How to Create A Micro Niche Blog (Full Updated Guide 2021)!

In this post, I am going to tell you a step-by-step guide on How to Create a Micro Niche Blog in 2021!

There are several advantages of creating micro niche blog:

  • Low difficulty and highly conversion optimized keywords.
  • Rank with less or no backlinks.
  • Low effort side income opportunity.

So, if you want to create a micro niche blog and want to have a good side income through it.

Then this post will tell you how you can make a micro niche blog in the most profitable manner.

So, let’s straight dive right in.

What is a Micro Niche Blog?

What is micro niche blogging

Do you know which is the most common mistake of newbie bloggers?

They always try to cover a lot of different topics on their blog so that they would get a lot of traffic.

But they don’t know that nowadays even Google ranks websites based on topical relevancy.

Which means that you should always target a single niche which will create topical authority of your website in that niche (Topic).

However, if you want to rank even fast then you can even go into micro niche as well.

Micro niche is basically sub topic in a topic.

For example, if you want to write about laptops which is the niche which you want to target.

But if you want to even deep dive into the laptop niche then here are some micro niche ideas.

  • Laptops for writers.
  • Laptops for coders.
  • Laptop for bloggers.

In this way your chance of ranking on Google would be super high and easy too.

Difference between Niche and Micro Niche Blog.

A niche website can cover 2 to 3 or more topics. However, a micro niche website only works on a particular topic.

How to create a micro niche blog which can spit money on you (2021)!

For the example given above:

  1. A website about graphics card, processors, ram and SSDs are niche websites.
  2. Whereas, if you just talk about processors or graphics cards on your website then it is a micro niche blog.

Pros and cons of micro niche websites.

In 2021, it is a better idea to make a micro niche blog because it helps you rank well without or very less backlinks from other websites.

However, there are some pros as well as cons for everything and everything includes micro niche blogs as well.

So, here are the pros and cons of it.


  • You will get the most targeted traffic
  • You won’t have to work much on conversion rate optimisation due to the targeted traffic
  • In this niche you can promote high paying products easily
  • With very low traffic you can get a lot of conversions
  • You don’t have to think much of building authority
  • You don’t have to be an expert of that niche
  • There is not much competition in the niche.


  • You will get only a handful of traffic because you are targeting low traffic keyword
  • At an average you can only make 500 to 1500$ from these blogs. You won’t make a million dollar blog out of micro niche blog
  • Link building to authority websites is difficult

Why start a micro niche blog?

The short and crisp answer to the question why you should start a micro niche blog is because niche oriented websites rank higher than multi niche ones.

So, if you hold on your website on one topic then the probability of ranking of your website is quite high.

Also, if you dig more and built a micro niche out of a niche then you can even rank at the first position with little or no backlinks.

How to create a micro niche blog which can spit money on you (2021)!

As you can see if micro niche blog requires little or no backlinks for ranking on Google.

Then it clearly tells you that you won’t have to put your day and night to make it successful.

So, if you have very less time and wants to earn a side income.

Then micro niche is one and only solution of it.

Best hosting for a micro niche blog?

If you want to create a successful micro niche blog then you website should be on WordPress.

As you all know wordpress is a self hosted service which won’t give you hosting space at no cost!

Which means you have to invest some money in hosting and domain.

I personally use Hostinger and promote it as well due to its fast and affordable shared hosting.

Hostinger for making micro niche blog

Here are some benefits of Hostinger shared hosting:

  1. You’ll get a fast and secure hosting which is an absolute must for 2021.
  2. Your website would be up always as Hostinger gives 99% uptime.
  3. Easy to use and catchy Hpanel which even non coders love.
  4. One click WordPress installation.
  5. The Latest PHP and WordPress support.
  6. Super low cost only Rs.3500 per year with hosting and one domain included.

How to Buy Hosting from Hostinger

Step 1: Go to the Hostinger website and buy the premium web hosting.

Step 2: Choose a domain name for the free domain.

Do choose .com domain names because it is easier to remember. 

