Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best theme for affiliate marketing in 2021?

Astra theme is a very good theme for any kind of website you are going to make.

Ranging from affiliate to e commerce all websites can be made with the help of Astra.

However, if you are planning to make an affiliate website with Astra theme then here is an A-Z guide of affiliate marketing in 2021.

Till now more than 2 lakh websites around the web are using astra themes on their website. 

With this it gels well with almost every page builder. 

It helps you customize your normal website into an award winning blog. 

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?
Astra WordPress theme review.

Along with this, it has a lot of fully made amazing website templates to reduce your designing work.

However, if you want to make a website which could win an award for designing.

Then you can buy the pro version known as Astra Pro which is one of the top rated wordpress themes.

In this article, we will first do a full fledged indepth Astra WordPress theme review, pros and cons and features it offers.

After that, I will tell you why Astra theme is the themes crusher of the WordPress directory.

So, without any further adoo let’s start this article.

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Team behind Astra.

Astra is developed by Brainstorm force – a wordpress theme and plugin making company.

They are in this space for more than 10 yrs and have over 60 employees. 

It’s no surprise that this theme is a masterpiece with all the major page builders. 

It is because they have made ultimate addons for beaver builder, addons for elementor.

And that is the reason why they know so much about page builders.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

Along with all these add ons they are also behind Convertpro lead generation plugin.

Schema plugin Schema pro and portfolio plugin WP portfolio.

Also, the brainstorm force is amazingly active on wordpress.

As they frequently attend WordCamps around the globe and all plugins either free or paid are regularly updated.

5 Reasons why Astra is a 5 star theme?

Lightweight Theme.

Nowadays as we all know that how much user experience and site speed is important in SEO.

And the site speed majorly depends on the theme you use on your theme.

For the website speed, I only prefer two themes one is generate press and the other one is Astra.

You can see the battle of themes between these two theme by clicking here.

The site speed of both the themes are almost equal but if you want to have pre built themes and a lot of customisation options then Astra is the right one for you.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?
Astra WordPress theme review.

The reason of this fast speed of Astra is because it doesn’t depend on heavy libraries like jQuery.

However, there is a catch in it that only its free version don’t use jQuery but its pro version use it.

This doesn’t mean that Astra pro is bulky and take a lot of time to load but instead it is faster than majority of pro themes out there.

Even after using a heavy library like jQuery.

Humongous library of pre built themes.

As we all know that it might be possible that you don’t know the ‘W’ of the website designing.

Which can give you a headache if you want to make your website a branded website.

Many WordPress themes can make the design work of the theme easy because they nowadays come with many pre built themes.

However, the main problem of these demo themes is that they uses a lot of heavy libraries which increases the site speed.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?
Astra WordPress theme review.

And also these themes are not up to the mark as well.

However, this is not the case with Astra demo themes because they give you a huge library of 100+ free and 150 premium themes as well.

And all these themes are super light and also have the quality to make your website an award winning one.

They have different themes for different page builders and website niches as well.

Also, they regularly adds new features and demo themes so that you can import to your website to reduce your designing hassle.

Awesome compatibility with Page Builders.

One of the best things in the Astra theme is that it is super compatible with the existing page builders, such as:

  • Elementor,
  • Beaver,
  • Brizy,
  • WordPress editor.

Also, it doesn’t force you to download any other custom page builder for customising the theme.

Here is the example of Horticulture (Free) theme. And this is the interface when you customise it with Elementor.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

You can customise a lot of things such as backgrounds, buttons, texts and many other things.

Even you are not importing the pre built themes and want to build your website from scratch.

Astra offers a lot of features even in WordPress editor such as disable or enable footer, header and many other thing like typography, color etc.

Customisation at its best!

Not only Astra allows you to import superb demo themes but also has a lot inbuilt website customisation options as well with the help of WP editor.

There are a lot of customisation options in free version.

But if you want to increase these options to max for ultimate customisation of your website then buy Astra Pro.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?
Astra WordPress theme review.

