15 Ways How To Earn Money From Home Without Any Investment For Students 2021!

I know that if you have come to this blog then you are either looking for how to earn money without any investment.

However, I must tell you that “money makes money” and even the pro blogger in our community Mr. Harsh Aggarwal also says so.

But, in this blog I will tell you the methods which doesn’t require either no investment or very less investment to make money online.

Also, investment is important because it gives you the motivation to work for that cause.

I should give you an example of me because I have a rule that the things I experience myself is the things I tell to my readers or I strongly believe.

I have started blogging on blogger without any investment only I have bought a domain at 500 rupees per year.

How to earn money from home without investment? 15 proven techniques!
how to earn money from home without investment.

At that time I haven’t blogs with any plans or plotting and even I won’t take blogging as a business.

And due to this I have wasted 5 months of my blogging career.

Also, with an investment you have to work hard as hard work always pays off and there is no shortcut of working hard.

And that is the reason why I don’t like festival or event blogging because it is just a short term thing.

People go towards it because it is a easy way to make money but it is short term as well.

So, enough with this short term easy money making things let’s talk on some real proven money making things.

Let’s start this article.

How to make money online without investment.

Honestly, there are thousands of way to make money online but some of them are real and some are fake as well.

I really want you to stay away from that “affiliate marketing programs”, *Fake* that require some initial investment to fill your pool with money.

In this section, I will tell you some legit and easy to make money online.

However, if you want to have long term money making then you should have some skills such as blogging, communication etc.

So, I would like you to focus first on having a certain skill first then you should then focus on making a lot of money.

1. Sell your skills on fiverr.

Fiverr is one of the best platform for getting hired or hiring freelancers as well.

This platform helps you earn money online for free. This website helps you to get the work in any of skills you have expertise in easily.

Getting started with Fiverr is very easy and it is one of best platform which has great organic reach as well.

So, if you have any skill, want to monetise it and want to work with companies as well then Fiverr is best for you.

How to earn money from home without investment? 15 proven techniques!
how to earn money from home without investment.

There are many success stories which have arose from Fiverr and once you go through this website you will get the best freelancing job according to skill.

The best thing is that this platform is absolutely free and you have to just optimise your gig to get your visible to the recruiters.

Join Fiverr now!

2. Become a virtual assistant.

This is one of the best way nowadays to earn money by sitting at your home.

As, we all know the solopreneurs and entrepreneurs is increasing and the need of virtual assistant is also increasing.

A virtual assistant is also like personal assistant but he/she do work remotely at their home.

How to earn money from home without investment? 15 proven techniques!
how to earn money from home without investment.

Their job could be like:

  • Doing research work.
  • Replying to mails.
  • Writing content and ads as well.
  • Moderating comments and replying to them.

On an average based on your skills and resume you can get the pay as the virtual assistant around 2-30$ per hour.

Also, if you are a college student and you don’t have the time to go to some office then one of the best way to earn money is become a virtual assistant.

Pro Tip.

Use linkedin for finding the jobs of virtual assistant. It is because it one of the best and free platform to find jobs.

In order to get approved from the company you have to make your linkedin profile strong.

3. Content writing services.

Nowadays, bloggers and website owners want someone who can write fresh and unique content for their blogs in his/her unique way.

To become a content writer you should have the knowledge of how to write an article in a way the person who have visited to skim will read the whole article.

Also, you shouldn’t directly copy the content from some other website and should be unique as well.

This is one of the best and easy money making way by sitting in the security of your home.

How to earn money from home without investment? 15 proven techniques!
how to earn money from home without investment.

You can be paid from 2$ to 100$ as per the number of words rate they offer and your skill as well.

The person who wants you to write an article will tell you the niche, number of words, experience etc.

Here is a list of website that will give you the pay for writing.

  • Outsourcely.
  • Problogger Job-board.
  • Freelancer.
  • Fiverr.
  • Constant Content.
  • Craiglists.

4. Freelancing.

One of the myth buster between the ones who wants to work online is that now freelancing has been died.

However, I don’t think that because if you make your profile great on freelancing platforms you’ll get great organic reach and get clients as well.

Whether you have any kind of skill such as graphic designing, blog writing, coding etc you can get job for it.

You just have to find your talent or skill and make your profile great for getting client.

How to earn money from home without investment? 15 proven techniques!

You can be your own boss, work from anywhere you want and work according to your schedule.

