25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to generate a regular cashflow in your pocket while sleeping on your soft bed.

There are tons of ways in which you can make money through affiliate marketing online.

Here is a guide on affiliate marketing which will tell you all the ways to promote your affiliate products and much more.

40+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

However, all the affiliate programs aren’t the same. The most profitable of them all are recurring affiliate programs which will give you time to time commissions.

So, if you want to make money while sleeping then recurring affiliate programs are a better choice than one time affiliate programs.

In this post we will cover 25 best recurring affiliate programs which will help you generate regular cash flow into your pocket.

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What are recurring affiliate programs?

Remember that to dive into the deepness of the seas you first have to know how to swim?

And that same applies here that you should know that what are recurring commissions and recurring affiliate programs first.

Then dive into the list of best recurring affiliate programs.

Recurring commissions are those commissions which you will earn throughout your life from the company you helped to generate sales.

And the affiliate programs are the company which gives you recurring commission if you succeed in selling their products.

For example, my favorite affiliate program is Berush (SEMrush affiliate) which offers 40% recurring commissions to you throughout your life.

It means that the company will give you a part of their product’s cost as a commission every time your referral buys their product.

Here is a super illustration of recurring affiliate programs (Image credit).

40+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

The difference between one time affiliate programs and recurring affiliate programs is that recurring affiliate programs can give you commissions even for several years.

But one time affiliate programs gives you one time commissions and after that they won’t give you any commission until you give them any referral again.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs 2021!

Recurring web hosting affiliate programs.

There are many superb web hosting providers all over the web and that is the reason why the web hosting industry seems to be saturated.

And that is the main reason why there are web hosting affiliate programs present in the market.

However, most of the web hosting affiliate including my personal favorite hostinger doesn’t provide recurring commissions.

Here are some handpicked recurring web hosting affiliates.

1. Cloudways.

Cloudways is a very popular cloud web hosting provider all over the world. It supports all the major CMS around the world such as WordPress, Drupal etc.

40+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

Cloudways affiliate program is not a purely recurring affiliate program. It has two types of commission structure for affiliates:

  • Slab based in which you can get up to $125 per sale based on performance slabs.
  • The other is hybrid which gives you $30 per sale + 7% recurring commissions as well.

For recurring commission go for hybrid option.

Here is the link of the cloudways affiliate programs. You have to just fill your necessary details and start promoting!

2. Kinsta.

Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider powered by Google Cloud.

40+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

They have superfast servers which loads your website like a flash and has a great 24/7 support staff.

They offer 50$ to 500$ of commissions on every referral + 10% monthly recurring lifetime commissions.

The commission depends on the plan have referred to someone else.

  • Starter Plan $50 per sale.
  • Pro Plan $100 per sale.
  • Business Plan $150 per sale.
  • Enterprise Plan $500 per sale.

Here is the link for Kinsta affiliate program to join their affiliate program for free and start promoting.

3. Rosehosting.

Rose hosting offers very affordable VPS hosting, and they are in this hosting space from 2001.

40+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

It offers excellent uptime of 99.9% from 2003.

So, if you want to promote VPS hosting to your audience then Rosehosting is a very good choice.

Rosehosting offers 10% recurring commissions on referrals.

One of the best thing for the hosting promoters is that if you give Rosehosting 30 qualified leads.

Then they will give you additional 5% recurring commission which means that you’ll get 15% recurring commissions after that.

Apart from this bonus they also give a lot of other bonuses to their affiliates such as:

  • You can earn 50$ bonus if you provide 10 or more qualified leads in a month.
  • You can earn 300$ bonus if you provide 30 or more qualified leads in a month.
Visit this page to sign up for the Rosehosting affiliate program.

SEO software recurring affiliate programs.

SEO industry is one of the super growing industries in the world right now.

Not only newbies use these SEO tools, but also the experts use it in order to optimize SEO of their website.

Which gives you a great chance to make a hell out of money from it!

There are a lot of SEO tool affiliates which gives you huge amount of recurring income which can give you a super sustainable living.