Here are some customisation that you can do with Astra theme in WordPress editor:

  • Colors.
  • Typography.
  • Header.
  • Blog posts.
  • Footer.
  • Sidebar.
  • Content width.
  • and many more.

Open source developer friendly theme.

This is the major problem of many themes in WordPress that they publicly don’t reveal their code.

Which adds a problem for people who want to manually to edit and improve it.

Also, you can use hooks plugin to adds custom codes to any part of this theme.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?
Astra WordPress theme review.

This theme is based on the Underscores base theme which is the reason of superb structure and speed of this theme.

Also, this theme has in-built schema markup like GeneratePress so you won’t need any plugin to implement it to your website.

How to set up Astra Theme Let’s decode.


First, you have to install Astra theme from the WordPress theme directory.

Go to Appearance >> Theme >> Add Theme and then search for Astra in the search box.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?
Astra WordPress theme review.

Download and install it.

Then you can visit you website once this theme gets activated.

Upgrading to Pro.

Now this is the step you can skip if you are going to use free version of Astra theme.

However, if you want to upgrade it then here is a guide how you can do it.

First purchase any of the plans of Astra Pro from their website.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

You can buy it from our link for extra discount.

Check out Astra Pro!

Then after purchasing the plan you have to log in at store.brainstormforce.com.

Once you log in to your account go to downloads.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?
Astra WordPress theme review.

There you can see all the premium products that you have brought from this website.

Download the Astra Pro Plugin from there.

After that go back to WordPress admin and go to plugins section and click on upload plugin there.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

Then upload the plugin which you have downloaded.

Then after installing the plugin activate it on your website.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?
Astra WordPress theme review.

After activating the plugin, you would see a new option with the name Astra options under appearance.

Next go to licenses section on brainstorm website and copy the licence from there.

Again come back to the Astra Options page and enter the license code at the appropriate place there.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

And click on activate to activate Astra pro.

Don’t forget to activate pro modules to increase the functionality.

You can activate them at once or you can also deactivated unnecessary modules to reduce page speed.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

How to import a starter sites on Astra.

Now, if you want to import starter sites on Astra on the right sidebar in the Astra options you’ll see a link to download importer sites plugin.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

Remember that these importer sites are best suited if you are making a new website but if you are switching themes on existing website then don’t import a starter site.

Once the starter templates plugin is installed on your website.

Then you will see starter templates option under Appearance in WordPress admin.

After that open that option.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

The first step after that is to select a page builder depending upon your preferences.

Astra demo sites has support of these page builders:

  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder
  • Brizy
  • Gutenberg

Gutenberg is not a page builder but the one and only WordPress block editor.

Most of these demo themes are cross compatible with different page builders.

The max no of demo themes is under elementor page builder.

After that you’ll see different demo themes for each page builder.

And on the navigation menu you can add filters to see demo themes for specific categories or you can also search demo themes as well.

These themes are categorized as free and agency themes and the latter one is paid.

For example, I have used horticulture theme which is free. As you can see it has 5 demo templates.

You can import any one of the demo page to your website or the whole website as well.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

If you have imported any of the site previously then tick the “Delete Previously Imported Site”.

Finally click Import button.

After clicking the import button it will go on auto pilot and install all the necessary plugins, content and images.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

Now that you have imported the demo theme on your website you can modify it according to your need.

How to customise Astra theme?

Here are some important things which you can customise in order to make the demo site like the site crafted by your own hands.

Header customisation.

Click on header in the WordPress editor in which there are three options in pro version.

  • Primary header.
  • Above header.
  • Below header.

The primary header is the main header which has navigation menu and main logo of your website.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

There are three options of the alignment of the primary header which are:

  • Left aligned.
  • Right aligned.
  • Center aligned.

The above header is the region above primary headers which has two spaces where you can put any widget.

The last one is below header and it is below the primary header.

Just like the previous on it also has two spaces where you can menus, widget or texts.

However, if you are planning to use three headers together on your website because it can make your header look like a mess which is not good.

So, choose wisely which you want to activate on your website.

Footer time!

There are two footer sections:

  • Footer widgets.
  • Footer bar.

