Best Free SEO Tools for WordPress (50 Tools Mega Checklist!)

Here you’ll get a long checklist of 50 Best Free SEO Tools for Your WordPress.

If you don’t have a budget to afford costly tools like Ahrefs or Semrush.

Then you should definitely need to read this article because it will all solve all your SEO problems FREE!

So, without any further adoo.. Let’s jump into this article.

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1. Answer the Public.

One of the most underrated and best free SEO tool for WordPress is Answer the Public.

It gives you a long list of keywords ranging from Questions to Vs keywords and guess what it is free.

Also, I can make a whole big checklist for the features of this tool.

But one features that helps this tool to standout from the rest is that all SEO tools mostly take their keyword data from Google Keyword Planner.

But this is not the case in Answer the Public because it takes its data from forums, blogs, social media too.

Standout Feature.

“Vs keywords”

(For example: iPhone vs Samsung or Ahrefs vs SEMrush).

But the catch is that most people search for it before making a purchase.

So, if you want to increase your website’s conversions then they are really crucial for it.

And this free SEO tool gives you a lot of keywords.

2. CanIRank.

All SEO people like me wants to know if we can rank for the keyword or not?

We struggle a lot to find a specific answer for it.

But this Free SEO tool will directly give an answer to this question.

It doesn’t give you the old crap statement that every keyword research tool gives,

“This keyword is competitive” or “This keyword is easy to rank”.


Standout Feature.

How Better to Target this Keyword“.

It not only tells you to that you can rank on this keyword or not.

But also tells you how better you can target this keyword.

It gives you a suggestion that can surely help you to rank on Google.

3. Seed Keywords.

This free SEO tool gives a different take on keyword research.

Let’s understand the working of this tool with an example.

Most keyword research tools use this two step process:

  • Enter your seed keyword in the search box.
  • Get a list of similar and long tail variants of the keyword.

The main fucking problem of this approach that all of your competitors are also doing this same process of keyword research.

And you should know that you have to do something unique in order to do good in SEO.

This you can do easily with this tool.

Here’s the whole process of how to use this keyword research tool.

First create a scenario on which topic you want to write a blog about such as “You have a website and want to rank it. How you can do it?”.

Then you are given a URL which you have to send to your social media or email subscribers.

And ask them what they would have search on google if they faced this scenario.

In this way you’ll get some of the most new and untapped keywords which you won’t find anywhere else.

Standout Feature.

“Submit Query”

Once you get the result you can directly search all the keywords that your social media followers and email subscribers gave you.

This way you can know directly search that keyword on Google.

4. Exploding Topics

This is another super free SEO tool which you don’t want to miss.

In today’s digital world, either you have to be the best in any field or the first.

And this SEO tool can help you discover untouched keywords and topic so that you can be the first to target it.

It gives you topics which are soon going to boom and you shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

This SEO tool is adding new keywords day by day in their database so that you can great untouched topics for your blogs and videos.

Standout Feature.


Categories feature is an absolute winner because it tells you all the rising topics that are soon going to explode category wise.

It saves a lot of your time by giving you a list of all the soon to be famous topics according to the category you are working on.

5. GSC (Google Search Console)

My favorite and most underrated SEO tool from Google itself.

Also, if you know somewhat about SEO and SEO tools you might know all the data given there are not fully correct.

So, how you get the most legit data?

From Google Search Console itself.

All the factors such as impressions, clicks, average CTR and ranking given there are legit and pulled from itself.

It gives you a clear picture that on which keyword and where your website rank on Google.

It is a great rank checker tool but with most legit data.

Standout Feature.

“Performance Report”

GSC is a great rank tracker but it is also the best free keyword research tool as well.


I am there to explain you.

Step 1: Filter Out

Here I will give you one pro-tip for finding the most valuable keywords from GSC.

First is to increase CTR of the page of your website which are ranking 5th or below 5th on Google.

Go to performance tab of GSC and highlight average CTR and Rankings tab.

