How to start a money making blog India (Step by step) to master blogging in 2021.

Are you looking for a full fledged guide on how to start a successful blog in India 2021.

If yes, then you are at your ultimate destination to success.

I bet you that after reading this full article, you will get the blueprint or step by step ways to make your blog successful.

Now, the majority reason why people starts a blog is because they have seen a blog like Neilpatel.com or shoutmeloud.com which makes a large amount of income.

But the reality is that they have invested their money and time to make this blog a benchmark in their own niche.

This master guide will teach you what do you need to have to start blogging from basic to advance.

These are some bullet points to have the gist of the topics in this blog:

  • What is a blog and why you should make one.
  • The best way of finding the perfect niche of your blog.
  • Proper keyword research to crack the secret safe of SEO.
  • Best hosting and domain name for you.
  • What is SEO and how to do storytelling and SEO copywriting.
  • How to promote your blog and get organic traffic.
  • How to turn a 0$ blog to a 1000$ blog?
  • Secret sauce to even more scale your blog with some advance tactics.

In order to ensure you that your blog can turn into your money making machine. Here are some income reports of the money making blogs.

Income Report of ShoutMeLoud.

ShoutMeLoud is a kind of benchmark site for every blogging enthusiast out there.

Its owner Mr. Harsh Aggarwal is a man who has inspired the youth to think differently and due to this he is an inspiration for all the bloggers in India.

He is kind of pewdiepie of India in blogging because he was one of the initial bloggers of India.

They have made more than 40,000$ per year in February 2018.

Here is the income report of ShoutMeLoud.

Income Report of BloggersPassion.

One of the blog which are arising nowadays is BloggersPassion of Anil Aggarwal.

I must say that this blog from Anil Aggarwal is surely a read for the new bloggers out there.

He has been blogging for the past 14 years and working on BloggersPassion from 2010.

He has made 10,178$ in month of January on 2020.

Here is income report of BloggersPassion.

I would like to tell you that in all of these blog one thing is common that they have put their time and energy in learning blogging and SEO.

If you are excited to learn as well as earn in this journey of blogging and SEO. I would tell you step by step how to make a money making blog.

When I started blogging I have watched around 100+ video in the start before making my blog.

However, this one blog is enough to know what newbies want to learn.

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How to start a blog: 11 tips for master blogging.

It is very important to clear the funda of blogging and SEO before scaling and deep diving into money making.

Hence, I have lay down a complete guide of 12 steps to master blogging which would cover every topic which you should learn to become an expert in blogging.

If you don’t have much time now then do bookmark this page inorder to read this article fully and take notes from it as well.

Remember that 91% blog that exist on internet doesn’t get organic traffic.

However, I would ensure you if you go through every point then you will get out that 91% people who doesn’t get no organic traffic.

Let’s start with the basics that what is a blog?

Step 1: What is a blog and Why you start a blog?

First, I should tell you that what is the difference of a blog and a website.

Consider, website as a static or dynamic webpages that is created for business and service purposes and and see few timely changes.

However, a blog is created to give a full detailed information about the topic and will see more often changes in months, week or even days.

I should also tell you that a blog is a type of website because a website can give information about the product or service through their blog.

However, a blog is not a website.

And if you start a blog, learn and implement techniques on your blog and this process is called blogging.

Blogs are appeared in a chronological order on a website and most recent posts appears on the top.

In simple words, the blogging is a process to learn how to make a blog and share information about the subject you have interest in.

You are making people aware and learn about a particular subject through your blog and in return you have a chance to monetize your blog.

Are you excited to monetize you blog?

Yes, in this blog I will also tell you how to do so as well. However, I must tell you that while learning a new skill money must be not the main factor.

3 Reasons to start a blog.

Before starting a blog you must know why you should start to write blogs. Here are 3 reasons to start a blog.

  • Brand Value: Having a blog means that you are presenting your skills on online platforms either by writing about the topic or promoting some products. Even Neil Patel says this as well.
  • Passive Income: A blog is a great source of passive income either by ads, affiliate marketing or selling your courses or services as well.
  • Expertise in particular subject: You won’t believe that nowadays that there is a huge demand of peope who can consult people on a particular subject. If you have a blog around a specific niche then you can train people through courses and ebooks.

3 Reasons to not start a blog.

  • No time to write: Blogging needs patience and time to write a piece of content that may read it or not. If you don’t have time to invest into a skill of blogging and wants to waste their time watching movies then you don’t have to start a blog.
  • Not motivated for a skill: Now if you are happy with your current job or condition and doesn’t want to grow and learn a new skill then be with the rat race this is not for you.
  • Not concerned about identification: By writing blogs you are presenting your skills to your online audience worldwide. However, if you are comfortable with identification within your friends and family then you shouldn’t try as well.

If you are now admiring the benefits of blogging then I must tell that you should also know that you have to put some of your money, time and efforts to make it worth.

Bonus tips: By having a blog it is also possible that you will either win or lose but if you wouldn’t start then you have definitely lose without trying.

Step 2: WordPress or Blogger: Which to choose?

Few people wants to start their blogging journey without investing money or either by buying just a domain and wants to get it back by working just for few months.

Tell me your opinion of spending money for building a career in blogging. Do you invest your money or not?

If you ask me, about my personal journey.

I have started with free one and have wasted my almost 5 to 7 months in no goal oriented blogging.

However, when I invested 3200 rupees on my hosting then I am now earning decently now.

Even Harsh Aggarwal from the Shoutmeloud says that, “Money makes Money”.

Many people would been thinking that why I have asked you to choose free and paid blogging it was because of the blogging platform or CMS you use.

If you want to start a blog without having a proper server for storing information of your website. You need a content management system or CMS.