Here are some super recurring SEO tools affiliate which you can join:

1. Berush.

The SEMrush affiliate program is known as Berush, and it is one of the lucrative SEO and keyword research tool affiliate program out there.

40+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

Many of the leading digital marketers, bloggers and SEO experts such as Digital Pratik, Neil Patel are personally using SEMrush and also promoting it too.

This SEO tool has a huge cookie time of 10 years.

There is a huge potential in this affiliate program.

And if you use it with proper sales and content marketing strategy then you can be millionaire with this single affiliate program.

These are some super SEO things that Semrush tool can do:

  • Get super profitable and lucrative keyword ideas.
  • Content ideas so that you won’t run out of content for your blog.
  • Track ranking of your blog.
  • SEO audit on any site out there.
  • One of the super spy tool out there.

Berush gives you a handsome 40% recurring commission on a successful sale you generate through your affiliate links.

Here’s the structure of their plans:

  • Pro Plan $119.5 Monthly (Commission $47.48 per month).
  • Guru Plan $229.95 Monthly (Commission $91.98 per month).
  • Business Plan $449.95 Monthly (Commission $179.98 per month).

Pro-tip: SEMrush is a super popular SEO and keyword research tool out there and 5 million of people have used it.

The best thing about the huge popularity of this tool is that people easily gets convinced to sign up for its 14-day free trial plan.

And if they liked it which they would surely do then they would buy any of their plan, and it will generate you a recurring commission.

Click on this link to go to the berush affiliate program.

You have to join ShareASale and then after you get approved you can promote semrush.

2. Mangools.

Mangools is another super SEO tool out there which is trusted by SEO experts or bloggers out there.

40+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

It is a super tool which helps you get low competition targeted conversion driven traffic.

Awesome features of this SEO tool:

  • Find targeted traffic which can cause conversions for your blog.
  • See SERP of any location.
  • Track blog rankings.
  • Find super backlink opportunities.

Mangools give you 30% recurring affiliate commission for each sale caused by your affiliate links.

The cookie period of this affiliate program is 30 days.

In 30 days of time span the user have to create an account of Mangools.

And later if they buy any of their paid plans then you get an affiliate commissions.

Payment is done with the help of PayPal and threshold payout amount is $150.

Here is the link to their affiliate website just create an account there, and you’ll get all the perks of being an affiliate.

3. SpyFu.

It is a similar SEO tool like Semrush or Ahrefs but at a very cheap cost.

40+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

Their plans start from $33 a month in which you’ll get unlimited domain spying, keywords research, backlink research and other features.

SpyFu affiliate program is another lucurative affiliate program which you shouldn’t miss.

They offer 40% recurring commissions for life on a sucessful referral.

They have year long cookie duration.

SpyFu releases payment twice a month either through PayPal and wire transfer.

Click here and sign in to SpyFu affiliate program and earn money.

4. SerpStat.

SerpStat is a superb growth hacking tool for content marketing, PPC, SEO and much more.

40+ Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

It gives you 30% recurring commissions on every successful referral from your affiliate link.

Payments are made on monthly basis in this affiliate program.

Here are some features of this tool:

  • Site Audit.
  • Rank Tracker.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Keyword Clustering.
  • Backlink Analysis.

Join SerpStat affiliate program from here.

WordPress recurring affiliate programs.

WordPress is the most used CMS for websites around the web. It requires no prior knowledge of coding for you to get started with it.

WordPress has a lot of themes and plugins which can make your WordPress into your dream website.

However, there are a lot of great plugins and themes present in the WordPress directory which makes this industry competitive.

And that is the reason why there are affiliate programs of WordPress themes and plugins.

However, there are a few plugins and themes affiliate programs which give recurring commissions to their affiliates.

Here are some great WordPress products recurring affiliate programs.

1. Elegant themes.

Elegant themes offers some one of the best themes, plugins and page builder.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

One of the best and fast WP theme DIVI is a super premium product of elegant themes.

DIVI theme, Extra Magazine Theme, Bloom email opt in plugin and Monarch social media plugin are the products of Elegant themes.