First, footer widget has seven different layouts. You can see one of them in the picture below,

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

And next footer bar has two layouts centre aligned or sideways.

Here you add powered by and copyright text.

Custom Layouts.

This is a super cool feature that I personally like a lot because it helps you give any kind of layout to your theme that strikes your mind.

It helps you add any banner above your blog posts or a custom 404 page.

You can do all this if you have knowledge of coding which add an extra reason for coders to invest in this theme.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

I have found a superb post which tells you how you can add custom post grid layout to your home page in Astra theme.

Here is the link of that post.

WooCommerce Compatibility.

Another super feature of Astra Pro is its super compatibility with WooCommerce.

I would be fully truthful with you because it is true that I want Astra Pro to be bought.

But at the same time I want to give you a valuable product so that you won’t regret after buying it.

It is true that this super integration is also present in free mode of Astra.

But if you want to have full fledged performance and functionality then it is present only in Astra Pro.

It has several features that will help you utilise the WooCommerce features to its max.

Here are some features you will get in Astra theme to build your online store:

  • Multi column responsive grid layouts.
  • Infinite scrolling feature for product listing page.
  • Distraction free checkout pages for max conversions.
  • Off canvas sidebar layout.
  • Sorting of products on the basis of popularity and ratings.
  • Drop down cart item.
  • Product information pop up.

Also, if you don’t want to make your e-commerce store by yourself.

Then Astra also gives you many pre-built demo themes for e-commerce store which is super good like other demo themes in Astra.

WooCommerce compatibility with Astra theme

However, if you want to just kickstart you e-commerce store then Astra Pro is great.

But if you have a full fledged e-commerce store and want to use Astra then I won’t recommend you.

You can use niche theme which many niche theme providers provide to you

What features does Astra have?

Astra is super customisable and lightning fast wordpress theme.

It is super lightweight and developers of this theme claims that with default wordpress data, this theme loads in less than 0.5 seconds.

However, you have to do some things to achieve this speed such as disabling jQuery and limiting resources upto 50kb.

Also, this is not the only thing that distinguishes Astra from other themes.

But its support with other page builders such as WP Bakery, Beaver builder, Thrive, Elementor, Divi etc is amazing.

Also, the starter website that comes with Astra also has support for Elementor, Beaver, Gutenberg and Brizy.

However, you can use only one of these at the time as the page builder.

Astra WordPress Theme Review- Best for affiliate marketing in 2021?

And this is the selling point as most of the themes nowadays are not good with new age page builders.

Which can result in a situation where you have made a wonderfully beautiful page which doesn’t gel well with your theme.

As soon as you install the Astra theme on your website, you get to see a settings box.

Where you can edit pages, posts and custom posts type.

Also, you can edit some common website settings there as well such as sidebar should be displayed and the content should be boxed or full width.

With this you can also header, footer, page title and featured image can be disabled from here as well.

One of the best things about Astra customization is that you can customise everything page by page.

When you have Astra on your wordpress blog then you don’t have to be coder to make your website an award winning one.

Astra theme 3.0 2021

One of the main problems in wordpress themes is that they can’t be customised according to your own needs.

It hurts not to customise your own theme according to yourself when you are a coder.

However, this is not the case in Astra because this theme when combined with starter sites gives you a fucking large directory of pre made templates.

So, you can apply the best one which you want to have on your website. 

It has a lot of templates for blogs, portfolio, online shops and much more to come!!!

It gives you 250 themes at the cost of one Astra theme or 100+ themes in one at no extra cost.

Astra is mainly used by three kinds of people. 

First, who have just started blogging, second who wants to do affiliate marketing and third who wants to start their e commerce business.

It fully accepts custom posts types and has a great integration with woocommerce.

That is the reason why every second e-commerce website uses Astra on their wordpress.

Also, the theme follows WCAG 2.0 and is SEO friendly as well. 

As I have previously said, if you don’t want to use starter templates. 

You can even customise your website with different page builders as well.

You can use Astra hooks plugin so that the developers can insert hooks and filters easily on their website.

Hooks and filters helps the website developers to insert content and different codes easily on the website.