Here are the two popular CMS of all of them:

  • Blogger
  • WordPress

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a CMS of one and only search engine which is considered as king of search engines which is Google.

If you are just trying to start a blog then blogger is there for you. You will just need an email id and rest is free for you.

With this google also gives you a free domain with .blogspot.com as well.

However, it has some disadvantages as well advantages too.

Advantages of Blogger.

  • Blogger security is top notch because it is hosted by google so you don’t have to worry about hacking of your website.
  • You will get unlimited hosting free of cost which can hold millions of traffic if you will get it.
  • You are given with a free domain with extension .blogspot.com.
  • Inbuilt tracking inside the blogger and other inside the CMS.

Disadvantages of Blogger.

  • Blogger is owned by google which means that you are not the owner. It gives the authority to google that they can terminate blogger platform as well.
  • You have to follow some guidelines so if you are not following it on your blog then your blog will be deleted immediately.
  • You don’t have any plugins or premium themes to expand and automate your blog.
  • Blogging has limitations in terms of styling and scaling your blog.

If your vision is to outrank the existing millions of blog and take it to your million dollar business then don’t start with this platform.

The next in the list is best option of CMS which is WordPress and this CMS will be the main focus of this blog.

What is wordpress and its type.

WordPress is the most famous and widespread free CMS present in the whole world which was started in 2003.

As per stats more than 60% of bloggers are using WordPress as their CMS which makes it a well know self hosted blogging platform.

This means on this platform you are the owner of the blog so you can scale up as well as automate your blog on it.

wordpress market share in cms.

WordPress are of two types:

  • WordPress.com
  • WordPress.org

The main of them which we would be focussing is wordpress.org because wordpress.com is like blogger giving limited freedom and you have to pay in order to get more features.

However, wordpress.org is like you own house which you have to pay yearly to live in it which is around 50$ per year (3000 to 3500 rupees per year).

So, now let’s talk about advantages and disadvantages of worpdress.

Advantages of WordPress.

  • WordPress is a self hosted service which you can to host it and you are the owner of the blog.
  • You have the full freedom to automate and scale the blog.
  • You can customize your theme to any extent if you know coding.
  • WordPress has a lot of people who responds and solves your query easily.
  • You just have to buy hosting and then you can install wordpress and its feature free of cost.

Disadvantages of WordPress.

  • WordPress is self hosted so you have to buy the hosting.
  • You will have to buy a domain name as well.
  • The security and performance depends on the hosting and plugins or themes you use.

Yes, there are some disadvantages of wordpress. However, it can be removed easily just by taking a hosting of 50$ to upto max 75$ per year.

You can manage security and performance with the free plugins which I will discuss later on this blog.

I love wordpress due to its features and functionalities what about you all?

So, if you are planning to start a blog on wordpress then this guide is all what you need to master it.

Bonus Tip: According to W3Techs around 35% of total website or internet market share is being held by WordPress.

So, now let’s jump into the niche selection because most of the blog which rank on google are a niche blogs.

Step 3: What is a niche and how to choose profitable one

Niche is a category or industry which you are going to target in your blog. Or in simple words it is the topic around which your blog would be.

Selection of niche is very crucial for the blog success and we are going to do the same in this section.

Finding the niche in which you have interest is a very tough and brainstorming process. Likewise having a blog is easy but maintaining the continuity of it is crucial.

Hence niche should be the subject or topic in which you have interest in and don’t worry that you don’t have knowledge do some research about that.

Every, in 2020 2 million blogs are published regularly and according to Ahres 91% won’t get a single traffic.

Now, most of you would ask why it is so?

It is because they are just blogging according to their gut means that they are blogging randomly about every possible topics.

They think that it would give them more traffic but instead it is hurting their ranking.

Do you want to know which types of niche exists and know in which of these niches you have interest in.

Is yes, then come with me.

Types of niches and importance of niche blog.

What I am going to teach you will help you in deciding the best niche for you. So, I want you to be attentive to know which types of websites that exists on the web.

Multi Niche Blog.

Most of the people on the blogs loves to write about the different subjects and categories. The best example in this type of blog is lightworldwide.com.

On this website, I talk about inspiring biographies of influencers, blogging, adsense, SEO etc.

These types of blogs are best for those who want to share their expertise in different subjects on their blogs.

However, these types of blogs takes time and if you are one man army then you can try this.

But if you are not then start with a micro niche or sub niche blog and then change it to multi niche one.

Niche or Micro Niche Blog.

When you choose a particular subject and start writing about it on your blog then this type of blog is niche blog.

If I more deeply go into the category of blogs then here is a simple hierarchy of that:

Niche>>>>Sub niche>>>>Micro niche.

Consider that you are a health nerd and wants to write about it. The sub niches of health it are:

  • Fitness and exercise.
  • Health Conscious diet
  • Yoga and meditation.

If you want to start a sub niche blog in health then the best possible website to know it is healthline.com.

how to start a successful blog in India.

Niche blog requires a team to write about all these topics and also require expertise in all of the topics.

So, I don’t recommend to start a niche blog in 2021. So, the best choice is either sub niche of micro niche blog.

What is micro niche blog?

Just like sub niche blog, if we more narrow down the topic of a blog then these blogs are know as micro niche blog.

Such as sub niche in health is Yoga and micro niche in Yoga can be the Yogas to reduce back pain.

If you narrow down the subject which makes it you more interesting for you to write about it. Also, it will give you expertise in the particular niche.

I would recommend you to start a micro niche blog. Then, if you want to convert it to niche or multi niche blog afterwards when your blogs gets some authority.

Even Harsh Aggarwal has made a micro niche blog and earning 2000$ per year by just working for 40 to 50 hours.

This tells that how much scope is in micro niche blogging.

There are other types of blogs as well but these types of mentioned above are most commonly used ones.