The elegant themes affiliate program gives you 50% affiliate commission on each sale you make.

You get recurring affiliate commission on a yearly basis. As long as the customer pay their yearly renewal fees, you’ll make money sleeping.

Join Elegant theme affiliate program now.

2. BlogVault.

BlogVault is one of the best and most secret backup plugin for WordPress.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

It has several features such as:

  • Automatic Backups.
  • One-click staging.
  • One-click website restore.
  • Cloud backup storage.
  • and much more..

Also, due to the increased hacking of the websites nowadays backup service plugin is necessary especially for the established websites.

And you can use this opportunity to milk out some money for you.

You can join BlogVault affiliate program from ShareASale.

Create a new account on it or just apply for this affiliate program if you are an existing user of ShareASale.

This affiliate programs gives you a lot of ways to promote their product such as:

  • Affiliate links by writing blogs.
  • Make informative videos.
  • Banners for sidebars.
  • Email newsletters.

If your referral buy the backup plan of BlogVault then you’ll get 20% recurring commission as long as that person continue it.

Also, it has 60 days cookie period.

It means that if your referral buy BlogVault in 60 days of their initial visit to the BlogVault website.

Then you’ll get the commission for your referral.

Join the BlogVault affiliate program now!

Email Marketing recurring affiliate programs.

Email marketing is a superb to make the most out of affiliate marketing.

It helps you build your email list and it is super important for sales and business as well.

Also, it is said that,

“Your email list is your business”.

It helps you provide additional value to your audience and make your audience into a long lasting customer.

Due to this dire need of email marketing tool and huge competition companies who provide email marketing tool provides an affiliate program as well.

So, the users as well as non users of their tool can make money by providing some additional sales to them.

Here are some great recurring email marketing tools affiliate program you should surely join.

1. ConvertKit.

ConverKit is one of the best email marketing and lead capturing form maker tool which is recommended and personally used by many pro bloggers.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

Some excellent features of ConvertKit are:

  • Create your email with rich text in editor.
  • Embed customizable opt-in forms so that you can make your one time visitor into your regular reader.
  • 30 landing demo pages to make stunning landing pages.
  • Advanced targeting options so that you can send content according to your subscribers interests to increase your mail open rates.

ConvertKit offers 30% recurring commission for every sale you create through your affiliate links.

As long as your referral buy any of the plan you’ll get a monthly recurring commission while sleeping in comfort of your home.

It offers a cookie period of 60 days.

Join ConvertKit affiliate program now!

2. GetResponse.

GetResponse is my favorite email marketing tool out there.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

It is one of the most affordable and resourceful email marketing tool out there.

GetResponse helps you do the following things:

  • Beautiful email templates to create eye-catching mails.
  • Automation mail series.
  • Pre-made landing page templates and drag and drop builder to make your landing page by your own.
  • You can make different types of form with this tool such as:
    • Newsletter.
    • Order forms.
    • Free download.
    • Sign up and much more..
  • Beautiful tracking system of emails.
  • Mobile responsive emails with drag and drop builder.

This affiliate program offers you two types of commissions types:

  • Bounty Method: 100$ bounty on every sale.
  • Recurring Method: 33% recurring commission for lifetime.

I have took second option and also recommend the same so that you can make money while sleeping on your bed.

With this it also has a cookie period of 120 days.

Join GetResponse affiliate program right now!

3. Aweber.

Aweber is the most popular and oldest email marketing tool out there. It is used by 1 lakh+ bloggers and internet marketers out there.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

Some super features of Aweber are:

  • They have an AI designer tool called Smart Designer to create branded email templates in a few seconds.
  • Create custom emails and landing pages with their drag and drop builder.
  • Template library if you don’t have mood to design.
  • Automation email series at its best.
  • It has pre-built campaigns to accelerate your email series.

When you join Aweber affiliate program you are called as Advocates not affiliates (don’t think yourself as advocate it is actually affiliate).

You get a 30% recurring commission on each successful sale.

Their cookie period is monstrous 365 days long.