Also, it builds a brand and include one or utmost two keywords from your niche in the domain name.

Step 3: Go to the Hpanel of hostinger and go to file manager 

Step 4: Install WordPress from the auto installer option in hpanel.

There are many other CMS present in the auto installer so if you are familiar with any other CMS present then you can use it to make your website.

Do you want to know what are the advantages of having a blog on WordPress, then here is an article by me on it.

Step 5: Your WordPress website is now fully functional

Note: At the time of writing hostinger is giving cloudflare free with their premium web hosting.

So, don’t miss the chance. Visit hostinger and grab your best deal.

Best domain provider for micro niche blog.

I personally use two domain providers which gives you top .com domains at the lowest cost.

There two domain providers are hostinger and namecheap.

Both of these domain providers provide domain at the same price.

How to create a micro niche blog which can spit money on you (2021)!

However, Namecheap gives a WHOIS protection free with domain which gives it an edge over Hostinger.

So, I would recommend all of you to buy domains from Namecheap.

Buy your dream .com domain from namecheap with an additional discount from this link.

How to find niche for micro niche blog.

There are a lot of niches available in the market on which you can make a niche website.

However, finding a perfect micro niche is a quite tiring process.

Micro niche marketing for micro niche blog

But as I promised in this post you’ll get A to Z details on how to create a micro niche blog.

10 Best Micro Niche Ideas 2021!

Here are 10 best Micro Niche Ideas which would help you start your micro niche blog.

Smartphone Camera.

Super micro niche in which you have to talk about the camera features of latest smartphones.

You can monetize it with Google AdSense and Amazon affiliate marketing too.

Also, as your website would grow you can also get sponsorship from various smartphone brands too.

Baby Care.

This micro niche targets the newly made mommies and couples who want to know which products are best for your baby.

However, this micro niche is competitive.

But here are some micro niche ideas in this micro niche,

  • Baby care tips for new moms.
  • The Best android apps for baby care.
  • Baby care products for newborn babies.

DSLR Lens.

This is another micro niche idea which can help you make a good amount of money with little to no efforts.

You can easily make a profitable Amazon affiliate micro niche blog on this topic easily.

However, if you want to narrow down competition then you can make your blog posts on these topics:

  • Wide Angle DSLR Lens.
  • Best Wide Angle Lens (of a specific price).
  • DSLR Lens Cleaning Tips.

Mobile Case.

Mobile Case micro niche is the evergreen micro niche of all time.

You can tell some cleaning tips of the mobile case, comparison between two mobile case and review of mobile cases.

You can easily earn a good amount of money with Amazon affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.


If you are a tech enthusiast and want to make a profitable blog then UPS is a great niche to target.

Here are some blog post ideas for your UPS blog:

  • UPS <for a certain price> in <place> review.
  • UPS for TV.
  • UPS for PS4 etc.

Green Tea.

Health is on the rise and everyone wants to become fit and one simple way is to drink green tea.

Also, this niche is super lucrative as well so you can make a decent amount of money out of it.

Here are some blog ideas on green tea:

  • Green tea recipe.
  • Best green tea under <specific amount>.
  • Green tea for weight loss.

LED lighting.

LED is a great way to save energy and people are using it in their house or office to save power.

Also, this niche is extremely worthy to be a good micro niche which you should definitely target.

  • LED lighting for home.
  • LED Light review.
  • Best energy efficient LED Bulbs under <price>.

3D Printer.

3D printer is a relatively new and extremely lucrative to target for a micro niche blog.

This can help you gain knowledge about this topic and also would help you generate a decent amount of income too.

Here are some 3D printer micro niche blog ideas:

  • Best budget 3D printer.
  • Professional 3D printer.
  • Best 3D printer for homes.

Bathroom Decoration.

Bathroom Decoration is another great micro niche which you can definitely try your hand in.

Some micro niche ideas for bathroom decoration niche are:

  • Low cost bathroom decoration ideas.
  • Best luxury items for your bathroom.
  • Best ways to decorate your bathroom.
  • Bathroom decorating accessories.