Astra theme 3.0 2021

Astra is not only a boon for people like me who don’t know much about coding but also a god gift for coders as well.

It is because Astra theme is 100% open source so you can see its code easily on github.

Astra customisation : A hit or a miss? 

Astra free can be downloaded from wordpress.com or from the wordpress plugin directory.

This theme doesn’t require any plugin for the theme to work but if you want the 35 free starter websites then you have to install starter sites for it.

After you install the theme you can go to ‘Astra Options’ page under the appearance option.

It is not just a settings page for any theme but a full fledged theme customiser as well.

There you can find all the key options that you need to customise your theme. 

Also, there you get the free or paid plugins that can extend the functionality of Astra theme.

Astra theme 3.0 2021

It also has links to the Astra documentation page, Facebook group as well as contact page too.

If you want more customisation options you can go to the wordpress customiser where you can preview changes which you have made.

There are a humongous number of things which you can change in this theme using the wordpress customiser.

Some of the major options which you get in the premium themes are available for free in Astra.

For blog posts you can change the structure such as enable or disable featured images.

Or you can put or remove the meta description from the posts.

You can also change or customise the footer. Color and typography can be modified easily in this theme.

Astra theme 3.0 2021
Image from winningwp.

With all this it also has quick links to the menus and widgets as well like the other themes.

And don’t forget that all these options are available in the free version of the theme.

And if you buy the pro version you can get a lot of crazy premium features as well.

100+ Free Astra Starter Sites : BLUFF or REALITY?

Do you want to know which thing makes astra theme so famous against any other theme?

It is their starter site which you get with pro as well as free version of the theme too.

As I have told you that to get access to these pre made themes you have to download starter sites plugin.

As soon as you install this plugin you will be redirected to a new page in the appearance menu called ‘Astra Sites’.

Astra starter sites free

Then you have to decide which site builder you use. It can be an elementor, beaver builder, gutenberg and brizy.

If you select a design which you want in your website which is in let’s say elementor. 

So you need the elementor to be up and active so the theme could work properly.

It is because the design is created by using the elements present in the page builder.

When you select a page builder you’ll see a lot of pre-made websites with a note of how many websites are present for that page builder.

Astra has 70 websites for elementor and beaver builder,

10 for gutenberg and 20 with brizy.

All these designs can be classified into blog, e-commerce, business, free and others.

Astra starter sites free

You’ll get the symbol of agency on those themes which are only available with the “Astra Pro version”.

As, I have previously mentioned that 100+ websites are free and 150 are agency templates at the time of writing.

Also, don’t underestimate the free themes as well because both free and paid themes are high quality ones.

I really appreciate the effort that brainstorm force has put to make this super amazing theme.

When you click one of the starter sites you are given the preview of all the pages of the theme.

On the left side you get to know which plugin you have to download and use so that the theme could work properly.

Here is the example of Yoga Instructor theme which you can see in the screenshot.

Astra starter sites free

For this theme to be active on your website you need Contact Form, Elementor and addons for Gutenberg plugin.

The install plugin button at the top and bottom of the preview page helps to download all the plugins in one single click.

I personally have used this theme in the past on one of my websites.

At that time, I imported one of the demo sites on my website.

It requires an elementor and contact form plugin to work properly on my website. 

I came across the annoying bug that I face with every importer sites plugin.

At that time, my website had an elementor pre-installed and due to it the plugin showed an error saying that the destination folder already exists.

So, if you are facing the same error then you have to remove the pre-installed plugin and reinstall it with the help of starter sites plugin.

This is a bug that I request every starter templates plugin should fix in their future update because it is hell out of frustrating!

Also, you will see a pop up warning saying that the demo site shouldn’t be imported to a live website which has content in it.

Astra starter sites free

Once the whole design of the template is imported you can click on the “view site”. 

To see how your website has turned from plain to an award winning website.

If you want to see which templates they offer for free and paid users you can go to the Starter sites page.

Free plugin to extend Astra to its edge!

In the astra appearance options page you can see a list of plugins that you can use to extend the functionality of astra theme.

