10 Best affordable search engine optimization tips to get results faster!

Are you searching for the best affordable search engine optimization tips for 2021?

If yes, then read this whole article and I would guarantee you the rise of your organic traffic.

In order to understand this article you first have to know the fundamentals of SEO first.

But if you are a complete newbie then here is a guide for beginners on SEO by me.

2020 is getting over and 2021 is at the verge of starting. Search engine optimisation is getting evolved a lot by every passing year.

However, certain fundamentals of SEO is left unchanged.

For example, doing keyword research only for the only purpose of getting higher organic is now outdated. However, getting the right keyword is now a major part in the game of SEO.

Beyond getting SEO ranking right keyword can tell you what the user wants.

And this technique of producing content on the basis of queries of customer will give you success in SEO.

There are more than 200 techniques with which google ranks website in SERPs. So, it is quite difficult to know which SEO practice you should do and which you ignore.

Is link building dead? Alone, On page SEO could lead to ranking?

How title increases CTR of your post? Does SEO and Social media intersect? And the big one, is blogging dead?

What are the real tips of SEO which will give you rankings?

Now, do you really need SEO get leads? Here is a demographic by Neil Patel that tells that tells the SEO leads are more higher than outbound leads.

Best affordable search engine optimization tips to rule SEO in 2020.
best affordable search engine optimization tips.

Do you need SEO to get traffic on your website? Of course, because we all know we don’t much click on the paid listing.

Now, in this article we won’t discuss all the 200+ ranking factors but we would discuss the 10 major of them.

And, I would guarantee you if you focus on these factors you would get more organic traffic without any penalty from Google.

So let’s start:

1. Removes things that slows down.

Page speed is critical in SEO.

In the past, it doesn’t mattered much but today if you won’t do that then you are gone.

I am sure you can relate to it too.

Nowadays, people are so busy and if they are searching something on google.

And if they gets to a slow loading site then they get frustrate and bounce away. Also, they would discourage from buying your product too.

Also, Strange loop suggests that a delay of mere 1 second can lead to a loss of 7% conversions.

Best affordable search engine optimization tips to rule SEO in 2020.

Page speed is a very important factor for both search engines and people. A data suggest that “40% people bounce back from a website which takes more than 3 seconds to load.”

Best affordable search engine optimization tips to rule SEO in 2020.
best affordable search engine optimization tips.

In 2010, Google accounted page speed in the search engine ranking factors.

Also, if you are not taking account of your website’s speed then you are just fighting a battle where you won’t win even your “content is like a king”.

How to do it?

  • If you are a wordpress user then do lessen the no. of plugins that you don’t use.
  • Also, delete the themes that you are not using. Also, use those theme which are lightweight such as astra or generate press.
  • Remove elements from the sidebar that are not necessary.
  • Compress the no of JS,CSS and HTML used.
  • Lazy compress your images.

You can also use Cloudfare. It will make a copy of your website on various servers throughout the world.

So, for example if you have a website in India and a person is viewing it from US the website will load from India’s server and would take time.

Best affordable search engine optimization tips to rule SEO in 2020.

However, if you are using Cloudfare then it will make a copy of your website to the nearest sever to US and the will make your website load faster.

It will amazingly reduce your website’s speed and also improve the core web vitals of your website.

Register your website there and enjoy amazingly fast speed of your website.

How to detect speed issues of your website?

You can use these free tools to check your website loading stats and speed. These websites are.

  • GTmetrix.
  • Google Pagespeed Insights.

2. Link to other websites with relevant content.

Linking with other websites in your niche is very important. Even Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger Media also says,

“Liking out to other blogs is critical to growth”

Brian Clark, Copyblogger Media.

However, it has a mixed opinion on whether you should link to your website or not.

For most bloggers or seo experts, it is considered bad because it takes visitors from your blog.

Here is a great demographic from moz.com.

Best affordable search engine optimization tips to rule SEO in 2020.
best affordable search engine optimization tips.

But, I think that building links to other similar sites is a fundamental part in search engine optimisation strategy.

I like to link other high quality websites including competitions because it helps the readers to have a more detailed understanding.

According to Randy Fishkin, founder of Moz says:

“Linking out sends trackable traffic, it makes your site valuable and trustworthy”

Randy Fishkin, Moz

Linking out to other websites will give quality signals to google and will tell you that you are building a friendly neighbourhood. It will in turn give you better ranking on google as well.