Then click on filter button, we want to filter positions 1 to 4.

So, we add 4.9 there.

According to Advanced Web Ranking, the fifth position on Google has CTR of 4.35%.

Now you have to filter all the pages that are beating the mark of 4.35% CTR.

So, filter the report again and now click on CTR.

And set it to smaller than 4.35 to see the underperforming content.

(Remember Position should be ticked with it too.)

Step 2: Improve the Whole Page.

These are the keywords that can give you a wholesome amount of traffic you just have to bump the CTR.

But the catch is that the whole page for which this keyword is ranking has a lower than average CTR.

So, why should we focus on just one keyword if we can improve the ranking of 10 other keywords.

So, we have to focus on improving the whole page ranking on Google.

After that click on the keyword and then click on the pages tab in performance report.

Then click on the “+” sign the top bar and add the page URL which you want to improve.

After that you’ll see a lot of keywords that falls below the average CTR.

You can fix it by adding a more compelling description and title of that page.

Step 3: Improve.

So, that more people will click on your page on Google and your CTR would grow along with that page rankings.

6. Reddit Keyword Search Tool

Do you know how big SEO giants and copywriters write such a compelling piece of content?

It is because of Reddit which is called the goldmine for keyword research and copywriting.

There people use such terms and keywords which you would rarely find in any keyword research tool out there.

But it is very tiring for me as well other copywriters to find such phrases and keywords by themselves.

So, here’s the tool which will give you phrases and keywords used on Reddit just by typing your seed keyword there.

Standout Feature


You can directly go to the Reddit post from where the phrase or keyword is picked from directly by clicking on the context button.

In this way, you can see that in which context the term is used.

7. WooRank’s SEO and Website Analysis Tool

This is one of the best SEO extension for overall SEO analysis of your website.

It gives your website a score based on your On-page and Off-page SEO efforts.

Standout Feature

“Marketing Checklist”

Most of the website analyzing tool tells you the problem and not solutions.

But this tool will tell you the solution along with problems which make this tool much more valuable for SEO guy like me.

8. Animalz Revive

Animalz Revive is a great tool for finding outdated content of your website which immediately requires your attention.

Before this tool you have to find these outdated pages manually by looking into Google Analytics.

Super tough. Isn’t it?

Google in 2021 focuses a lot on the freshness of the content because they want their customer to get the most legit information through their SERPs.

Which you now easily do with the help of this tool.

Standout Feature

“Traffic loss since Peak”

This is the most amazing feature of this tool that how much amount of visitors an old and outdated piece of content is costing you.

This feature tells you two things:

  • Traffic loss since peak (Percentage).
  • Traffic loss since peak (No of view drop).

9. LSI Graph

As you know that Google penalizes your website if you optimize your website around one single keyword.

It is known as “keyword stuffing” and Google is quite strict about it.

It has both good and bad aspects.

Such as you have to be careful while writing your blog, so that you don’t overuse a single keyword.

On the contrary due to this, you can now focus on optimizing your website for various similar keywords which are known as “LSI Keywords”.

Also, due to the feature snippet and passage indexing now your website can rank for even a single paragraph.

And you can do this when you will add LSI keywords in the heading and subheading of your blog post.

You can find these keywords either from Google suggest or from the free tool

You just have to enter your seed keyword, press enter and boom you will get a lot of LSI keywords which you can add in your content.

Standout Feature


This is the feature in which you can search for different variants of an LSI keyword just with a click.

So, that you have even more LSI keywords to optimize your blog post.

10. People Also Ask

Do you know which section of Google SERPs are a goldmine of lucrative keywords?

It is the “People also ask” section where you can get a lot of gold keyword suggestions which people don’t optimize their post for.

The one disadvantage or drawback of this tool is that it takes a lot of time to collect the data from the PAA (People Also Ask) section of Google.

Standout Feature

“Related Questions”

Along with the PAA keywords this tool also gives you related question keywords.