Join Aweber affiliate program now!

VPN recurring affiliate program.

VPN nowadays is one of the most important tools for blogger and content creators.

Why? Because it helps you to to reach the untouched corners of internet very easily.

So, what are you waiting for promote and earn some recurring income easiliy.

1. PureVPN.

PureVPN is a leading VPN service provider that provides high-speed streaming, browsing, security, file sharing and more.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

It offers super 256 bit secure encryption on all connections and 24/7 support as well.

It has more than 2000+ servers in 140+ countries of the world and a customer base of 3 million+ satisfied customers.

So, all these things can help you get a lot of recurring commission by promoting this VPN service to your readers.

First join the affiliate program of Pure VPN, and then you can promote it by these methods:

  • Placing logo.
  • Banner Ads.
  • Text links on website.
  • Email newsletter.

The commissions structure are as follows:

  • 100% commission on 1-month plan.
  • 40% commission on a seasonal or yearly plan.
  • 35% recurring commission.

I recommend the recurring commission as it will give you money while sleeping.

Join PureVPN affiliate program now!

2. ZenMate.

ZenMate is another popular Virtual Private Network service. It is used by more than 22 million users worldwide.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

This VPN connects you to a safe server from your location and all your data is encrypted with military grade technology.

This service hides your IP address and helps you to stay anonymous online.

ZenMate offers its affiliates this commission structure:

  • Monthly Plan: 100% commission for first signup and then 35% recurring commission.
  • Yearly Plan: 40% commission for first signup and then 30% recurring commission.
  • 6 monthly Plan: 40% commission for first signup and 30% recurring commission.

Your earning are paid via PayPal and bank transfer.

Join ZenMate affiliate program now!


HMA (Hide My Ass) VPN is another great VPN provider that provides VPN and online privacy tools.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

It has 1000+ servers encrypted with 256-bit encryption in 290+ locations which provide you a super safe internet browsing experience.

It is used by 400 millions+ people worldwide.

See this picture to know about the commission rates for affiliates of HMA VPN.

Join HMA VPN affiliate program now!

Page Builder recurring affiliate programs.

Page builder is another great tool for affiliate marketing.

It helps you build landing page, opt-in forms and other things which helps you to do affiliate marketing and email marketing on the next level!

It is also important if you do CPA marketing as well.

This is a great opportunity for you to make recurring money by promoting page builders to your audience.

1. Thrive Architect.

This is one of the favorite page builder of all time.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

Thrive architect is a visual page builder which helps you build conversion focused websites easily.

It is a product of one of the valuable and premium company Thrive Themes that build super WordPress tools.

Some most popular products of Thrive Themes are thrive architect, thrive leads, thrive comments and thrive theme builder.

To promote one of the premium and great products of the whole WordPress directory you have to join Thrive affiliate.

The affiliate program offers a commission of 35% on initial sale and 25% as a recurring commission as long customer remains with Thrive products.

Join affiliate program of thrive themes now!

2. Leadpages.

Leadpages is another best landing pages maker tool out there.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

You can build a lot of things with Leadpages such as:

  • Conversion focussed websites.
  • Landing pages.
  • Opt-in texts.
  • Pop ups.
  • Alert bars and many more.

With this page builder you can easily and simply make a website or landing pages that converts.

Leadpages has a great as well as interesting affiliate program.

They give a recurring affiliate commission on every sale that you make.

This affiliate program gives you 10% recurring affiliate commission and then the commission rates increases to 40% and 50% as well.

If you will generate 50$ or more in new customer sale per month then the commission rate would increase to 40%.

And if you bring 3000$ or more in new customer sale per month then the commission rate would increase to 50%.

Also, the cookie duration of this affiliate program is 30 days.

Join the leadpages affiliate today!

3. InstaPage.

Landing page provides an advanced landing page platform where you can make an award winning landing pages easily.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

It has a lot of features other than landing page such as:

  • Admap Personalization,
  • Experiments and
  • Collaborations.

The InstaPage affiliate program gives you 50% affiliate commission for the first year and then 30% recurring commission after that.