There are 9 free plugins to extend the Astra theme.

Many SEO experts have a contrasting opinion of using these plugins to add additional functionality.

Astra starter sites free

However, I personally like that they are not forcing these plugins with the theme so as to make it lightweight as feather.

However, there are many other plugins other than these which can be used to extend the functionality of this theme.

Such as Astra hooks which adds a hooks section into your theme which help you insert JS, shortcodes and content.

Astra theme visual hooks helps you in seeing the place on your theme where the hooks have been implemented. 

Do you know what annoys me the most when I redesign my website?

It is to reposition the sidebar from each blog post and pages.  

However, Astra has made this simple as milk by its plugin known as Astra bulk edit.

It helps you to edit the sidebar positions and page title of multiple pages in just a few clicks!

Another cool plugin that I like in Astra is the Home Page banner for the Astra theme. 

It adds an option in your theme editor to add a banner on your home page.

Also, it not only adds a home page banner but has a lot of customisation options as well.

Custom fonts and Custom typekit fonts helps you to add font files and typekit fonts to your website.

If you are using Gutenberg then you should use Ultimate addons for Gutenberg.

It adds 16 additional blocks to your website so you can get the best out of this super cool theme.

Sidebar manager is another cool plugin which fades all your hazzles of creating new sidebars and managing them.

Unlist post and pages plugin helps you to unlist some pages or posts of your website from search engines.

Customizer search plugin is also a good plugin, which adds a search option in wordpress customizer to find options quickly.

Astra Theme : Fast as lightning?

To check how fast this superbly functional theme loads I have used the data from wp-rocket website.

How fast is Astra theme in reality

For this test they have used two types of Astra theme:

  1. First default theme with hello world post (Naked theme).
  2. Second a demo theme from their theme directory.

There are four scenarios used in this test:

  1. Naked theme with no optimisations.
  2. Naked theme with WP rocket.
  3. Astra block editor template with no optimisation.
  4. Astra block editor template with WP rocket.

Without optimisation.

ScenarioRequestsSizeMedian Load Time
“Naked” Astra939 KB0.490 s
Starter Site Homepage21998 KB0.995 s
Starter Site About20399 KB0.675 s
Starter Site Contact20270 KB0.627 s

With optimization.

ScenarioRequestsSizeMedian Load Time
“Naked” Astra739 KB0.405 s
Starter Site Homepage16988 KB0.769 s
Starter Site About12387 KB0.552 s
Starter Site Contact16261 KB0.519 s

You can see that there are no such drastic differences between the only Astra theme and the one with WP rocket.

It is just marginal and not so large as with a weakly optimised theme.

Pros and Cons of Astra.

Astra is a wonderfully fantastic theme to use on your wordpress website.

You can use it on any kind of website you have. 

However, in this review I want to be fair and square by telling you the pros and cons of Astra.


  • Comes with a lot of free and paid demo themes
  • Awesome compatibility with page builders
  • Lifetime plans are available
  • Light and well coded
  • Free plugins are there to increase the functionality
  • Fast and Furious


  • Header and footer styling options could be more
  • WooCommerce functionality could be better
  • Lifetime plan is expensive

GeneratePress vs Astra : Battle of Fastness!

Do you know which two themes are the most popular and used by many pro bloggers out there?

First, is the best in class Astra and second is GeneratePress.

You might be thinking which of the two is best? 

According to me, it totally depends on the type of website you have and your personal choice.

GeneratePress vs Astra

Personally, I love both of them because I use them on my websites.

And both of them are super fast and well structured.

So, to identify which of two are much here is the speed test of both of these themes.

I have used GTmetrix for this test.

Speed test of GeneratePress.

GeneratePress weighs around 30kb with no customization which is super lightweight.

There are several ways in which you can make your website fast such as caching, using gzip and lazy loading.

However, if your website doesn’t have a good theme then all your efforts to increase the speed of your website goes in vain.

Here is the reading of GeneratePress on GTmetrix.

GeneratePress vs Astra

Also, you can see how well this theme is structured which is the main selling point of GeneratePress.