Also, it is a saying that “don’t expect if you can’t give”.

The best way to get a link from a authoritative website is to show your willingness to link them first in your content.

Also, don’t just link a bad website in order to get links only link to those website that have quality content. It is best for SEO.

You can mail the owners of the website that you are linking. Then, indirectly ask for social share, link of your website on their blog or even mail the link of your website to their email list.

You should give link in quality not quantity it will build the trust and not make your website look spammy.

3. Write for People Then Search Engine.

With growing competition people are getting mad over rankings. And this has put the quality content on the back seat.

People are stuffing irrelevant keywords in their posts in order to rank their website high on google.

Rather than getting higher ranking on google they get penalty from google.

So, write content for search engine but primarily write it to solve people’s query.

Also, people are not leveraging long tail keywords rather than they keep on manipulating google.

Best affordable search engine optimization tips to rule SEO in 2020.

“Don’t prioritize search engines over actual human beings. They have two eyes to read your content and credit card to buy the things. Spider bots are just crawlers. They are not the one who will share your website on social media and won’t become your loyal customer.”

Whenever, I want to see how to solve people’s query through my blogs, Neil Patel’s website is my go to place.

best affordable search engine optimization tips.

Read their articles or see their videos it will tell you how to give more than take. It also tells how much passionate marketer you are and how much you respect your work.

Forget that the search engine exists. Rather than write to solve the queries of your readers which is known as SEO copywriting.

Writing content for readers will help the search engine bots to follow the readers. It will increase your website’s user experience and brand value.

4. Encourage other trustworthy sites to link to you.

To large extent inbound link is the still key to search engine rankings.

However, you should also know that google has said in the past that if you are linking other sites with only inbound links.

Then, google will consider that you have took money to give these site links and would increase your site’s spam score.

So, when you combine the outbound and inbound link on your site.

You will build a natural link profile and a friendly internet neighbourhood that google will also reward.

However, I have mentioned this way of getting links from high quality website in the previous section.

Best affordable search engine optimization tips to rule SEO in 2020.
best affordable search engine optimization tips.

Then the question arises that how can you encourage other website to naturally link your website.

This can only be done with the help of content marketing. It is about creating engaging and high quality content.

Also, most importantly creating such content that people has the need and urgency to link with it and also share it on social media.

Now comes a question that how you can make this type of content?

You can make this type of content only when you will devotee your time, money and resources in a single post or any piece of content.

It has many other benefits of creating high quality content such as it would build trust with your audience and build a personal brand of yourself.

5. Have web analytics in place at the start.

After you have decided to change your life with SEO then the first thing you should do is to have a tracking software to know what is right and what’s wrong.

Google analytics, Google search console or other private tracking software can help you track your success.

Best tips for SEO to rule google in 2021

There are tools like Crazy egg that tells you through heat maps that where is users clicking on your site and how they move away.

Also, it tells that which elements on your website is negatively affecting your site’s user experience. So, it also helps to improve your site’s user experience.

So, you have to put analytics in place before getting a single visitor to your website or landing page.

6. Write unique and relevant meta descriptions and SEO title for every page.

One of the most important SEO tips that most people ignore is to well craft meta description and SEO title.

The meta description is the first thing that search users see before clicking on your website’s link. And after that people see the title and if they find it catchy then user will click on it. you

Generally, search engine doesn’t like duplicate content. Yes, I know you have to copy some line or paragraph sometimes.

However, copying content becomes your daily routine then your ranking will definitely hurt.

And this same principle works on the meta descriptions as well. It will also not provide a great user experience to your users.

Here is a great demographic by exposure ninja on how to write title and meta description.

Best tips for SEO to rule google in 2021

For example, if you have a post on email marketing and other one on SEO. And if the meta description of these two posts are same then it wouldn’t make a sense.

So, your meta description should clearly explain the spirit of your post.

If you are a WordPress user, then you can install Yoast seo or All-in-one SEO pack to fix this issue.

Then scroll down to the bottom of your wordpress editor and write a unique title and description.

7. Use readable and meaningful URLs only.

If the real humans can not understand your URL then spider bots would be confused as well.

Check the URL of the article.

Yes, I know that it is somewhat big than the expected numbers but it is easily understandable. There are no numbers or characters in it rather than words and dashes.

Run away from these types of URLs:


Also, you must know that the search bots of google follow users first.