Modular Kitchens.

Modular kitchens are one of the best ways to make your dull kitchen to be lit AF!

So, you can make a profit out of it by making a micro niche around it.

Best micro niche ideas for modular kitchen blog:

  • Small modular kitchen ideas.
  • How to make a modular kitchen.
  • Cheap modular kitchen accessories.

Microwave Cake Making.

If you have a craze for cooking and wants to make a food blog then this micro niche is excellent to start your blog.

Here are some great microwave cake making blog ideas:

  • Samsung microwave cake making.
  • IFB microwave cake recipes.

Best themes and plugins for micro niche blog.

If you want to skyrocket your blog growth then the most important thing you should focus on is the theme and plugins you use on your blog.

First, let’s talk about which theme your micro niche blog should have.

I personally use two themes on my blogs:

  1. Generate Press.
  2. Astra.

However, I like Astra more than Generate Press for affiliate marketing or micro niche blog.

Some of you might get offended because I haven’t choose Generate Press theme over Astra.

Yes, I know that GP is a great award-winning blog theme and I personally use it on this blog.

However, if you want to have a theme which has a lot of free demo sites readily available for you then Astra theme is great in it.

Also, with Generate Press you will need a website builder such as Thrive architect to make your website an award winning one.

But with Astra you have 35+ award winning demo website present which will reduce the cost of buying a website builder.

And it is the main selling point of Astra theme or I might say Astra pro.

Now, let’s talk about some super important plugins for you micro niche blog.

I have mentioned all the important plugins for any WordPress website in my blogging guide.

So, if you want to see the detailed description of some important plugins for your blog then go to that article.

These are some important plugins for your micro niche blog.

  • Yoast SEO (SEO, sitemap etc).
  • Jetpack (Site security and backup).
  • Affiliate booster blocks. (Best affiliate plugin).
  • Pretty links (Cloaking of links).
  • Ad inserter (To insert ads and affiliate disclosure).
  • Swift performance lite (Speed enhancer and caching).

How do I find my micro niche blog keywords?

There are a lot of ways to generate low competition keywords.

But for micro niche blog you have to find low volume buyer oriented keywords and can be find with three methods.

How to do keyword research for micro niche blog

First and second method involves the use of paid keyword tool, Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is the most used keyword research tool available in the market.

It has a lot of cool features which you won’t get in any of the keyword research tool out there.

Some great feature that I like the most in Ahrefs is:

  • Competitor research is super easy with this tool.
  • Find out traffic, backlink, DA and PA of competitor website easily.
  • Content research is like cup of cake for you.
  • Link intersact feature for making link building easily.
  • And the list goes to the infinity…infinity…infinity.

However, as a newbie it is very difficult to buy Ahrefs as it is very costly.

But there is one way called group buy SEO tools which can give you Ahrefs at just 300 rupees.

Buy ahrefs at just 300 rupees!

So, if you want to do advanced keyword research and link building then Ahrefs is a must.

First, normal method just go to keywords explorer.

Then, type in the keyword you want to target.

You will get many variation of the keyword which has low, medium and high difficulty.

Find those keywords which have following characteristics.

  • Find those keywords which have less than 1 thousand volume.
  • Have low competition from 0 to 25 max and if it have good CPC (cost per click) then what’s good than that.
  • Then put those keywords in google search and if the first page has websites such as Reddit, Quora, Medium etc.
  • Then go for that keyword you will surely get results.

Second, way is to spy the competitors website in your niche.

I am again using Ahrefs for this method.

Go to Ahrefs put your competitors website in the site explorer tab.

For example, I put the website bloggingqna.com which owned by Mangesh Bhardwaj.

Then you have to tweak the same settings there. These are some settings you should do to get highly targeted keyword ideas:

  • Volume from 0 to 1000.
  • KD (Keyword difficulty) from 0 to 25 max.
  • CPC from 0 to 0.5 is enough but if you get more than urgently work on it because keywords are super lucrative.
  • Word count at least 3 to 6 words.