Bonus tip: 2021 is around the micro niche blog as you can’t master all the skills and even google algorithm says that through their E.A.T algorithm

E= Expertise A= Authoritative T= Trustworthy

How to find the best niche for you?

The best niche is the key to a successful blog. It shouldn’t be the one which can drive traffic but can’t drive conversions.

Here are some strategy which will help you to find a profitable niche.

Brainstorming to form ideas.

Yes it might be silly to you. However, it is very important in finding the perfect niche.

Take out your pen and paper and write some of the topics according to these points.

  • Write down the topics or categories related to your interested.
  • Think about what you loves the most and triggers you the most.
  • Think about what you can do all of your life.

It will make your sub conscious mind to process what you likes the most and help you to choose the best niche for you.

Best money making niches.

Here are some of the most money making niches nowadays. However, if you want to have a full overview of the niches then here’s an article from Ezine.

  • Tech and Gaming.
  • Health and Fitness.
  • Travel.
  • Online business ideas such as blogging etc.
  • Fashion.

How to find profitable niche by yourself?

Here are some steps you need to follow in order to find a profitable niche for your self.

  • Go to google trends and type in your keyword.
  • See the interest over time metrics there.
  • If it has enough interest then go to google and type your keyword there.
  • My keyword is “Digital Marketing”.
  • If the SERPs of google for that keyword has ads in it then that keyword is profitable and that is the reason why companies are running ads on it.

Other tip is go to google keyword planner and type the keyword which you want to know is profitable or not.

And if this keyword has good CPC (Cost per click) then it is a very profitable as a lot of people is bidding to run google ads on this keyword.

For this amazing super tip on how to find a profitable niche do bookmark this website and share it to your friends as well.

Also, you are enjoying to read this blog then read it full.

Step 4: What is web hosting, types and domain name

As we have previously discussed that wordpress is self hosted service so if you want to have it you will need a hosting.

Your website needs some data to be stored in the backend of your website and that space is what you say web hosting.

Web hosting can be done at home easily by using servers which can cost you a lot.

how to start a successful blog in India.

So I would recommend if you don’t have any coding knowledge then buy a web hosting from hostinger, name cheap to start your blogging journey.

A 3000 or 4000 rupees per year can change your life and you know that as well as I have provided example of the million dollar blogs.

With this the server has to be fast as google has officially announced in 2018 website speed as a metric of ranking.

So, in this guide you’ll get the budget and fast hosting services that you will surely love.

Types of Hostings.

There are a lot of types of hosting available in the market but in this list we are only going to talk about the famous ones.

Shared Web Hosting.

Shared web hosting is the type of hosting which is recommended for every beginner.

In this type of hosting number of website are hosted on a common server and sharing common resources.

It is best for those who have 30k to 60k visitors per month.

Dedicated or VPS hosting.

Dedicated hosting is a type of hosting in which you are given with a whole server and resources and you can fully control its services as well.

Similarly VPS hosting is a also similar to it.

VPS stands for virtual private server which is the virtual copy of the server and has same features such as dedicated hosting.

However, with more feature it comes for more cost as well. It is approximately double the cost of shared hosting.

I would recommend to use this hosting if you website has more than 100k users per month on your blog.

WordPress Managed Hosting.

WordPress managed hosting is a type of hosting which hosting providers give by optimizing your wordpress website all by themselves.

The price of this hosting would be higher than the shared hosting.

I recommend not to use this because in this guide I will tell you the free plugins by which you can optimize your website by yourself.

Cloud Hosting.

The type of hosting that people are aware about is cloud hosting.

In this type of hosting your can get the space and resources according to the load and traffic of your website.

You might we thinking that it is best to buy a cloud hosting but its initial plan is much costlier than that of shared hosting.

My personal recommendation is to use shared hosting because it costs only 50$ per year which beginner could afford.

Best hosting plan and my recommendations.

There are more than 50 hosting provider. However, there are less than handful of them which provide you the value for money.

These three are my own personal recommendations.

Out of these three my personal favorite is Hostinger. I have this blog on this one as well.

So, you can see the fast loading time of this website which is just 1 s.

9 Reasons why Hostinger is the best value for money hosting.

I really like hostinger because the value this hosting offers to me in the price range it comes is significant.

So, if you are a beginner with less money the hostinger is go to choice for you.

Still not convinced then read the 9 reason I love hostinger the most!

1. Hostinger is super fast X 100.

Hostinger, is one of the fastest web hosting in the value it comes under.

It not only fast in its class but also with the premium web hosting as well.

Here is a detailed stress speed test of a test site in Hostinger Singapore.

In the Asia region, Hostinger has a fast response time of 5ms and in the world the average response time is 176ms. Which is crazily fast!

One basic problem like all other shared hosting is as the location become far apart from the server where your website is hosted.

The response time increases and become normal. However, there are more than 6 server of hostinger throughout the world.

2. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee!

Uptime is the time which the hosting provider makes your website up and running.

Few people takes the uptime seriously but according to me it is deal breaker for smaller business.

It can decrease the the number of leads generated on the site.

Some of the web hosting gives the Uptime guarantee.

But some of them gives sketch answers by using terms such as, “release of payment is up to our due discretion” which means that they will not give repay if they doesn’t give what they have guaranteed.

However, in the terms of service of hostinger, I haven’t find anything sketchy.

If hostinger hosting dips down from 99.9% uptime due to hostinger’s hosting fault then just contact the them they will give 5% of your monthly fee back.

I personally am satisfied with the uptime results of this hosting.

3. Faster loading with Cache manager inside hosting.

I am a lot happy because of how hostinger are improving ways in order to increase the speed of their hosting.

The best way of doing so is by the cache manager inside their hpanel.