Join the InstaPage affiliate program now!

Drop-shipping recurring affiliate program.

Drop-shipping is one of the best way to make money online.

There are a lot of dropshipping platform such as Shopify etc.

But there is only one dropshipping platform who provide recurring affiliate commission.

1. Dropified.

Dropified is a software that imports and manages dropshipped products to e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce etc.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

This software make the product addition easy and fast to your online eCommerce store like AliExpress, Ebay etc.

Affiliate marketers can join and get 30% recurring commission for 12 months for each referral.

On joining the affiliate program, publisher gets a unique affiliate link which can track click and sales as well.

You can promote dropified on twitter, facebook, blog posts and email newsletter too.

Affiliate marketers can track all the records of clicks and conversions from the affiliate dashboard.

The affiliate program has a cookie period of 60 days and payments are made monthly.

Join dropified affiliate program now!

Stock Photos recurring affiliate program.

Another super way of making money online is to sell your photos.

Those photos can be submitted to many stock images website.

Also, bloggers and many digital marketers need stock photos.

So you can make some money by referring these stock photos websites to others.

1. 123rf.com

123rf is one of the world’s largest digital stock agency with over 1.2 crore+ monthly user online.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

On 123rf.com there are 3 lakh+ creative contributors which delivers 90,000 daily content on this website.

It has a collection of over 110 million creative work which are divided into these categories:

  • Photos – Collection of royalty free photos, images and pictures.
  • Vectors – Collection of royalty free illustrations, cliparts and graphics.
  • Footage – Collection of HD stock footage and videos.
  • Audio – Collection of royalty free music and sound effects.

It also contains productivity tools too such as:

  • Filters and effects.
  • Auto enhance options.
  • Background remover tool.
  • and other useful tools to enhance the quality of images.

Also, this website has clients from big companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google etc which is a proof of its popularity.

123rf.com affiliate program provides its affiliate with 25% commissions on every referral you make.

Also, with this it also gives 10% recurring commission if you referral makes repeated purchase.

On joining this affiliate program, you will be given with unique affiliate link which you can promote it on blogs, social media and newsletter.

Also, 123rf.com gives you all the sales, earning and clicks monitored in real-time.

All payment from this website is released every 20th of a month after the initial threshold of 50$ is reached.

Join 123rf.com affiliate program now!

2. Deposit Photos.

Deposit Photos provides quality royalty free images, vector images and videos.

25 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs [New Checklist 2021]!

It is a one stop solution for stock graphics for graphics designer and bloggers too.

Deposit photos affiliate program gives you 40% on first time purchase and afterwards 15% recurring commissions afterward.

Recurring commissions is only given when the customer stays at deposit photos.

This affiliate programs special affiliate tools such as:

  • Ready to use API widgets.
  • Banner.
  • Video and
  • Text links for promotion.

With this it also gives you 6 months of cookie period too.

Join deposit photos affiliate program now!

Portfolio Websites recurring affiliate program.

Portfolio website is a requirement for all those bloggers and content creators who wants to display their skills.

With this Portfolio website is also used widely by photographers too.

1. Pixpa.

Pixpa is one of the best platforms for creators and photographers to make their own portfolio website with blog, e-commerce and a beautiful photo galleries.

Forever paying affiliate programs 2021

It is a drag and drop builder which makes it easier for non coders to make their dream website easily without coding.

Also, if you don’t want to make your portfolio website from scratch then it also has some beautiful pre-made templates of portfolio websites too.

These themes are fully customizable and responsive so that your website could look beautiful in any device.

Pixpa affiliate program gives you 50% share per referral for the first year.

You just have to go to their affiliate program and sign up there and after that you’ll be given a Affiliate control panel for monitoring your referrals.

Along with that you can track your traffic, trial sign-ups, sales and earning.

Pixpa gives you two ways to promote their products either by banner or with text links.

You can promote pixpa on:

  • Blog.
  • Website banner.
  • Social media and.
  • Email newsletter.