In this pic, I have not tweaked word count but if you want to tweak it.

Also, if you want to tweak more settings, then you an set the volume from 0 to 250.

It is because more narrower the keyword is more targeted and conversion friendly it is.

Now, I am going to tell you a way of doing keyword research for free which is very new.

But will surely help you get the most targeted long tail keywords easily for your blog.

So, without any bluff let’s practically find out targeted keywords from google.

  • Go to google then type your keyword in it.
  • Note the list of google suggest keywords which is seen in this picture given below.
  • Then click enter and go to SERP (search engine ranking page).
  • Go to the bottom of the page and use the keywords given there which is known as LSI keywords (Latent semantic indexing).

Here is a video by me telling the same technique which you can see if you don’t have mood to read this part.

Sounds difficult? It isn’t.

Let’s take an example, I have searched the term “best laptops” on google.

Then at the SERP page, I go to the bottom of it and clicked on the keyword “best laptops for students” to search it on google.

Again go to the bottom of the page and this time I took a keyword “Best laptop for students in India under 30000”.

Then once again searched it on google and found that low DA, PA websites are ranking there.

So, this is how you can find lucrative keywords for your micro niche blog for free.

Also, in addition to it you can add Ubersuggest chrome extension to get the difficulty of the keyword you are searching on the google page itself.

These are some criteria which your keywords should fulfill, here are they:

  • Low DA and PA site in the first page of google.
  • Any website such as Quora, Reddit, Youtube videos, Medium ranking in top 10.
  • Volume of keyword should be less than 100.

You might be confused that why I am choosing only those keywords which have such low volume.

It is because people don’t work on these keywords and these remains vacant of quality articles.

Which you can fill easily by writing high quality articles that will give you sure shot low effort conversions.

Liked this keyword research tips? Then,

Keep Reading!

How to build high quality links for micro niche website.

Building backlinks is one of the most evergreen thing if you want to rank higher on google which will not fade away soon.

It is because google doesn’t trust young, non authoritative websites over high DA, PA websites.

It is super important for your niche website.

But for micro niche it is not needed much but still is very important for it as well.

Here are some never going to fade ways for making links of your website.

  • Networking with other bloggers is one of the untouched ways of doing link building. It is because people work on link building but instead for networking which will give your website easy peesy links.
  • Write guest post which is super important for link building. Also, don’t write guest post for the sake of links but write to give value to people. Ask the owner of that website to give your website an in article with a bio link as well.
  • Broken link method of link building is one of the most famous ways of building links. In this method you find broken links on the website you want link on and write the same post on your website and ask them to link your article on their blog.

However, link is not as much important in micro niche blogs due to the two main reasons:

Less competitive, low volume keywords.

This is the main reason why I was saying you to use low volume keywords because first it increases conversions and lessens your effort for building links.

Micro niche blog is only written about one topic so it convers all the necessary topics.

So, in this way internal links would pass quality link juice between all the article and you can easily rank without backlinks.

Targeted conversion oriented keywords.

As, I have told in the video of keyword research (given above) about commercial intent keywords.

These keywords are more conversion driven, less volume and high CPC keywords which can help you get more conversions with less traffic.

And that is the main reason why you can put aside link building in these kind of micro niche blogs.

How to monetise you micro niche blog.

Now there are several options available for monetisation of niche and micro niche blog.

However, I personally prefer affiliate marketing more than any other options given in this list.

1. Amazon affiliates (Affiliate marketing).

There are a lot of websites which is are earning good amount of money.

If you are a beginner then hands down first go for amazon affiliate marketing.

After that you can use other affiliate programs such as a clickbank, CJ etc as well.

One of the best way to earn money as a beginner in micro niche blogging is to use Amazon affiliates with google adsense.

Amazon affiliates for micro niche blog

Some will say that in micro niche blog you get only targeted traffic.

But also remember that the keywords you target has high CPC too which can give you high cost per click and you would earn more in less traffic.

For amazon affiliate marketing you first have to go to amazon affiliates and once you sign in.