Speed test of Astra.

As, I have previously told you that Brainstorm Force claims that Astra in its child form loads in just 0.5 second.

Also, it might look like that I am pushing Astra a bit too much but seriously Brainstorm has done a lot in improving its speed over the time.

This theme is much more decorative as compared to GeneratePress. 

However, as I have told you that GeneratePress main selling point is structure which beats Astra by a decent margin.

GeneratePress vs Astra

Here is the GTmetrix speed test of the Astra theme.

Conclusion of the legendary themes fight.

It is totally up to you which theme you want to have for your blog.

If you are just interested in giving informative content to your audience and want to do simple affiliate marketing then GeneratePress is a superb theme to use.

However, if you want to have a full fledged e-commerce website or want to create affiliate marketing store then go for Astra.

However, I personally like GeneratePress more than Astra as it is a bit good for my pocket.

But I am not neglecting the fact that Astra is also an award winning theme.

I would put the choice up to you to select the best theme for you.

How Astra free is different from Astra Pro version?

You can see clearly why Astra theme has over 1 million+ active installations.

It is easy to use, fast and has a huge directory of great website designs to choose from.

Also, you can add more functionalities by using additional plugins.

However, in the free version you can only enhance your astra website to a certain extent.

However, in Astra pro you can make your blog lightning fast and visually amazing as well.

Astra Pro Pricing, Features and more

Unlike other premium themes where you only get personalised support with the developers and no other amazing features.

However, in Astra pro the scene is changed because it offers a lot of features through premium modules.

Those who buy any of the agency bundles will get the full access to the full starter design site library. 

In total this theme has humongous 19 premium modules which extend the theme to the heavens.

Astra Pro Pricing, Features and more

Most of the modules extend the functionality and customisation of your blog in WordPress theme customizer.

Also, it is not necessary to activate all of these modules for proper functionality of this theme. 

You can choose which module you should use on your website and which you shouldn’t.

Premium features of Astra Pro.

The color and background feature helps you to change the color of almost any part of your theme.

While the typography module adds more customisation and styled fonts for your website.

The spacing feature adds margin and padding to the content of your website.

If you want to customise the blog posts or archive posts you can activate the blog pro feature.

It helps you display author bio underneath the blog posts, load a previous blog post under the present one and remove padding from the featured image.

Astra Pro Pricing, Features and more

Astra pro adds many layout functionalities as well.

Mobile header helps you to add a customised responsive header for tablet and mobile devices.

Header section helps you to add sections above and below the header which helps you to add banners and different things.

Sticky header helps you to display a fixed header at the tops of your website.

Page headers help you to add more advance headers. 

In these headers you can display page title with breadcrumbs navigation links.

One of the best features is the Nav menu which changes your boring menu to a complex mega menu.

Astra Pro Pricing, Features and more

You can add menu items in columns, display images for items, highlight the labels and other amazing features.

It helps to make a more eye catching header menu which can amaze your reader with it.

The custom layout feature which I have previously discussed previously gives you the ability to save custom layouts of header, footer, 404 pages etc.

Layouts can be saved and added to other areas of the website.

Opposite to custom layout, it also has a site layout feature which enhances the functionalities of width and container of your design.

Scroll to top helps you add a scroll to top button, to the bottom left button, to bottom right button.

Not only this it also gives you full control of this button styling, icon sizes and on which devices you want these buttons to be displayed.

Footer widgets help you add seven different options for footers to your website design.

Not only you are given premade footers but also you can control the padding and width of the widget area.

Color control and typography settings can be tweaked as well.

Also, if you are not yet convinced to buy Astra pro then here are some more magical things from Astra’s magical box. 

It also gives integration modules known as Easy digital downloads are also present such as WooCommerce, LearnDash and LifterLMS.

The last module is WhiteLabel which helps you to customize the theme to customise as your own product.

Astra Pro Pricing, Features and more
Astra WordPress theme review.

It is beneficial for agencies which don’t want their clients to know which theme they are using on their website.

I believe that most of you at some point of time required to upgrade to Astra pro.

