22+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021! (Great for Amazon affiliates).

I know that you have an affiliate marketing blog but you are failing to drive conversions to it. In order to solve this problem, I have written this article on 20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021!

Also, these tips are not only for beginners affiliates but also beneficial for master ones as well.

Do you want to know why expert affiliate marketers say you only need 10-15 people to succeed in affiliate marketing.

How do they get success with this tiny traffic on their website? 

Want to know how they do so? If, yes then come read this whole article.

Before starting this article I want to burst an affiliate marketing myth that more the traffic more the sales.

Due to this they always want to increase their website traffic rather than conversion optimisation.

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks

And that is the reason why conversion optimisation techniques have taken a backseat when it comes to blogging, affiliate marketing and SEO.

Here are some super guides on SEO and blogging by me.

In this guide, I’ll tell you super secret conversion optimization techniques for affiliate marketing reviews.

Doing SEO or running paid ads cost you either a lot of time or a lot of money respectively.

However, doing conversion optimization wouldn’t take even one percent of your money or time.

If you want to do low traffic high conversion affiliate marketing on your website then changing mindset is the first thing to start from.

I have seen that there are very few conversion optimization articles for affiliate reviews.

And that is the reason why I am making this article for all of your guys.

Website Speed – Conversion optimiser??

Now, this is one of the most important metrics in SEO as well as conversions and sales.

Do you know that the delay in 1s of website speed leads to 7% of decrease in conversions.

Also, not only conversions decrease in website speed cause higher bounce rates and lessen session duration.

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks

For shared hosting the best loading time is 2-4 seconds.

But do you want to know how I have achieved 1s LCP with shared hosting.

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks

Are you ready to take one of the most precious ornaments from my secret hidden treasure?

If yes, then do share this article first and keep reading!

So, let’s start this optimization.

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks

First, install a plugin in your wordpress named as Swift performance lite.

And do the settings as shown in this video.

One of the main reason of the slow speed of website is cheap hosting.

And that is the reason why I don’t recommend cheap hosting.

So, if you want to have a good but affordable hosting under 3500 rupees which I personally use.

You can see the results in GTmetrix that this website is hosted on shared hosting.

And still getting just more than 1s of LCP.

The hosting I personally use and also recommend is hostinger.

Check out best deal!

So, all and all use good hosting and use the given plugin to make your website lighting fast.

Subjected Sidebars.

One of the most secret conversion optimization techniques is using the blog post subject sidebars.

So, you have to start adding banner ads and affiliate links in the sidebars.

How can you add it?

Keep reading to know how to.

When the affiliate link and banner ads in the sidebar is related to the subject of the post.

They would surely notice it and would increase conversions.

I would explain it by a contradicting statement that the google adsense ads which is master in displaying subjected content has just a 4 to 5% CTR (click through rate).

However, the main problem in displaying this kind of sidebar is that the native wordpress doesn’t allow it.

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks

You can use plugins like Content aware sidebars to display subjected sidebars in your website.

This helps you to display the sidebars according to categories, tags, pages or posts. 

You can place contextual banners, links and table of content in your sidebar.

Also, if you have an amazon affiliate site then do use it for getting better conversions.

Sticky widgets.

This is a super successful tactic to increase sales for amazon affiliate marketing.

Many of you might not know about sticky widgets. 

You have seen that as you scroll down a post the sidebar goes up and disappears.

However, if you make your sidebar sticky then even if you scroll down the page it won’t disappear.

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks

You can do it with the help of Q2W3 sticky widget which easily sticks your widget in the sidebar.

You can make the amazon ad banner or other widget sticky so that users can see it as long they read your post.

All of the affiliate marketing websites can use it but if you are either in SAAS tools or amazon affiliate marketing then this plugin is must.

Exit intent pop up

This technique is used for a long time in order to build their email or sms list.

However, this was recently found useful for more affiliate conversions as well.

You should use it in your solely affiliate marketing posts. 

For example, if you are writing a hostinger review then you should give a discount coupon for that hosting on the exit pop up to increase conversions.

But remember that you shouldn’t use this technique in amazon affiliate marketing.

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks

It is because this type of promotional technique violates the Amazon TOS.

Also, this is a great strategy to reduce cart abandonment in e-commerce business as well.

You can use pop up maker plugin to make a great exit intent pop up for your website.

Content is King.

This is an evergreen and important tip for not only for affiliate marketing but for blogging and SEO as well.

There is no alternative to good content in blogging and affiliate marketing.

If you think that you can make a successful affiliate marketing website with the help of thin and plagiarized content then you are in trap my friend!

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks

Even the marketing giant Mr. Neil Patel has said that as well.

Even if you have used all the affiliate conversion techniques on the thin and plagiarized content you won’t get any conversions.

In affiliate marketing there is a give and take relationship.

If you will give your audience the value they are seeking for then you will get the conversions you are seeking for.

Review Tables.

This is one of the most essential tools that you need in order to maximize the sales in amazon affiliate marketing.

Apart from being one of the CR (conversion rate) booster, it also helps you to get featured in google knowledge graph.

Let me be very honest with you that most of your readers who sincerely want to have the products you are promoting won’t read your post.

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks

They would skim it and if they find the quick links of the product they want through the table they would buy it.

Believe me if you are not using affiliate tables on your affiliate marketing website then you are losing a lot of conversions.      

You can either use tablepress or WP table builder for the purpose to build affiliate tables for your website.

Choice of three

Another great and super secret for affiliate marketing is choice of three.

Now, the question you would ask me is what on the earth is the choice of three?

It is a sales tactic in which if your user doesn’t want to buy a product you give alternatives of that product to the readers.

Now, that’s it for the power of three? Nothing else?