Which saves a bit of your time because you don’t have to manually find it.

11. SERPerator

If you want to see SERPs for a particular keyword in different locations of the world.

You either have to go to Google for that specific location or you can do it with this awesome SEO tool and SERP checker tool.

Not only this you can check the Google SERP on different devices too with this tool.

It is because Google search ranking pages changes with device and location.

And if you want to easily see the SERPs of different locations and devices then this SERP checker tool is best for you.

Standout Feature

“Compare Devices”

The best feature about this tool is that you can compare the Google SERP on two devices side by side easily.

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12. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is basically a Content marketing tool not a SEO tool.

Which tells that how users find and interact with your website.

Why this tool is so popular?

Here’s the reason

Google Analytics gives you the most legit analytics about your website.

Which tells you if your efforts on you website are paying off or not.

Some major factors of your website that Google Analytics tells are:

  • Organic Traffic.
  • Bounce rate.
  • Traffic on site.
  • Dwell time.
  • … and much more.

Standout Feature

“GSC and GA Integration”

This is another super feature in which you can integrate GSC (Google Search Console) and GA (Google Analytics).

What are its benefits?

If you integrate GSC and GA you’ll get some untapped keywords, your organic CTR, and many other important factors.


This tool is a very good tool if you want to find some of the biggest competitors in your industry.

And want to get over them.

For example, I choose “Top 50 Business Blogs” which featured some of the big names in the business industry.

And literally copy the efforts which they are doing!

Standout Feature


This feature is great if you want to know about the people who have tweeted your competitors website or have linked to it.

After knowing about the website that have linked to your competitor.

You have to make a better post than your competitor which has been recently linked.

Then shoot a mail to the website owner who have given a link to your competitors website.

In the mail tell the reasons why your post is better than your competitor’s one.

This will help you get a link or what SEO people say authority in the eyes of Google.

14. BrowSEO

This tool will help you see your website with the eyes of Google Crawler.

If you have some idea of website design or website development.

Then you might know that Google Crawler see your website in a very different way than how humans do.

And if you want to see how then this tool will do it for FREE!

Standout Feature

“H1 Tag and Search Preview”

Now if you are doing SEO for some time then you might know that H1 tag should only be used one time on a website.

And it is necessary to use H1 tag on your website from the SEO perspective.

Yes, I know that on WordPress you don’t have to worry about the H1 tag because WordPress automatically does it for you.

But if you want to find that your website has a H1 tag or not.

Then you can use this tool to know it very easily.

Also, it gives a preview of how your SERP looks on Google too.

15. Screaming Frog

We have to face this harsh reality..

There are many newbies which are taking technical SEO for granted and that is the main reason why their website is not ranking.

So how to fix technical SEO?

Just go to Screaming Frog.

This tool has a crawler just like Google and just enter your website to get a detailed report of potential content and technical SEO issues.

Some of the issues are:

  • HTTP Header errors.
  • Crawl errors.
  • JS rendering issues etc.

Standout Feature

“Discovering Duplicate Content”

Google is a people’s search engine who wants to give the most legit and unique SERPs.

And that is the reason why Bing and Yahoo have put their weapons against Google.

So, you have to find and fix the duplicate content on your website which you can do with this tool.

See the picture below to know how to see duplicate content on your blog.

16. Yoast SEO Plugin

This is my favorite and most dependable SEO plugin of WordPress.

If you have a WP website and don’t have Yoast installed in then my friend you are missing a lot of organic traffic for sure.

It is the most automated and full of feature SEO plugin on WordPress.

Yes, I know that Yoast is not fully free.

But even in free version it provides you a lot of things which even paid plugins don’t provide.

Which makes it eligible to be on this list of free SEO tools.

Standout Feature


Yes, you heard it right I love every single bit of this SEO plugin.

It provides a Sitemap and robots.txt automatically.

It makes a schema markup of your website which helps your website to get indexed in featured snippet and passage indexing.