Enter the hpanel >>> hit manage >>> go to advanced >>> click on cache manager. After entering there switch it on and purge the cache and then you are good to go.

With this it also has HTTP/2. HTTP 2.0 is a spiritual successor of HTTP 1 which is more faster, secure and easier to use.

HTTP/2 works via delivering data by binary code which leads to significant increase in speed.

4. Amazing Features.

Here are some amazing features of hostinger hostinger:

  • 1 click installer: 1 click installation of your favorite CMS in just one simple click.
  • PHP7 support: PHP7 is twice as faster than its predecessor PHP5.6. It helps in the faster loading of website.
  • GIT support: There is a GIT support in hostinger’s hosting. GIT is a open source control system where developers can do their work in a faster and efficient way. It might not matter to you much. However, if you will hire developers for your website then GIT is a great addition.
  • Optimized for WordPress: All the shared hosting comes with the latest versions of wordpress and is designed in a way to ensure the best in class speed.

5. Great UI of the dashboard.

While improving the speed of their websites hostinger’s team was also busy in making the best possible UI of their website and most importantly their brand new hpanel.

how to start a successful blog in India.

It is pleasant, easy to use and even baby bloggers can have proper utilisation on this hosting.

The icons used in the hpanel are also eye catching and beautiful as well.

6. Responsive and Fun loving support.

The wordpress installation is super easy on this hosting. It just steps away. Most of the times you won’t have to contact the support of hostinger.

However, if you want to consult them with some feature you can easily contact them.

They would give you instant reply within seconds.

This feature is great because even for the premium hosting other providers took at least 30 minutes to reply back.

The hosting staff is pleasant, understanding and fun to talk as well.

I give 10/10 to the support of hostinger.

7. Free Website.

Now this is not a very special thing because now most of the hosting providers gives it for free with their hosting.

If you don’t know that you need a domain name with your hosting.

The only drawback that I think of hostinger domain giving policy is that they doesn’t give WHOIS protection along with it free.

It protects your website from getting hacked. However, you can also do it with plugins as well.

Also, if you want WHOIS with it then it is just 5$ per year.

8. Free SSL.

Now this is another not so special thing. However, if you are a young small business then having SSL can save your bucks.

It now costs around 800 rupees per year and your are getting it for free.

It gives your website an extra protection and gives https mark as well which is a metric for google ranking as well.

9. Competitive Pricing.

The best thing about hostinger is their competitive pricing in their hosting as well as domain.

It makes the competition very high in the hosting market with their pricing.

They have three plans available for shared hosting Single wordpress at 79 rupees per month, wordpress starter at 119 rupees per month. Business wordpress at 279 rupees per month and premium wordpress for 899 rupees per month.

Activate the deal from here to get 70% on the shared hosting in hostinger.

Other good hosting I have personally used before.

If you are not satisfied with hostinger great features and speed then you can go for other options that I have mentioned on this blog such as namecheap.

Namecheap is quite similar in terms of prices but the plus point of namecheap is that it gives WHOIS protection in the free domain they give with their hosting.

Click on the button to activate the best deal on namecheap.

Also, if you want a VPS hosting for you wordpress website then one of the best hosting in the business is inter server as well.

Click on the button to activate the best deal on inter server.

However, if you want shared hosting then I only will strongly recommend you to buy your hosting from hostinger only.

How to Choose best domain name and from where?

Your home is the place in which your family members reside and if anyone has to find it they need the address of your home.

Just like that all the content of your website resides in the web hosting and the address to your website is the domain name of it.

Are you interested to know how to choose the best domain name so read it till the end.

how to start a successful blog in India.

Four factors to consider while buying a domain name:

  • What is HTTPS: The full form of HTTPS is hypertext transfer protocol that will ensure secure transmission of network files which guarantee safety of your website.
  • What is WWW: WWW stands for world wide web. Some people love to use it but I personally not suggest to use it as removing it helps the user to easily remember URL of your website.
  • You should add keyword to your domain: It is important to incorporate the main keyword which you are targeting. However, there are many successful domains which doesn’t have any keyword from their niche such as Shoutmeloud.
  • What is .com: It is one of the most top prestigious level of domain. It tells the google that you are targeting traffic from the whole world not from a specific region of the world.

Types of domain name?

The domain names are differentiated on the basis of their extensions such as .com, .in etc.

There are two categories of the domain name:

gTLD Domain Names.

gTLD are the types of domain names which most of the famous website which are making a lot of money from their blog.

Some of the generic top level domain (gTLD) are:

  • .com: The oldest and most trusted domain name in the eyes of Google is .com. It costs more than others but it is worth spending on it.
  • .org: It is the domain name which suits for the organisation. .org is preferred for the govt organisation or for charity organisation.
  • .net: It is best for those who has a networking like business such as communication.

There are more domains as well in this category such as tech, xyz but I prefer these so I have discussed the three here only.

ccTLD Domain name.

ccTLD country code top level domain and is mostly bought if the person is targeting a specific region of the world.

  • .in: This domain extension is basically focussed for the Indian audience.
  • .us: This domain tells that a person who owns it are focussing on USA audience.
  • .co: .co domain extension tells that the owner is targeting Columbia for their business.

I would recommend to go for ccTLD only if you are targeting specific region of the world. If not go for .com domain only.

How .com domain is important?

All the domain which are making big money mostly belong to .com. However, according to a report from Moz, google doesn’t differentiate between .com and .xyz.

However, there are two main reasons for importance of .com domain:

  • People tends to click on the domain with .com rather than .xyz if both of them are there in Google search listings. So, .com is better if you want to create a brand rather than any other domain extensions.
  • Every mobile keyboards comes with a .com in them. .com domain is easy to remember and can be written by the person by themself.

My personal domain provider choice.