Sign up and make profile on the freelancing platform like Guru, Upwork, People per hour etc.

Select your category, make your profile and you are good to go.

Of course, on different freelancing platform there are different payment schedules and organic reach, so choose the platform that suits yourself.

Pro Tip

If you want to get clients easily then do some following things:

1. Make a good profile with some keywords to impress job provider.
2. Mention your strengths.
3. Show your work which you have done.
4. If you have worked with someone say them to give your work reviews.
5. This is the magical soft drink to success.

5. Start a profitable blog.

Now, this way is the authentic way to earn money because I have also done it as well as many other people like Harsh Aggarwal, Neil Patel etc is also doing it.

However, this is a proven method of earning money but it takes a lot of hardwork to earn money from it.

If you have interest in any field like tech, media etc and have a passion of writing then this method is best for you.

However, if you want to make your blog succeed in this competitive enviroment then you should invest in some kind of hosting.

Hostinger provides you the best and fast hosting at just 120 rupees per month which is less than what you spend on your fast food.

Grab your hosting!

You don’t have to be a computer expert in order to start blogging.

How to earn money from home without investment? 15 proven techniques!
how to earn money from home without investment.

I want to tell you an inspiring story of the CRO (Conversion rate optimisation) magician Ankit Singla from masterblogging.com.

Ankit Singla is a pro blogger and affiliate marketer, he has seen a lot of pains in his life.

He has done work at small cyber cafe in order to pay the money to his friend which his friend has lend him for some work.

However, he doesn’t loose hope and continued his journey of blogging and affiliate marketing and got success in his life.

His blog has very less traffic but the conversion to traffic ratio of his blog is phenomenal.

You can see his income reports and interview in this video.

If you want to learn blogging in one shot article of 10000+ words then here is a guide for it.

6. Affiliate Marketing.

This is one of the topic that is rising a lot in India.

It is a method of referring products of someone else to your audience and in return you’ll get some commission in return.

How to earn money from home without investment? 15 proven techniques!
how to earn money from home without investment.

You can promote these products through your blog, social media profiles and by running ads as well.

I am also an affiliate marketer, you just have to use some CRO techniques along with blogging to have some sales and to earn money.

7. Micro-Working.

It is a way of earning money money online without any investment. You can make 200$ to 300$ per month by doing some simple tasks on some websites.

The task that you have to do are:

  • Identifying an object.
  • Rating and commenting on website.
  • Visiting a website.
  • Finding contact details.
  • Doing research.
  • Writing small article.

There are many websites which provides micro work such as mTurk, MicroWorker, SEOclerk, Clickworker, Gigwalk.

You have to signup in there platforms and earn money online.

8. Become a YouTuber.

YouTube is one of the famous way to make money online with a small amount of investment.

You just have to use your phone’s camera and 300 rupees tripod to shoot your video.

Then you can also edit your video through your smartphone as there are many good video editors for mobile.

earning money online for students without investment
how to earn money from home without investment.

When I was a noob in the internet marketing world then I thought that why advertisements are shown in youtube videos.

Then after that I got to know about google adsense and adwords and how to earn money from YouTube.

Pro Tip

Make unique videos because it will work on YouTube as many people are making the same content again and again.

That’s why saturation is there on YouTube for similar kind of content.

9. Trading and Cryptocurrencies.

It’s 2021, cryptocurrencies and trading are at a boom especially bitcoin.

Do you know that people who have bought bitcoin when they were quite cheap are millionaires by now.

It is because 1 bitcoin by the time of writing this article costs around 31,000$+ which is huge in INR and dollars as well.

However, if you want to start trading or investing in cryptocurrencies then you should spend your first month learning how it works.

earning money online for students without investment
how to earn money from home without investment.

So, to learn trading and cryptocurrencies you need some kind of material. Here are some website for you:

  • Coinsutra (Trading, blockchain and bitcoin).
  • Mrvyasidea (Bitcoin, blockchain).

These are two websites which you should consider for everything related to bitcoin, cryptocurrency and trading.

Pro tip

Here are few suggestion for good crypto trading:

1. Buying good coins.
2. Knowledge about the trading.

10. Domain trader.

This is one of the ventures in which I might use in future for money making. It is one of the best and easy business you can do online.

You will be required initial investment to book the domain.

You can buy domains from name cheap or hostinger which gives you the cheapest domain in the market.

Buy cheap domain at namecheap!