Also, it gives you a checklist of on-page SEO in order to make your post SEO friendly.

This doesn’t end now because I can make a long list of features of this SEO plugin.

However, my favorite is the on-page SEO checklist feature which helps you in writing a SEO friendly post.

17. Panguin Tool

It is really hard to determine which factor has caused your website ranking to go down after a Google update.

And if you know the reason why your website’s traffic is going down then you can fix it and get your rankings back.

And you can do this with Panguin SEO Tool.

This tool correlates your search engine traffic with Google updates.

Why is this important?

Well if you find your website ranking down at the time of any Google update.

Then you can easily find the reason why your website’s ranking go down and fix it ASAP!

Standout Feature

“Switch Google updates on/off”

This tool provides you updates about Google algorithm changes easily.

Also, you can turn off notifications of any section of Google updates.

For example, if you have a local business website and wants to know only about local SEO changes.

Then you can turn all the other google updates notification off.

Also, you can also turn off all the google updates notfications as well.

18. Dareboost

This tool helps you analyze technical SEO things of your website like site speed, security etc.

It is not strictly a SEO tool but gives you the most important technical SEO details of your website.

Standout Feature


This SEO tool gives you a list of issues of your website and tells the most important one from where you can get started.

19. Siteliner

It is very difficult to know the full SEO report of a website.

You require a lot of free and premium tool for doing this.

But you can now do that easily with this free tool.

Siteliner has a lot of great features such as:

  • Check blocked pages.
  • Redirects and broken links on your website.
  • Finds how much of your content is unique, common and duplicate.

Standout Feature


This tool has a full-fledged benchmarking section in which your website is benchmarked with other similar niche websites.

It compares your site’s loading time, page size and duplicate content etc with other similar websites.

Which is pretty cool! Isn’t it?

20. GTmetrix

My favorite tool for determining my website’s speed.

It gives you one of the most accurate site speed data of all the site speed tools available in the market.

I know that this tool is not fully free but due to its accuracy in the speed test this tool deserves to be a part of this result.

Standout Feature

“Top Issues”

I know that free version of this tool doesn’t give much data.

But the top issues section is great because it tells the major issues in your website which is causing its slow speed.

21. SEO Tools By BloggingQnA

A relatively new tool but the most potential one!

Recently, Mangesh Bhardwaj from bloggingqna introduced his own free SEO tools in order to help newbies.

It has in total 32 free SEO tools in it and I would say truthfully that it has some bugs because it quite new.

However, if you are a newbie and just started SEO then these tools can help you a lot especially in keyword research and backlink creation.

Standout Feature

“Backlink Maker”

This feature of this tool helps you in submitting your website to the best directory submission websites around the world.

Yes, I know that directory submission doesn’t add much SEO value to your website but if you are a newbie then something is better than nothing.

22. Ahref Webmaster Tools

Do you know the main problem of GSC (Google Search Console)?

GSC tells the problem in your website but don’t tell the solution in a clear cut manner.

This is a forever pain between webmasters.

But now Ahref has made its webmaster tools free which will tell you both problems on your site and solution of it too.

However, I would like to tell you that if you are working on a very hidden niche.

And don’t want to reveal it to public then you shouldn’t use this tool.

It is because Ahref has said that they can use the data of the free users which is not suitable if you are working on a secret niche.

Standout Feature

“How to fix”

This free SEO tool gives you the issues on your website and most importantly tells how you can fix it ASAP!

23. Grammarly

Yes, I know that Grammarly is not an SEO tool but a writing correction tool.

But as you know blogging is a great aspect of SEO and in order to make your blog grammatically correct you have to use this tool.

It tells you grammatical error and also give suggestion, so you can easily improve these errors from your written masterpiece.

Standout Feature

“Browser, GDocs and MS Word Integration”

This gives you the flexibility to choose where you want to write your blog post.

This tool is compatible with browser, Google Docs or MS Word too.