Also, this affiliate program has huge 30 days cookie period too.

There is no minimum threshold to withdraw your money earned by pixpa just you have to create one sale and then you can withdraw your money.

You would need a paypal account for withdrawing your money.

Join Pixpa affiliate program now!

Other Affiliate Programs.

1. Teachable.

Teachable is a very good platform if you want to create a course for your audience and sell it to them.

Forever paying affiliate programs 2021

It has more than 1 lakh instructors that are using this platform to share their knowledge worldwide with the help of their courses.

According to a 2016 study, 93% of employees in a corporate spaces says that soft skills are “very important” factors in hiring decisions.

You can see how important is soft skills and if you want to make any soft skill course or your audience then teachable can be your forever best friend in it.

Whether you are a creator, blogger or business owner everyone needs a platform to make their courses and sell them.

So due to the dire demand of the course making tools you can make some good money by promoting it to your audience.

Teachable offers 30% commission recurring as long the customer is with this software.

Join Teachable affiliate program now!

2. Live Chat.

Do you know that if you want to increase your sales in 2021 then what you have to do?

Forever paying affiliate programs 2021

Email Marketing? Nah?

It is chatbot marketing because it has 80% open rates which is much more than email, organic post and paid ads.

Don’t believe me here is the article from socialmediatoday.com explaining the benefits of chatbot marketing.

Due to this huge demand of chatbot you can make some great money out of it by the tool LiveChat.

This tool is in the business from the last 15 years.

It increases the time period for customer services which can make a large difference in sales of a company.

It adds an extra trust in your customer that if something goes wrong with your product then you would resolve their problem fast.

LiveChat gives 20% recurring commission for each sale your make for them.

The best thing of this affiliate program is its monstrous cookie period of 120 days which ensures greater conversion rate.

Join LiveChat affiliate program now!

3. TubeBuddy.

Tube Buddy is a YouTube channel management and video optimization application which is used by newbies as well as professionals too.

Forever paying affiliate programs 2021

It is a free browser extension and mobile app that helps you manage your YouTube channel and helps you find great topics for your videos.

It also guides you by telling the best practices which is needed to grow your YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy affiliate program gives you 50% straight recurring commission on every purchase you make for them.

This affiliate program gives you commission every month as long the customer your referred is paying for TubeBuddy.

There are a lot of ways to promote TubeBuddy such as:

  • Email campaigns.
  • Social Posts.
  • Videos.
  • Blogs and much more…

Join Tube Buddy affiliate program now!

How To Promote Recurring affiliate programs?

Open your ears and listen to me that don’t ever choose an affiliate program just on the commission rate.

Instead, choose it based on your niche because if your niche is marketing then who the hell wants to buy health supplements from your even if its commission is high.

After choosing the right and valuable product for your customer you now have to know some strategies to promote the affiliate products.

Below, I have mentioned some superb techniques to promote affiliate products and earn money.

Choose which strategy works for you and go for it accordingly:

1. Write super detailed review article.

Now again open your ears and listen to me that if you write a review article only for selling the product then no one will buy it. I bet!

In 2021, there are millions of review blog posts published every hour and how you can make the difference? By writing the in depth review. Simple!

If you educate your audience A to Z about the product you are promoting then it is more chance that they will buy that product from your affiliate link.

Review article for affiliate promotion

For example, I recently published an Astra theme review on my blog, and it was super detailed.

Even in that article I covered the features of the latest update of Astra which wasn’t present in any similar review article on Google.

Also, remember to add affiliate links at the necessary places.

If you add your affiliate link in between the review then it would interfere with the reading cycle of the reader.

And it is possible that he/she would bounce back due to it.

For writing affiliate articles you need to have a WordPress blog, and you can create it in only 3,500 rupees with Hostinger.

Also, if you want to know A to Z of blogging then here is a blogging guide by me.

2. Add Banners Inside Your Website.

There is a myth in affiliate marketing that sidebar widget affiliate banner doesn’t make any difference in the conversions.

But I think that they haven’t used the sidebar for affiliate product promotion in the right way.