If you want a new .com domain but aren’t finding it very costly from the domain registration companies like godaddy.

I want to tell you how you can get the domain name at the cheapest price. Also, I have tried and tested many domains from different domain providers.

But I got struck to two best of them which are either namecheap or hostinger.

hostinger domain checker tool.

However, if you will ask me which is better of of these two then namecheap can give you the cheapest domain names at the present time.

name cheap domain checker tool.

Still you don’t believe me then here is the pros and cons of hostinger and name cheap.

Namecheap Pros and Cons.


  • Pricing is industry best
  • They make easy to renew your domains
  • They are giving WHOIS protection for free with their domains


  • It doesn’t support bulk discounts
  • Navigation for finding premium domains or domains for sale is difficult there

Hostinger pros and cons.


  • 2nd cheapest priced domains
  • Best and fastest support system in the whole industry
  • You can easily find the best domain for you.


  • No free WHOIS protection with their domain.

Step 5: Best WordPress Theme And Plugins.

Theme plays a vital role in catching the people’s attention and user retention. Also, it is important for the website’s speed.

Similarly, there are 1000s of plugins available for use but we should use the important ones only.

how to start a successful blog in India.

This guide would tell you to choose those plugins which are only important.

As, a beginner I would recommend to start with a free plugin and if you want better customization then you can premium versions as well.

Best WordPress Theme (Free and Paid).

WordPress has a huge theme gallery which is paid as well as free. The free themes are not very customisable.

You can edit some of the fonts, navigation, font color and some more things.

The theme I think which is the lightest and provides great user experience is generate press.

I know that it is not customisable in terms of design but it has other great customisation in it.

It is responsive and fast loading even in the free theme itself.

However, more or less if you want a great looking customisable theme then you should have to buy a premium theme.

The premium theme you would buy should be lightweight, customisable and optimized for both desktop as well as mobile.

Some my favorite ones are listed below:

  • Generate Press: It is one of my darling theme which is recommended for beginners because it has competitive pricing and also it is super fast.
  • Astra Pro: It is one of the topmost rated wordpress theme on wordpress.org. This theme is one of the best if you want to build a ecommerce like website.
  • Ocean WP Pro: This theme is super fast, light and greatly customisable as well. This is best theme if you want to have a product review kind of website.
  • Newspaper Theme: This theme is super cool and customisable. In this theme you can built your website as news or a magazine like website.

Which theme I personally use.

I use generate press on all of my blog because it is much cheaper and more value providing because you just have to spend 60$ and get its unlimited acess.

The best part is that you just have to purchase it once and then you can use it for at most 500 websites.

Generate press is a lightweight which mainly focus on blog and affiliate marketing website.

how to start a successful blog in India.

They have more than 900+ great reviews and 200k websites are using it for their blogs.

Even Ankit Singla from the masterblogging.com also uses it as well.

Also, not only Ankit Singla but Mr Vyas from bloggingos.com also uses it on his blog.

I highly recommend this theme to all my readers along with the free plugins which I am going to tell you in the coming sections.

Another best theme for wordpress.

If you want a theme which looks like a lot gorgeous and at the same time looks absolutely amazing then generate press won’t do your job.

For that you need theme like, Astra which is great for e-commerce website as well.

how to start a successful blog in India.

Astra has a light version which is absolutely free.

The astra pro theme is used by many pro bloggers such as bloggingx.com owner Akshay Hallur.

However, if you want to have a website which is conversion optimised, looks good and loads fast then Astra pro is the only choice for you.

Best WordPress Plugin (Free).

The major advantage of using wordpress over other CMS is the ability of easy automation and customization of your website with plugins.

In this list of best free plugins I have covered all the plugins that you should need to optimize the performance of your wordpress website.

#1 Security Plugin: Jetpack and Sucuri Security.

First plugin that you need is the security plugin as you are now on the self hosted service.

Jetpack is one of them which helps in backing up your site, acts as an analytics and also protects the website from hackers.

how to start a successful blog in India.

Another super security plugin is Sucuri and the best thing about this plugin is that it is recommended by Mr. Neil Patel itself.

Moreover, it tells you through your wordpress mail that someone has logged in to your website or updating your content.

It also helps in blocking the bots from to add spam comment on your website which reduces spamming.

#2 On page SEO automation: Yoast.

When you write a blog post the main and important things is to write it in a way such that it is SEO friendly.

Yes, we have to do some manual process for it such as story telling, writing your content in small paragraphs.

However, this plugin yoast will do most of your On page and technical SEO things automated in its free plan as well!

It tells you to add internal, external links, have your main keyword in the your meta description and title etc.

how to start a successful blog in India.

In technical SEO, it submits robots.txt of your website and submit it to google and also makes sitemap of your website and submit it.

So, in short it is a go through automation for on page and technical SEO.

#3 Image optimization: Short Pixel optimizer and a3 lazy load or Smush.

One of the primary reason of the slow speed of your website is due to the large multimedia present on your website.

You can adjust the image size to fit in your page. However, the solid way to do this is using a3 lazy load and Short pixel optimizer.

First let’s talk about short pixel optimizer which is one of the most great image optimization plugin in wordpress.

how to start a successful blog in India.

It helps the user to optimize 100 images every month so that you can optimize the images and media on your blog.

The second plugin which you should use is a3 lazy load. It is the most effective lazy load image plugin that I have used.

Lazy load basically means that those image or media would load which is present on the part of the website displaying on your computer or mobile screen.

It reduces the load of loading a lot of media at once which increases the speed of your website.

how to start a successful blog in India.

You can use Smush for image optimization if you are tight on budget.

#4 Caching or Performance optimzation plugin: WP rocket or W3 cache or Swift performance lite.

The speed of the website is a very critical metric for search engine rankings because it helps in user retention and lower bounce rate.

