easy and faster in WP.
2. Huge variety of great themes and plugins free as well paid.

End line.

So, now you might be convinced why you should start a blog on WordPress.

WordPress has a lot of features and functionalities that most of the CMS lacks.

Here you can make any kind of website just with drag and drop with some clicks.

So, if you want to create a blog which is loved by the king of search engines, Google.

Then do come to WordPress ASAP.

Also, if you are planning to start a blog on WordPress then the best hosting for beginners is hostinger.

It gives you the lighting speed to your website like mine.

You can purchase through my link for 70% off.

Check out this Adsense super guide.

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