First, you have to buy a domain under 10$ and then you can sell it to needy person or business for hundreds of dollars.

earning money online for students without investment
how to earn money from home without investment.

When the person finds their desired domain is booked they contact the person who registered it and you can control the amount they would pay for it.

11. Website flipping.

Website flipping is one of the most trending and untouched domain in India.

It is similar to domain trading but here we are dealing in website not domain.

In this process first you have to buy a domain and hosting and after that work on it for 4-5 months and then sell it for twice or thrice rate.

You can platforms like flippa, empireflippers etc for website flipping.

how to earn money from home without investment.

You will get a high amount of your hard worked website.

Do you know why people take the domain which are old?

It is because it is easier to rank those website which are already existing on web then those which have come into existence recently.

12. Consultancy and E courses:

Both of these business ventures are extremely powerful and full of potential.

For both, providing consultancy and making E course you need expertise in some kind of topic such as web development SEO.

You can make a website about it and can get traffic by blogs or ads as well.

Also, I have also started giving consultancy call on SEO and blogging free of cost.

how to earn money from home without investment.

In this 15 minutes call you’ll get full SEO or blogging beginners training on call.

You have to share my website to 5 of your friends who have interest in blogging and then send me the screen shot of sharing on my instagram @digitalnishant2.

Pro tip

You can sell E courses by teaching the particular skill on platform like udemy etc which will give your course better engagement fast.

13. Sell photos online.

This domain has made many of the photographer rich as hell!

You can take pics of anything around you such as dish, birds, nature, TV, laptops etc and sell it online on some websites.

how to earn money from home without investment.

Here are some website where you can submit your pics:

  • ShutterStock.
  • Fotolia.
  • iStockPhoto.
  • Photobucket.

When some buyer wants your pictures then you can take as much amount of the pictures as you want.

The best thing about this job is you can get money for the same image multiple times.

14. Become a broker for advertisers.

Now, this is a type of job that I don’t recommend to you. However, there are people who are still doing it.

In this job you have to get some advertisers that pay of their advertisements.

In order to get these kinds of client you have to join webmasters forum and contact itraders which can give you these kinds of work.

15. Become a transcription writer.

This is another job which I would definitely recommend you to try.

A transcription writer is the one who listens the podcasts or watches the video and converts into the text format.

earning money online for students without investment
how to earn money from home without investment.

There are many platforms like Rev, that can give you the opportunity to work as the transcriptional freelancer.

Benefits of this job:

  • Rev doesn’t ask you to work hard or work less. It allows you to chose you schedule according to you.
  • It gives you the opportunity to choose from wide range of niches that interests you. They have a vast networks of job givers which means that you won’t have any problem finding work.
  • One of the best features of this platforms is the weekly payment through Paypal.

Now, I want to tell you that this platform only provide English transcriptional job.

Frequently asked questions.

Can I make $100 a day online?

Of course, you can do it easily but anything you can will do from this list will require your time and minimal investment.

So, if you are a college student and have writing passion then open a blog on wordpress and work on a niche for 6-7 months.

You can earn 100$-200$ by adsense or affiliate marketing.

How can I make $1000 fast?

There is no fast way to make even 1$ online and if you want to earn a significant value online then you have to work hard and learn a skill.

It will not help you to get money easily but will help you to get money for long term.

How can I make $100 a day online without investment?

Here are my favorite money making online jobs without any investment or minimal investment:

1. Blogging and SEO.
2. Sell photos online.
3. Website or domain flipping.
4. Trading and Cryptocurrencies.
5. Freelancing gigs.

Can you earn real money online?

This is one of the trending topics that real money can be earned from internet or online.

I will give you some examples of the famous personalities who are earning online:

1. Carryminati, Bhuvan Bam, Saiman Says etc.
2. Sandeep Maheshwari (Photo selling website).
3. Satish Kushwaha (Blogger and youtuber).
… and much more.

Bottom line.

There are a lot of way to earn real money online and these 15 are one of the best of all of them.

As, I have told that you should also use Linkedin to get quality jobs easily. You just have to make you profile up to the mark.

So, that’s it for this article. Hope you liked it and if you really liked it then do share it as it is free for you and gives me motivation provide more such SEO, blogging and money making tips.

If you have any query related to this article then do comment down below.

Also, if you have any problem related to this article then you can also comment down.

Do tell which money making tip from the list you are going to try asap!

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