Even google has confirmed that website speed is metric for rankings as well.

how to start a successful blog in India.

If you are on a shared hosting then you need a cache plugin and here are some best of them.

  • WP Rocket.
  • Swift performance lite.
  • W3 cache.

Caching plugin is required because it creates a copy of your website in the browser of your visitor for a specific time.

And if the visitor again visits your website in that time duration the website would load faster without any load on your server.

The best plugin for this is WP rocket that almost all the pro bloggers use.

It helps in the minification of JS/CSS of your website which helps to load the website faster.

how to start a successful blog in India.

If you are budget strict blogger then I would suggest your to use W3 cache or swift performance lite. I am also using swift performance lite as well.

#5 Fix 404 error or broken link: Redirection and Broken Link checker.

If you are fully relied on SEO for traffic then one of the most important thing to fix asap is the broken links.

What are broken links?

Let’s take an example to know what is broken links, for example you have linked a post A of your website on the another post B of your website.

Now if for some reason you have deleted the post A from your website without adding a redirect of it.

This type of link that doesn’t exist on web but it is there on your website is known as broken links.

how to start a successful blog in India.

The best way to find it is with the help of broken link checker.

If broken links are there on your website it will increase the bounce rate of your website and hurt your SEO practice.

Next question in your mind could be that how can we fix broken links?

Either you have to redirect it to any another post or page of your website. Or simply remove that text (anchor text) that contain that link of that post.

You can use a plugin called redirection for it. It is super simple to use and implement on your blog.

how to start a successful blog in India.

However, the best thing about this plugin is that it detect that your have change a page permalink and redirect that page to new one automatically.

#6 Website Backup Plugin: Updraft Plus.

As we know that on wordpress you have self hosting.

So, you have to keep a backup of your website so that you can easily restore it if your server is crashed or hacked.

In hostinger, you get an option of doing manual backup from your hpanel easily.

However, I would recommend you to have second option in case of your website’s backup.

how to start a successful blog in India.

Its free plan gives you the help to back up your whole site, theme, plugin etc on your local host or a file depository but you have to do it manually.

In premium plan, they offer automated file backups which I won’t recommend even to experts.

#7 Affiliate Plugin: Affiliate Booster Blocks.

This plugin I have recently received for free from one of my mentor Kulwant Negi from bloggingcage.com.

I really loved it and it has given me boost in my affiliate marketing journey due to its pros and cons, single product listing and notification block feature.

It has helped my website to load faster as by installing this plugin I got the benefits of 3 to 4 plugins.

#8 Affiliate Table Maker: WP table builder.

This plugin has given me relief by helping me with my affiliate conversions by making affiliate product table free of cost.

how to start a successful blog in India.

It is a table builder for all of those who are tight on budget but want to make product listing tables for their affiliate websites.

It might not be as beautiful as the table made by Amazon Affiliate wordpress plugin but can surely help you with your conversions omptimisation.

#9 Ad Placement: Ads Inserter.

If you plan to monetize your website with google adsense then copying the adsense ad code within all your website pages and posts is very hard.

So, to automate your process you can use ad inserter. You can even exclude some categories where you doesn’t want ad to be shown.

how to start a successful blog in India.

The main problem with this plugin is that it can be use only for dekstop site not for amp.

If you want to know how to ad in amp version you can book me for a free call just put your issue in the comment box.

This was all the plugins that all beginners should have in their new wordpress site.

Step 6: How to Find Content Ideas.

The art of writing a blog post which is the best optimized for search engine is very easy.

However, the main thing to focus is to find the right keyword query, now you might be thinking that what is right keyword query?

Imagine that you have find a keyword of facebook login issue which have high search volume and low keyword difficulty.

You have decided to write a blog post about facebook login issue. Do you think that people would want to read this article.

My answer is no, because they want to know about how to fix facebook login issue but don’t want to read a blog post about it.

So, instead writing a blog post about facebook login issue you have to write about how to fix facebook login issue.

This is known as the knowing the intent of the reader or of the keyword.

So finding the keyword is very easy nowadays but in order to rank your keyword nowadays find its intent.

So, here are three trial and tested ideas of finding the content for your blogs and after that you can find low difficulty keywords afterwards.

Find Keywords Ideas from posts Ranking on Google.

This technique can be used when you have find the keyword on which you are going write the post.

You want to rank on this keyword on SERP #1 of google then why don’t analyze the intent of existing ranked website on google.

Analyze the H1 title of the previously ranked website of google and see how the main keyword is targeted in it.

So, I searched the keyword “advanced SEO techniques” on google and saw that 90% of the ranked articles on the first page is a list post.

how to start a successful blog in India.

Boom!! You have known the intent of the ranked article that you need to write a list post rather than a ultimate or step by step guide.

Loved this secret technique! If yes then read this article fully.

Search the Intent on Quora.

Quora is a Q/A website where billions of people ask question and many people answer these questions as well.

So, if a lot of people are on a platform then which platform is better than that to find keyword intent.

Here I have searched the query “best keyword research tool“.

Quora gave the intent of people that in which way people is asking about best keyword research tool.

how to start a successful blog in India.

For example if you will write a blog post about keyword research tool then it won’t rank. However, if you write about free keyword research tool then your post might rank on google.

Bonus tip

Use those queries which have the most number of answers or followers it tells that many people are searching for that query.

Find post ideas from AnswerThePublic.

AnswerThePublic is one of the best platforms to found keywords for free from around the web.

Go to their main page type in their queries. Go to Data and download all the keywords.

My main keyword was “best seo tools“. You can get more and more keyword ideas by scrolling down.

how to start a successful blog in India.

I know that there are a lot of keywords. So, test the first 100 keywords with ahref to know the keyword difficulty, search volume and CPC as well.