23. Keyword Surfer

My personal favorite free keyword research Google Chrome extension.

It is best for those who are newbies who doesn’t have a single penny to spend on keyword research tools.

Also, not only this tool is for newbies, but also experts can use it too in order to get some LSI keywords from the seed keyword.

Standout Feature

“Correlation charts”

This tools gives you 3 types of correlation charts:

  • Traffic vs Position on Google.
  • Words vs Position on Google.
  • Keywords vs Position on Google.

The best correlation chart of the three are Words vs Position on Google.

This graph will give you a rough idea on how many words blog post you have to write on this topic.

24. Bloggingos Tools

Another new but great potential SEO tool.

It is made by Mr. Kritish Vyas who is the owner of a famous SEO blog

I would say it truthfully that this some of these tools have some bugs because these SEO tools are quite new.

But the majority of the tools are correctly working and is excellent especially the keyword research ones.

Standout Feature

“Keyword Research Tools”

The keyword research tools of this SEO tool is really great and powerful.

You can get both seed and LSI keyword with these keyword research tools easily.

These tools are super valuable for both newbies and experts too.

25. Broken Link Checker

One thing that can hurt your site’s SEO more than else is broken links.

Broken links are those links on your website which redirect to the webpage which doesn’t exist.

It hurts the SEO and User Experience of your website which can lead your website to slip down from Google’s ranking.

And you can easily find these broken links on your WordPress website with this plugin.

Standout Feature

“Internal Broken Link Checker”

This broken link checker plugin checks the broken links from both external pages as well as internal pages too.

It helps you remove your broken internal links from your website easily so that user won’t see a 404 page.

It helps you reduce the bounce rate of your website by removing all the broken internal links from your website.

26. Swift Performance Lite

It is my favorite speed optimization and caching plugin for WordPress.

It has helped my website achieve an ‘A’ grade on GTmetrix on shared hosting.

Also, not only speed this caching plugin improves the structure of your website as well.

Standout Feature

“CSS and JS optimization”

This feature is quite common in all the caching plugin but the thing that make this plugin different is the way it optimizes the JS and CSS of your website.

This plugin not only combines and compress the CSS of your website but also generate critical CSS of every page of your website.

Also, with JS it combines and compress the JS of your website.

But also shift all the inline JS to the bottom of your website’s code which increase the speed of your website for FREE!

27. Question DB

Do you find it tough to get great ideas for your blog posts?

If yes then QuestionDB is a ray of hope for you.

You just have to put your seed topic on which you want to write about and BOOM!

You’ll get a bunch of topics for your blog post so that you’ll never run out of content.

All these topics are pulled by Reddit so that you don’t have to find it manually by yourself.

Standout Feature


You can easily see the Reddit post from where the phrase or keyword has come from by clicking on the source button.

It helps you directly go to the Reddit post where you can get 10x time more phrases that you can use in your headline or in blog content.

28. Google Trends

Google Trends is the favorite SEO tool for many marketers and industry experts.

This tool is not only for SEO or keyword research but can be used for brand building purposes too

It tells which keyword or topic is going to shoot up in volume soon, so you can be the first to add content on it.

Standout Feature


You can easily check your brand reach with your competitor’s, so you can improve it ASAP if you are going wrong.

It doesn’t directly impact SEO but as you might know that in 2021 branding is also important for SEO.

29. Pingdom Speed Test

Another speed analyzing tool on this list of best free SEO tool.

Pingdom Speed test is quite similar to GTmetrix, but it also about factors which can cause slow speed of your website.

Standout Feature

“Test From”

Unlike GTmetrix, you can easily change the location from where you want to test the speed of your website.

With this feature you will get a close to reality speed of you website.

30. Alexa

Alexa is a freemium tool which gives your whole site overview for free and also has their premium marketing stack if you want to purchase.

As we are only discussing Free SEO tools then we would focus on the Free part only.

This tool helps you determine your site’s global and countrywide rankings with its own algorithms.