As it unlocks additional hundreds of options to customise your theme to the next level.

Pro version of Astra theme starts at 59$ per year.

Astra Pro pricing : Hit or miss?

Astra pro is one of the most affordable themes in the whole wordpress directory. 

Pro version costs 59$, mini agency costs 169$ and agency bundle costs 249$ yearly.

Astra Pro Pricing, Features and more
Astra WordPress theme review.

Also, if you want to stay away from the hassle of paying yearly for the theme then you can buy the theme forever.

Then, they also have forever plans as well. Astra pro at 249$, Mini Agency 499$ and agency pack for 699$.

Astra Pro Pricing, Features and more
Astra WordPress theme review.

Its pro versions come with 14 day no fuss 100% money back guarantee.

However, the best thing about their pricing is they offer unlimited usage of their theme in all of their packages.

Buy Astra theme from this link to avail special discount.

Check out Astra Pro!

Which many of the theme providers fail to provide.

Astra pro gives you the access to free starter sites, premium modules and premium support from developers.

In the mini agency bundle you are given all premium modules, all starter websites and WP portfolio plugin from Brainstorm force.

You can also choose either Ultimate Addons for beaver builder or ultimate addons for elementor.

Both of these plugins are made by the same developers so works absolutely great with this theme.

The top agency bundle gives you all the things mentioned above but also both builder plugins, convert pro and schema pro as well.

In other words, the agency bundle gives you a full astra theme and all the brainstorm products with it as well.

Which Astra package you should buy?

Which astra package you should buy depends on your requirements and budget.

If you want to have a fully functional theme and no premium agency themes then go for the pro one.

Astra Pro Pricing, Features and more

However, if you are planning to buy any other plugins such as:

  1. Schema pro (79$ per year).
  2. Convert pro (99$ per year).
  3. Ultimate addons for elementor (49$ per year).
  4. Ultimate addons for beaver builder (69$ per year).
  5. WP Portfolio (49$ per year).

Then rather than going for any one or two plugins go for any of the two agency bundles present.

If you don’t have that money then you can also go for the Astra pro bundle which has good features as well.

Check out Astra Pro!

Astra 3.0 Review, Pros and cons – Ground breaking improvements?

Astra has recently updated its theme to version 3.0 which has removed all the problems that I have mentioned in this article.

There are three major areas which has been improved in Astra 3.0.

  • Improvement in the customizer loading times (70% fast).
  • Improvement in page loading time (25% fast).
  • Visual header and footer builder to make superb customisation in minutes.

Let’s analyse all the updates in great detail for all of you.

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But before that,

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Faster customizer loading times!

Astra theme has implemented faster customizer loading times.

The makers of this theme claims that they have made 70% faster than before.

Now it loads in around 1 second which was previously 3.5 seconds.

The faster customizer loading time means less waiting for you customise the looks of your theme.

How they have achieved it?

With the help of React JS.

React is the future of website designing and many web apps nowadays are made with the help of React JS.

Astra 3.0 Features, Speed and more
Astra WordPress theme review.

Along with React JS, Astra 3.0 theme developers have used a lazy loading feature for faster customizer loading times (4 second loading time).

Astra 3.0 Features, Speed and more
Astra WordPress theme review.

Here is the image showing the loading time image of customizer in previous versions of Astra (1 second loading time).

Next image show the loading time of customizer in Astra 3.0.

Faster page loading time.

Now, I know that Astra theme is super fast from the beginning of this world.

However, Astra has done it again by reducing the loading time from 0.9 to 0.7 second with the default data.

Now, what more faster loading time can help you?

As you might know due to recent Google updates such as Pagespeed, UX (user experience) is now super important ranking feature.

So, more faster and lightweight is the theme more would be UX and ranking on google.

Now, you would be eager to know how one of the fastest theme of WordPress has now become more faster?

Astra 3.0 blog has all the answers in it.

The astra 3.0 developers has significantly reduced CSS and HTML of their theme to make it more faster.

Here is the GTmetrix score of Astra’s previous version.

Astra 3.0 Features, Speed and more
Astra WordPress theme review.