So, if users are finding the URL’s of your article non-understandable then bots will also have a hard time with your post.

Once, Brian Clark, Copyblogger said that search bots are like infants which have to be spoon-fed regularly.

Also, in this age of search evolution including the latest page experience algorithm till now spiders are computer program not humans. So, we have to guide it.

The best URL structure that I found on the web is of our own crazy marketer, Mr. Neil Patel. He ensures that his URLs has 2-4 words.

Best tips for SEO to rule google in 2021
best affordable search engine optimization tips.

Here is a small checklist for making the best URL for your website:

  • Make the URL memorable to yoru reader.
  • Short, sweet and SEO friendly URL.
  • Easy to type with hyphens rather than underscores.

8. Social Signals To Improve Ranking.

SEO and social media is like two twins brother that can’t live without each other. However, there is no direct mention of the significance of the social signals in any of the google’s algorithm.

But if you will ask my perspective then I personally seen my websites grow with the help of social signals.

If you don’t believe me then there are research that tells the same story.

An article from the popular keyword research tool semrush suggests these case study that tells the social signals benefit SEO.

Shrushti’s search engine ranking went up from the last page to number 1 due to the sharing of their articles on social media.

Also, the best thing is that the process of gaining social signals haven’t changed a little. Here are the success tactics of getting social signals:

  • Create the content that the user likes to read and share across their social web.
  • Add social icons and make them clearly visible.
  • Encourage people to share by asking them out.
  • Host a giveaway contest on the basis of social shares.
  • Mention the social media influencers in your post and tell them about it.

This list will go on forever. So, I would highly recommend to use the social web with SEO practice as well.

9. Don’t Use Misleading Keywords In Your Image.

Images are whole lot of important for your user experience as well as SEO.

Also, you can see it as well because google has made an entire section about images. It tells how they are concerned about images.

But the main things that should come to your mind is how google detects that a particular image is related to a particular search query.

It is the “keywords” in the alt text of the images.

And for this reason many of the SEO experts say that using right keywords in the title and alt text. However, you should be aware of not to use the keyword stuffing as well.

With all this the keyword you use should always be in context of your image.

For example if you have used a picture of “blue women top” then the title in the keyword shouldn’t be “click here to buy women top”.

Always remember that practical SEO is not about cleverness but it is about relevance, trust and customer service.

10. Create And Publish Unique Content Consistently.

According to Storm SEO, the most difficult thing for the marketers is producing unique and engaging content.

Whether you sell your products or services to businesses (B2B) or to customers (B2C) or do affiliate marketing creating disciplined content is very difficult.

And believe me it is important more than you think because there is something in the google ranking factors that is called the “fresh factor”.

Best tips for SEO to rule google in 2021

Unique content is the only thing that that affects the freshness score and search engine ranking of the specific page.

Also, if you are not someone like the great marketer Neil Patel who would get 10,000s of views just by sharing his post on social media.

Then the easiest way of optimizing your freshness score is by creating unique content.

Also, if you are taking your business online then creating unique content about your business is not a option but it is must.


The age of the domain or webpage is one of the most important ranking factors. It is very crucial for your success on the web.

For this reason, you have to stick to one domain and work on it regularly unless there is a very strong reason to do so.

I would also suggest you to buy expired domains in order to get faster SEO results on your website.

Also, if you have published a post long time ago and think that it is no relevant as compared to present scenario.

Then, I would recommend you instead of writing a new post update it either. And in the worst case give a redirect your old post URL to the post similar to the old one.

It will help you retain social share, backlinks and other SEO things of the old URL.

Finally, the most important thing of SEO in 2021 is to focus your post around LTK (Long Tail Keywords) rather than the head term. Also, use it everywhere in the SEO title, description, permalink etc.

Now, let’s come to the link building practices here are some key points for it:

  • Link should be of quality rather than quantity. Make one link but it should be of quality.
  • It should be from a relevant site. It means that if you have a blogging related site then don’t have backlinks from a different genre site.
  • Link building is not all about backlinks it is about having links of other high quality site on your blog post as well.

If you will pay attention to all these tips. Then, I would guarantee you that you will surely create better content, sales, increased revenue and SEO traffic.

Is there some other SEO tips that you would start your SEO 2021 with? Do tell me your answer in the comments.

Also, if you have any other query related to this article or SEO then you can also comment down below.

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