Also, this tool gives you historical data of your website, so you can track your site’s ranking over time.

Standout Feature


This feature tells you the percentage of visitors your website is getting from different countries of the world.

This feature is great for those webmasters who wants to get traffic from different countries around the world.

31. Google Keyword Planner

Next free tool in the list is the keyword research tool from Google itself.

This keyword tool is best for newbies who have just started their blogging journey.

It gives you search volume, CPC, competition etc of the keywords.

However, this keyword research tool is meant to do keyword research for PPC campaigns.

But it also works well for SEO keyword research too.

Standout Feature

“Extract keywords from website or URL”

You can easily spy on your competitor’s keywords with this tool.

You just have to put the URL of your competitor’s website inside Google Keyword Planner.

However, you can’t do some advanced competitor’s keyword research with this tool like you can do in Ahrefs or SEMrush.

But if you are a beginner then this feature is enough for you.


AIOSEO (All in one SEO) is a popular Yoast SEO plugin competitor which has more than 2 million+ downloads.

It provides your website a strong SEO foundation so you can rank fast on Google without putting much effort.

Similar to Yoast SEO, it also provides you an On-page SEO checklist which helps you write a SEO friendly post easily.

It is up to you to choose which SEO plugin you want to use on your website.

Standout Feature

“WooCommerce SEO”

The one of the main reason why this SEO plugin is so famous is due to its WooCommerce SEO feature.

It gives you features which helps you do WooCommerce SEO easily such as:

  • Product Image SEO.
  • Product page optimization.
  • Dynamic optimization.

33. is a free SEO tool which gives you a lot of keyword suggestion at zero cost!

You just have to type your seed keyword and boom you will get a lot of long tail and short tail keywords.

However, you can’t see CPC, volume and competition of the keyword in the free version.

But that’s ok because this tool gives you a lot of keyword suggestions for FREE!

Standout Feature

“Google autosuggestion keywords”

This keyword research tool gathers keyword suggestions from Google autosuggest feature.

So, you don’t have to find those manually from Google.

With this feature you can easily get LSI keywords for your blog which would help you rank your blog for 1000s of keywords.

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34. WMS Everywhere

This tool is recommended to us by the owner of PassionWP, Trishan and Pinky.

They use this free extension for their keyword research despite being pro bloggers.

WMS everywhere is a free chrome keyword research extension which gives you a lot of LSI keywords for your blog absolutely FREE!

Standout Feature

“Related and People Also Search for Keywords”

I am personally using this tool and also recommend to both pro as well as newbie bloggers for their keyword research.

It is because it gives you a lot of related and people also search keywords for FREE which you can include in your blog post.

35. Rank Math

Another WordPress SEO plugin like Yoast but with many premium features for FREE!

However, there is a conflict between webmasters to use this plugin on their website.

Some favors this plugin over Yoast and some don’t even it has a lot more features than Yoast SEO plugin.

I would recommend you to use this plugin once on your website and see if this plugin works for you or not.

Standout Feature


Rank Math manages the redirects of your website automatically for FREE.

So, you won’t need a standalone plugin like redirections for it on your website.

36. All in One Schema

Schema is a very important thing in today’s time

And if your theme or SEO plugin doesn’t provide your site with Schema then you should use All in One Schema plugin on your website for that.

As Brian Dean says that the featured snippet are the future of SEO and if you aren’t leveraging it, then my friend fix it ASAP!

Standout Feature

“A lot of Schema types”

With this plugin you can easily add a lot of different schema types to your webpage such as:

  • Event schema.
  • Review schema.
  • Product schema.
  • Recipe schema etc.

37. SEMrush

I know that SEMrush is a paid tool but one of its feature known as Keyword Magic Tool gives you 10 free keyword searches per day.

And I personally it is more than enough for new and intermediate bloggers.

Standout Feature


The main standout feature which make SEMrush one of the most trending SEO tool is its full of information database.

You will get nearly accurate CPC, competition, search volume of the keyword with this tool.