And this is the recent screenshot of Astra 3.0 GTmetrix test.

Astra 3.0 Features, Speed and more
Astra WordPress theme review.

Remember this is the speed of Astra theme with the default data.

Visual header and footer builder.

This is one of the best feature that I personally love.

Astra WordPress theme review.

Because I have previously mentioned in this article that Astra theme doesn’t have the header and footer builder.

But I really appreciate the whole brainstorm force for making this regularly updated and superbly amazing theme.

Astra 3.0 Features, Speed and more
Astra WordPress theme review.

It is a drag and drop builder for header and footer which is super cool for non coder geeks.

Here are some features of new visual header and footer builder:

  • Different headers for different devices.
  • Expand headers according to you.
  • WooCommerce cart addition to your site header.
  • much more….

Drag and drop builder.

The major feature is the visual drag and drop builder which makes your web designing task much more easier.

With the visual drag and drop builder you don’t have to open another customizer in the next tab to customise your website’s header.

Mobile header different.

The horizontal header of your website doesn’t fit on your mobile screen.

With the Astra 3.0 you can put different headers on mobile as well as desktop version.

Astra 3.0 Features, Speed and more
Astra WordPress theme review.

There are different versions of mobile header which you can choose from such as flyout, dropdown and full screen.

You can modify other options such as height, colors and other designing options easily.

Add header and footer elements easily!

The headers and footer in Astra 3.0 features a humongous range of elements to choose from such as social widgets, menus etc.

Simply click on the section where you want to add widget and the pop up will come showing the range of elements which you can add.

Cart option in header.

Now this is not a very unusual thing but it increases a lot of conversion of your products.

Astra 3.0 Features, Speed and more
Astra WordPress theme review.

Expand the number of elements.

Now, I had praised header customisation of Astra enough for this article. But I think it never seems to end soon.

Because there is no restriction that how many times you can add the same element in your site header.

Astra 3.0 Features, Speed and more
Astra WordPress theme review.

You can add as many buttons, HTML, widgets, menu and much more.

This has drastically made the designing process much more easier.

Device based visibility.

Astra 3.0 has introduced a not so new but important feature of choosing what you should display on mobile website and what not.

Astra 3.0 Features, Speed and more
Astra WordPress theme review.

It gives you full authority on placement and no of elements which you want to appear on the mobile version of your website.

It is super effective when you have add many elements on desktop menu but want to lessen it down for the mobile devices for better UX.

Frequently asked questions.

Which page builders work with the Astra theme?

Many page builders such as Thrive Architect, Elementor, Beaver etc works correctly with Astra theme.

Does the Astra theme offer a white labeling feature?

Yes, Astra offers a white labeling feature for custom branding.

If you have agency and want to make your theme branded with your agency name then this is a buying feature for you.

Is Astra theme SEO friendly?

Don’t say Astra theme SEO friendly because it is super SEO friendly.

And all these regular updates in Astra theme is put only to increase its SEO friendliness and speed as well.

How is Astra when it comes to speed?

It is one of the fastest theme in the whole WP directory.

Also, with the 3.0 update the Astra is faster than ever before.

Is Astra the best WordPress theme?

No, not only Astra is the best WP theme but along with it GeneratePress is equally the best WP theme.

I like both of them and give them same weight.

But if you want to have a much more customisable theme without page builder then Astra is the choice for you.

Final Conclusion!

So, at last the conclusion of this article is that Astra is a super good theme which has all the features which could make your website jaw dropping!

Both Astra free and pro has a lot of features which many paid themes won’t have.

But if you want to experience Astra to its fullest then Astra Pro is for you.

I would recommend that if you are beginner and have some money then you can buy Astra Pro.

It has all the features of theme customisation and all the free demo themes as well.

But if you want to have the agency (paid) demo themes as well.

Then you can also buy any Mini agency or agency bundle as well.

I personally think that if you have money and want upgrade your Astra theme.

Then you should definitely go for PRO version because it provide so much value for the price on which it comes under.

Check out Astra Pro!

So that’s it for this article, hope you liked it.

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