Many pro bloggers like Mr. Vyas and Kulwant Nagi use sidebars for their products promotion.

And you know how much they are successful in that.

Sidebar for affiliates promotion

I am telling you two positions where you should add affiliate banners on your website for maximizing your affiliate marketing conversions.

First, above the navigation bar or what experts say above the fold, or you can also add affiliate banner in the sidebar as a sticky widget.

Here are two plugins which can increase your affiliate conversions by the affiliate banner on your website’s sidebar:

  • Q2W3 Plugin – Makes your sidebar widget sticky.
  • Content Aware Sidebars – It helps you make your sidebar content aligned.

Let’s go into deep with these plugins and learn a word or two about them.

The First plugin is Content Aware Sidebars, this plugin help you display content aligned sidebars on WordPress website.

Content aligned sidebars means that it helps you display different sidebar widget for different category of posts.

For example, you want to show Aweber sidebar widget in the category of email marketing on your website.

However, you want to show Hostinger sidebar widget under the category of blogging on your website which can be done easily with this plugin.

Second is Q2W3 plugin which helps in making your website’s sidebar sticky.

What is sticky sidebar?

You might have noticed that as you scroll down a page the elements in the sidebar goes up which leads to loss in conversions.

And you can reduce it with the help of this plugin which would make your website’s sidebar stuck at a place even if you scroll the page down.

3. Email Subscribers are your asset.

Now if you do affiliate marketing with or without a website then you can’t ignore the role of email marketing in it.

If you want to get pro in affiliate marketing then you have to become pro at email marketing too.

Especially in paid ads affiliate marketing because you are running an ad both in order to sell your affiliate product.

And also to take the email address of the interested users and buyers so that you can retarget them in the future as well.

Email marketing for promoting affiliates

It would help you to do pro affiliate marketing without spending a lot of money on paid ads.

So, either you have blog or do affiliate marketing by ads if you are not leveraging email marketing then you are surely missing a lot of sales.

4. Secret to affiliate sales.

Do you know a way in which you can get a lot of sales for your affiliate products?

If you know then fill the comments with your answers.

And remember NO CHEATING!

The secret which can make your affiliate sales go skyrocketing is discounts or to be precise discount coupons.

But the sad truth is that many affiliate programs doesn’t give coupons.

However, there are some affiliate programs that gives coupons especially web hosting ones.

Coupon websites for affiliate marketing

Now open your ears and listen that always give coupons to your audience while promoting these affiliate products.


Think how much your mom gets happy when she gets to know about a sale.

It is a human tendency that if we hear that a product is selling at a discounted price we get happy and buys it.

Even if the product that is being sold is listed at a higher price in sale than in non-sale time.

Also, you can make a full coupon website where you give coupons to your visitors of different products.

And it is one of the highly lucrative micro niche ideas of 2021.

If you want to increase your affiliate marketing sales then here is a guide to increase affiliate conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are recurring affiliate program?

Recurring affiliate programs are those affiliate programs that pay you every month or year as long your referral is the customer of that product.

Where to find recurring programs online?

You can get these affiliate programs by simply typing “best recurring affiliate programs” on Google.

Or you can find an affiliate programs whose product has a renewal period (Monthly or Yearly).

Most of these kinds of programs gives recurring commission to their affiliates.

For example, SEMrush gives its affiliates 40% commission on yearly and monthly basis.

Is recurring affiliate programs free to join?

Yes, 99% of them are free to join, but there are some other which requires you to first buy their product in order to promote it.

Which is the best recurring affiliate program?

My two favorite recurring affiliate program are:

1. Berush – 40% commission recurring.
2. Aweber – 30% commission recurring.


Affiliate marketing is a very good of earning money online and many people leverage it.

However, newbies falls in the trap of high commission rate trap and choose an affiliate program that is totally different from your niche.

So, go for niche not for income because if you have a food blog then why people would buy a smartphone from you.

And also in SEO google has taken topical authority to serious consideration into their ranking factors too.

So, don’t go topically disorient just for the sake of high commission rates.

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