Also, not only this you’ll get a lot of keyword ideas for your seed keywords due to its large SEO database.

38. Also Asked

Do you know what is the main factor which can retain your visitors on your website?

It is the subheadings.

Yes, I know that you have listened to the advice of using a lot of subheadings in your blog from every SEO expert.

But here’s a catch!

You should use the question subheadings in your blog post.


There are two reasons for it:

  • Helps your post to rank for the question on Google with the help of Passage Indexing.
  • Develops the interest of the readers.

And you can get a lot of question subheadings for your blog post with this tool, “Also Asked”.

Standout Feature

“Search Intent”

This SEO tool not only tells you which questions user ask about the topic on Google but also tells you which question are interlinked to each other.

The benefit of this feature is that it helps your post to fulfill the user intent to the fullest which would help you give your website a higher rankings.

39. Soovle

If you are a beginner and wants to get a lot of keywords for your blog without giving a single penny.

Then Soovle is the right choice for you.

You just have to put the seed keyword and then you would get a lot different related keyword from various search engines such as:

  • Wikipedia,
  • Google,
  • Yahoo,
  • Bing,
  • and
  • YouTube.

Standout Feature

“Wikipedia Keywords”

If you are into this SEO industry then you might know that Wikipedia is a treasure of great terms and keywords for your blog.

However, in order to find great keywords from Wikipedia you have to put your heads into it which is a very tiring process.

But with this tool you can get a lot of great terms and keywords from Wikipedia just by putting your seed keyword.

40. Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool

The next SEO tool in this list is Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool which gives a comparison data of your website on-page SEO against your competitor.

Yes, you can also get all this information by viewing the page source, but this tool does this work easily for you.

Standout Feature


This feature of this tool is a great and easy way to find if your web-page contain a H1 tag or not.

H1 tag is super important for on-page SEO and you can’t afford to miss it.

41. Keyword Generator

One of the most basic keyword research tool which can give you 1000s of Google’s autocomplete suggestions free of cost.

You just have to put your seed keyword in it, and it will give 1000 keyword ideas per minute.

Standout Feature

“+ve and -ve filters”

This is a great way to include or exclude a word or two from the keyword suggestions.

For example, I have put “how” in the +ve filter.

Now, I am getting the keywords with “how” in it which is basically informational keywords.

You won’t get CPC or competition of the keyword and also takes time to give keyword ideas.

But if you are beginner, or you want keywords for sub-heading of you blog post then this tool would work great for you.

42. Jaaxy

Super simple and powerful keyword research tool.

This tool is a freemium tool which will provide enough keyword opportunities to target.

You will get 30 keyword searches in their starter pack which I personally think is enough for beginners.

Standout Feature


QSR stands for “Quoted Search Result” which is a sexy term used to tell how many websites are trying to rank for this keyword.

And lesser QSR is, lesser would be the websites trying to rank for the keyword and more would be your chance for ranking.

43. Ubersuggest

I know that Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is now a paid tool and gives you three free usage per day.

However, if you are beginner and want to have a SEMrush and Ahrefs level of accuracy of data for free then this tool will do it.

Standout Feature

“Chrome extension”

Recently Ubersuggest Chrome extension was launched by Neil Patel, and it is one of the best keyword research chrome extension.

It gives you a lot of long tail variants of the keyword that you have entered in Google search box.

44. The HOTH

The HOTH is one of the best overall SEO tool out there.

And you should definitely use if you are targeting countries like Australia, US, UK and Canada on your blog.

It gives you 25+ free SEO tools which pulls its data from various paid SEO tools around the web.

Which means that the data is gives is legit!


Standout Feature

“Keyword Research Tool”

The keyword research tool from the Hoth pulls its data directly from one of the most powerful SEO tool “SEMrush”.

SEMrush has around 17 billion keywords, 580 million domains and much more.

You should definitely use this tool even if you are a newbie or a serial SEO killer.