You get several tools and links to help you promote the best products of your industry on your blog easily.

2. Google adsense and other ad networks.

Yes, in micro niche blogs adsense won’t give you millions of dollars because you aren’t getting too much traffic on your website.

However, at the starting you can make a decent bucks with adsense as well.

If you want to know how you can get faster adsense approval then here is a guide by me on it.

Also, you can combine both adsense with amazon affiliate marketing to generate more bucks out of your efforts.

Google adsense for micro niche blog
How to create a micro niche blog.

However, you can make good amount of money from Adsense as well if you choose high CPC keywords for your blog.

CPC is cost per click which is one of the key factors that determines how much you would earn with adsense.

You can use other ad networks as well such as media.net if adsense is not the cup of tea for you.

3. Selling your own stuff.

Another best way to monetise your micro niche blog is to sell your own stuff.

You can earn a lot of your money without giving commission to someone else.

Here are some things you can sell on your micro niche blog:

  • Niche specific products (if you’re running a website on gaming PC then you can make your gaming PC and market them).
  • E-books of your niche.
  • Making some premium content (First provide valuable free content to your audience and then go for premium one). Same as Gary vee and Digital Pratik who says that give.give.give.give then take.

Do’s and don’ts with micro niche blog.


  • Stick tight to your niche because as it is the most important step when your are creating a micro niche blog
  • Create more in depth articles then your competition to rank higher on google
  • Be consistent with what you are doing
  • You shouldn’t be demotivated as you won’t see huge spikes in traffic
  • Work on social shares and links to rank more higher on google
  • Read the terms and conditions of affiliate program. It would tell you how you can promote their products


  • Don’t create thin and no valued content because if you want sales then first give the value to your readers
  • Don’t be too sales determined because many marketers for getting sales they plaster ads and affiliate links all over their blog

Secret tips to make your micro niche blog profitable! 1000$ a day?

Here are some super secret tips to make your micro niche blog the most profitable one in your niche:

  • Take care of the content quality it should be of top notch to rank your website higher.
  • Remember work more on on-page SEO rather than off page one at the initial stages of your blog.
  • Network with other bloggers in your niche which will help you get backlinks and improved rankings.
  • You can make videos on YouTube which will help you get some additional backlinks and traffic.
  • Submit your sitemap to all the search engines such as google, bing etc.
  • Submit your blog to all the social media website such as facebook, instagram etc which helps you get Web 2.0 backlinks.
  • Create a logo for your website which would help people generate trust on your website.
  • Set up AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).
  • Enable push notifications to retain the visitors again and again.
  • Use email marketing for extra promotion of your blog posts and to do affiliate marketing at the super effective way.
  • Create social media pages and don’t forget to use Pinterest for blog promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions about micro niche blog.

How to find profitable micro niche blog idea?

First, write down all the topics you want to write and have passion about. It can be marketing, fish, tech etc.

Then go to some famous website in that niche and put the website URL there.

And use the filters as I have mentioned in the keyword research part of this article.

Find some long tail keywords such as in tech niche you can make micro niche website on “iphone jailbreak”.

Do micro niche sites still work?

Yes it works and would work in the future as well.

It is because as you know due to the hummingbird update of google now understands the intent of the keywords.

So, now google ranks website which has more topical authority rather than the website which have more keywords in it.

And that is the reason why people use SEO strategies such as SILO structure to increase the topical authority of their website.

Final Words.

Yes, micro niche blog is one of the few ways in which you can make money quick in 2021.

There are many advantages of making a micro niche blog over a niche blog but there are some disadvantages as well.

However, if you want to make some money at first then you can make micro niche blog.

But if you want to expand it then you can write other topics in the same niche and expand your website to niche blog after you gain some authority.

So, if you like this blog post and find it useful then you can share it on the social website.

As it would help your own website lightworldwide.com to grow and provide such quality free blogging information.

If you have any other doubts related to this blog post then you can comment down below it is free and open for all of you.

If you want me to do the SEO and blogging of your website then you can contact me at [email protected]

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