Also, you should use Long tail keywords rather than short one because long keywords are less targeted by people and has great chances of ranking.

Bonus tip: For more keyword ideas use Reddit where people a millions of questions everyday. So, to get to know about various ideas then join reddit or sub-reddit groups.

Step 7: SEO and Keyword Research Hacks.

Now in this section, I am going to tell you the keyword research and SEO hacks.

In this section I am going to tell the quick tips of it. However, if you want to learn whole SEO with some exclusive tips then visit my free SEO checklist.

how to start a successful blog in India.

I would start this section with some keyword research hacks. Here are they:

Exclusive Keyword Research Hacks.

1. 3 Main Types of Keywords.

There are three types of keywords which makes a funnel. The phrase of the keyword decides which type of keyword it is.

  • Top Funnel Keywords: It is informative in nature (Best way, step by step, guide to, how to).
  • Middle Funnel Keywords: It is solution seeking in nature (that actually works, how to stop, ways to avoid, ways to fix).
  • Bottom Funnel Keywords: Buyer intent keywords (compare prices, affordable, best, order, best price for).

Here is a list of buyer intent keywords from nichehacks.

The best way to implement this strategy is to include these terms in your heading of your previously published and also in the current blog post as well.

2. Choose the battleground.

What does choosing your battleground mean? It means that choosing the keywords according the type of your content.

There are two kinds of approach:

  • Long term relations with customer.
  • Short term product or service selling.

If you are targeting to build a great relation with visitors in long term then SEO is the key.

You should use mostly top and mid funnel keywords and sometimes use bottom funnels keywords as well.

Then if you are just an E-commerce site who are running campaigns to buy their products then the target the bottom keywords.

Also, if you are running a beginner website then it has different choice of keywords than the established sites.

The choice of keywords depends on the budget, goals and who they want to target (customers or loyal long run customers).

However, my secret technique is to make a kind of funnel with this all the three keywords. This process is known as buyer’s cycle.

I won’t tell you the whole’s buyer’s cycle here. However, I would tell it with an easy example.

Let’s take that I want to write about “affiliate marketing“. I want this post to be informative as well as problem solving and income generating.

First post which I will make would be about “A complete guide to do affiliate marketing“.

Second post would be “10 affiliate programs that actually work in 2021“.

Last post would be “5 best theme for affiliate marketing“.

At last interlink them to each other with do follow links.

Or you can combine the three post into one which would give user great experience as he/she is getting everything want from one post.

In first step, I have used the top level keyword phrase complete guide which tells it is informative.

In next step, actually work that it is query solving and at last best to tell that it sales oriented keyword.

Take all of your keywords and check which type of posts rank on google and make your post like them as well.

3. Set smart goals.

Now, if you aren’t making your goals while researching your keywords then I would definitely say that you are are going into a huge loss.

Doing keyword research can be done effectively by using spreadsheet it is super boring. However, it is hugely important for your success.

Whenever, I start some website then I make some goals regarding it. It helps me to work in the direction to make these goals true.

We want to be ranked on google? Why?

We have to get organic traffic? Why?

By answering these questions we are actually making a purpose of your website.

Goals define what our content is and how we should implement to get the maximum revenue.

It tells the major reason why your are even doing keyword research.

I will tell you this with an example from the marketer in chief Mr. Neil Patel. He is also known as the crazy marketer out there.

He has told the secret how he has made a 7 figures SEO agency. Do you know how he has made it? Through referrals. Nah!!

He has done it with the help of his blogging on his own website, speaking out at conference and helping out new bloggers has helped him getting quality clients.

Do you know he even has worked with amazon for their rankings and stuff. But how does he convinced the business owners to hire him for marketing stuff.

He focused on goals. He didn’t sell SEO to the client but gave them results that their website or business might get if they hire them.

And this was the hack that gave him clients easily.

I know it is something that doesn’t digest very easily for a newbie.

Let, I explain it with an example when Neil Patel website started getting organic traffic.

He made a post about how he has gained X amount of organic traffic.

This post was to tell the client that he could help them to rank their website for each of the keyword he is targetting.

Then he has talked about how he has optimised the conversion rates of his tool, Ubbersuggest.

It tells that he is the also the expert of CRO (conversion rate optimisation) as well.

At last, he also revealed either his full income or a part of income which he earns.

It gives the proof to the client that Neil Patel is genuinely the master of the marketers around. And he is the perfect one for the marketing of their business.

Setting goals can help you get the clients as well as helps to be focussed in order to achieve it.

4. Recognise your competition.

Now, you know that I have a very small website which tells you about influencer’s biography as well as SEO and blogging tips.

Do you know, whenever I start a new blog I see some competitors blog that are way to bigger than me.

I see them as my competitors and set goals that in how much time I can reach at that level with my website.

I see a competitors website that is 5 years far from my website. Then, I find a website that is 2 years far from me. Then a website which is 6 months far.

Yes, it is true that I won’t reveal my competitors website that I am targeting.

However, I would tell you my traffic goals instead.

  • Five years: 1 million search traffic.
  • Two years: 5 lakh search traffic.
  • Six months: 50,000 search traffic.

10 Insane SEO hacks for 2021.

1. Make or complete your google business profile.

This is one of the most exclusive tips that I have shared here so, I would recommend to note it so that you can remember it afterwards.

Even if you don’t have a business just make your profile there from the name of your business. it is one of the do’s for new ones in order to rank faster.

You don’t have to just create it you have to be active and optimise it with following tips:

  • Name, address and phone number.
  • Operating hours.
  • Website URL.
  • Categories (niche of your website).
  • What does you company do and speciality
  • Some photos.

You can share some events on your blog there which help your blog to grow and get traffic faster.