45. Bing Webmaster Tool

Most of the SEO experts say that to rule SEO is equal to rule Google.

Yes, in today’s time most of the web searches are done on Google, but you can’t afford to miss other search engines such as Bing.

And to rule Bing you have to first submit your website to its own version of Webmaster tool.

Standout Feature

“SEO analytics tools”

The Bing Webmaster tool gives you a lot of SEO analytics and keyword research tools such as:

  • Search Analytics
  • Keyword Reports
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Crawling Data

And these tool can be very useful if you to find low hanging keyword opportunities for your blog easily.

46. Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations

It is a free SEO Chrome extension that tells you the reason why your Google Analytics data is seeing a decline (or a peak).

So, you don’t have to put your mind into the web to find the reason of the drop or a peak in the traffic data.

Is it due to Google official or unofficial algorithm update or something else?

Standout Feature

“Major Holiday Traffic Effect”

This Chrome extension tells you if the sudden drop or rise in your site’s traffic is due to any major holiday in your targeted country.

47. Beam Us Up

If you are a person who wants to have your own version of SEO crawler but don’t want to invest your money in it.

Then this tool will provide you with your own SEO spider which will crawl your website 100% for FREE.

Standout Feature

“.htaccess generator”

Along with their flagship product which is “SEO crawler” Beam Us Up provides you with .htaccess generator.

So, if you are struggling to make a .htaccess file for your website then you should definitely make one easily with this tool.

48. Link Redirect Trace

This free Chrome extension tells you about the technical SEO details of all the sites you visit such as:

  • HTTP Headers
  • Rel – canonical
  • Robot.txt
  • And other basic link metrics

Standout Feature

“Save Screenshot”

You can easily save the screenshot of link metrics of your competitor’s easily with the “Save Screenshot” of this tool.

49. Sheets for Marketers

This is not a tool but some Google sheets that provides you with some tasks from the online marketing field.

This website is an absolute bookmark for marketers out there.

As it provides you with Google sheets on various SEO and Online marketing topics such as:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Site Audits
  • Keyword Research and more

50. Small SEO Tools

A set of 100 free SEO tools which is super valuable for noobs as well as pros in SEO and Content marketing world.

It gives you a lot of traditional keyword research and backlink analyzer tools.

And along with it some rare and nowhere to find tools such as proxy tools, reverse image research tools and many more.

Standout Feature

“All of them”

It would be really unfair if I would choose a single tool out of these 100 great SEO tools.

So, I have decided that all the tools in this tool is great and all of them deserves an appreciation.

Pro-Bloggers Contribution

I have taken the help of many pro-bloggers from the online marketing niche in making this mega checklist post possible.

I have asked them their favorite FREE SEO tools which they used in their blogging journey.

Here are the bloggers which I have took help from:

1. Mangesh Bhardwaj

Favorite FREE SEO Tools of Mangesh Bhardwaj A.K.A. BloggingQnA.

  • BloggingQnA Free SEO tools.
  • Grammarly.
  • Ahrefs.
  • Keyword Surfer.

2. Kritish Vyas

Favorite FREE SEO Tools of Kritish Vyas A.K.A. Bloggingos.

  • Answer The Public.
  • Google Trend.
  • QuestionDB.
  • Whatsmyserp.

3. Soumodeep

Favorite FREE SEO Tools of Soumodeep A.K.A. ssdigitalblog.

  • Google Trends.
  • Answer The Public.
  • WooRank.
  • Ahrefs Webmaster.
  • SEMrush.

4. Trishan and Pinky

Favorite FREE SEO Tools of Trishan and Pinky A.K.A. PassionWP.

  • Ahrefs Webmaster.
  • WMS Everywhere.
  • RankMath SEO.
  • Seobility.

Did I Miss Something?

Now I would love to know from you,

Did I miss any free SEO tools from this list?

Tell me which FREE SEO tool from this list you would start using from today?

Either way let me know in the comments down below!

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