For best results get active on it, answer user reviews, share posts about your workings and offerings and more.

2. Target Long Tail Keywords.

Now this is most of the basic strategy that every marketers say but it is implemented by few of the newbies.

Long tail keywords are the keywords which are more than 4 words. It has very less search results which means that people are searching less about it.

And that is the reason that people don’t target it.

People think that if they would target a keyword with high search which have a high search volume because they want to rank faster.

However, they don’t know that SEO is a long term game especially newbies in this field.

Even Neil Patel says that long tail keyword has 36% conversion rate which is more than a landing page.

3. Choose the Related and LSI (Latent semantic indexing) keywords.

This is the most untouched but powerful area of SEO in 2021.

Nowadays, people are doing competitors research and for this they are buying expensive tools but forget about the free keywords from google itself.

I am not saying that buying expensive tools is bad but learn to use the keywords which is itself suggested by google.

So, instead using a single keywords again and again use related keywords and latent semantic indexing keywords instead.

4. Write for humans then search engine.

Yes, I know this tip is pretty repetitive but yes it is super effective as well till now.

However, despite of it super effectiveness it is completely ignored by the newbies.

It is because the newbies want to rank on google and they are told by some random Youtube SEO teacher that tells using keywords is extra important.

However, they doesn’t tell that crawlers which leads to ranking follows user and using user metrics such as user retention time etc as ranking factor.

Don’t just think of getting revenue from your writing because first you have to give user the value they are searching for. Then you can expect a return of favor from them.

5. Use keywords in URL and keep it short.

This is another factor that newbies completely ignore or don’t value but impact your SEO ranking hugely.

Newbies think that if they would include a lot of their keywords then their post will rank for all of these keywords.

However, here is a stat from backlinko in which they done a test on 1 million google results.

They saw that short URL tend to perform better than longer words.

So, I would recommend to use 3-5 words in URL and keep it in this form https://lightworldwide.com/permalink.

Just use a single main keywords in the URL and that’s enough for SEO.

Step 8: How to earn from blogging in India.

There are four major ways to earn from your blog. Here are they:

1. Using ads or adsense.

Now this is most favorite method of bloggers to earn money because most of the youtube blogging guru suggest them this method.

The main boss in this way is adsense.

It is an advertising platform where advertisers pay for the ad and publisher gets some amount of the pay by displaying the ads on their website.

Here is a super guide which will help you to get Google Adsense approval fast.

how to start a successful blog in India.

Adsense both gives you money for the clicks and ad impressions as well.

However, if you are tired of google adsense because you are not getting approval for it then you can try other ad platforms as well.

  • Media.net: It is a partnered ad platform by google and bing in which you get combined revenue from both of them for clicks as well as ad impressions.
  • Adthrive: This is an ad platform which you will get approval if you have 100k monthly page views. It gives money for both impressions and clicks.
  • Ezoic: It is the great AI based ad platform which displays ad where you will get max revenue but the user won’t have much problem from it.

If you want me to write a blog post about how ezoic can help in increasing your adsense earning then do comment down below.

2. Affiliate marketing.

Now, I must clearly tell you that I will give the brief overview of what affiliate marketing is.

However, if you want to know A to Z of affiliate marketing then here is an A to Z affiliate marketing guide by me.

how to start a successful blog in India.

Affiliate marketing is a type of process in which there are three to four people involved.

  • First is the product maker or a company who has made a product to sell.
  • Then there is an affiliate marketer who takes some commission to sell that product by their social media, blog or lead magnet.
  • And the last one is you the buyer who buys the product.

However, in between product maker or affiliate marketer there is the platform which connects both of them to each other such as amazon, commission junction etc.

You can promote the product of the publisher with the help of links through your blog or from the banner on your website.

You can also promote the affiliate products from the landing pages and email marketing through google or facebook ads.

However, you can run the ads of the links as the publisher strictly denies the use of this method.

Affiliate marketing works greatly with a niche or micro niche website.

3. Selling Ad spaces, backlinks or promoted content.

This is another method you can use to earn money for your blog.

First let’s talk about selling ad spaces, in this way when your blog has grown up and is active for sometime on the web.

Then some companies related to your niche contact you and pays you some money to display the banner of them on their website.

Similarly, some people pay you some money to display a do follow link of their website on your blog.

how to start a successful blog in India.

And for this they will pay you some money.

Sponsored content is another way in which either you publish a content around any business or website in your niche which will pay you for this.

Or you can allow someone else to publish their content on your website in which they add one or two do follow link to their website.

And for this you are payed some money. You can sponsored posts from a website called flyout.io.

So, if you are frustrated that why you aren’t getting any money from your blog then sign in at flyout now!

Click here to go to flyout

4. Selling Ebooks and courses.

In this way you have to either create a blog in which you have expertise or at least has learnt it from the last 6 months.

You can post your e course on Udemy, skillshare etc and then link it back to your blog.

It will give you a boost in your income and would help you know the topic you are teaching more deeply.

how to start a successful blog in India.

However, I would recommend you to make a course about the niche your are writing blog in.

It will help you get your quality customers easily.

Bottom Line

In today’s world if you are starting a blog in India then you can face a lot of competition from the old authority sites.

So, learning how to do blogging and SEO is an essential need to survive in this competitive enviromment.

And if you have come to this website somehow. Then you are lucky enough because I will ensure that all of those who are reading my blogs regularly can make out money from blogging.

So, if you have come to my website for the first time do bookmark it.

As I regularly publish these kinds of actionable blogging, SEO articles on this website.

So, if you have any doubt regarding SEO, blogging and digital marketing stuff then you can ask it in the comment box below.

Also, if you have any problem related to this blog then you can also comment down below.

You can also hire me for blogging and SEO stuff of your website or blog for free without a single penny!

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