Don’t worry here on lightworldwide you get my personal secret tips as well.

So, here is a secret tip for all of you.

Many people have problems reviewing bad products on their website.

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks
20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021.

Why? Because they think that people won’t buy a product which has bad reviews.

Also, they think that reviewing bad products in front of their audience would lose their trust in them.

However, my take is that I write a review of that particular bad product on my website.

In that post, I would tell all the things about that product truthfully and would give options of similar products to the audience.

In this way, the audience who comes to my website would have more trust in my opinion and would buy products easily from my website.

Also, not only in bad product reviews but also in good products you should include other similar product options.

It would increase the chances of conversion and would definitely increase your sales too.

You should offer them three choices of similar types of products. 

It is a physiological tactic of sales used by marketers known as the power of three.

If you give the reader three choices of products then the probability of people buying would be more of a second one.

Cloak and check for affiliate links.

Let’s understand this method with an example.

Suppose you want to know about “how to earn money online”.

You go to google and search the same term on it.

You click on a website listed on google search. 

However, you see a page that is written as 404 error page not found.

You would bounce back from that website.

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks
20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021.

After that, you would lose trust in that website, and even if you find that website google you would resist going there.

Same as in affiliate links if a person wants to have some product urgently.

In that process, he/she finds your website on google. 

However, if the affiliate links on that post point to an unavailable product or 404 pages. 

Then that person would lose trust in you and in that way you lose a fruitful chance of a conversion.

Also, you should cloak the affiliate links. Cloaking means changing the URL of affiliate links.

From this.


To this.


This gives trust to your customer that he/she would buy something from an affiliate marketplace.

Then his/her transaction would be safe and secure.

You can use the AMZ link checker to check for broken affiliate links on your website.

First, you have to put the URL of your website there. 

After that, you can initiate that scan to check for broken links.

You can change the frequency of the scan.

Also, you can enable notifications that tell you which affiliate links need your attention.

For cloaking, you can use Pretty links for it. It gives you a lot of other features you should check as well. 

It is very important to see that redirected affiliate links are working, cloaking is correctly working and discounts are working or not.

Subheading the game-changer in conversions?

I want to ask you a simple question: Can you expect conversion if people are not reading your article?

Absolutely, no.

People love to skim the articles on the web more than they read it fully. Why?

Because of digital insanity.

Daily millions of blog posts are published so how can you expect people will read your article?

The secret tip for it is to make your subheadings more readable and interesting so that people will read the whole article.

If your blog post has only generic subheadings then people will skip the heading as well as your whole article as well.

Now the main question is how you can make such interesting subheadings?

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks

This super strategy is by Gary from Smartblogger which will put a speed breaker to the skimmers.

These are some emotions which you need to invoke in people so that they would read your article fully.

  • Curiosity.
  • Surprise.
  • Personality.
  • Emotion.

Here are some short tips to make great subheadings.

  • Ultimate blog title formula: Number + Adjective + Keyword + Rationale + Promise.
  • A/B testing of the headlines: Make different headlines for the same post and choose one which will increase conversions.
  • Don’t oversell: I know that you want to increase sales but if you make your heading with a whole sales perspective then you won’t get any sales.

Here is an example of a good blog post title:

“10 super ways to increase conversions that will surely increase your sales”

10 – Number.

Super – Adjectives.

Ways to increase conversions – Keyword.

That – Rationale.

Surely increase your sales – Promise.

Now you get how you can make great subheadings that will make readers read the content of your blog post.

Contextual links: Increase conversions?

Readers are not blind. 

They know that you want them to buy the products from your website and that’s why you are using flashy CTA buttons.

According to some expert affiliate marketing gurus if you want conversions then use flashy CTA buttons.

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks

Yes, it is true that those buttons increase sales but due to this don’t underestimate conversions by contextual links.

Here is a study from 2012, which is the click percentage of casino websites.  

  • Banner: 17%.
  • Button: 43%.
  • Links: 34%.

Another research from copyhackers, says that a lot of contextual links beat CTA buttons in clicks.

However, this depends on the CTA used and the niche of your website. 

You need to use google tag manager for analytics, A/B tests, and optimize for more clicks.

Honesty is the best policy.

Honesty is the best policy which is so true in product conversions as well.

In affiliate marketing honesty means that honestly declares that the product you are promoting will give you some commission per sale.

With that, tell people that the merchant would give you commission from the real price of the product.

And they won’t have to pay an extra penny for that.

How to increase affiliate marketing conversions in India - Proven tips and tricks
20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021.

I like how Akshay from Bloggingx declares that he is an affiliate marketer to his audience.

He doesn’t tell his customer that he would get commission.

However, opposite to that he tells his customer that if they would buy something from his links he would get a his coffee.

It is really crazy and innovative!

And because of this he has got a lot of sales of his promoted products.

Cliffhangers = Excitement?

Nowadays, as I have told you that thousands and thousands of blog posts are published everyday. 

So, in order to make your post interesting and more readable. 

You have to learn copywriting, especially cliffhanger placement!

But before telling you how to place cliffhangers in your blog post. 

You should have to know about what the hell out of this world is cliffhangers?

20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021 - Success guaranteed!
20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021.

Cliffhangers are just simple terms which add a little spice to your headings or the content of your blog post.

It makes people crave to read more of your content.

Hollywood movies make use of cliffhangers in a unique and most compelling way.

The cliffhangers are used to add curiosity, doubt, anticipation and emotion to your written masterpiece.

Now you will ask me to tell which are the cliffhanger words?

And I would say yes sir/mam your order is my command. 

Here are some widely used cliffhangers to increase the interest of your readers.

  1. For example (favorite).
  2. Let me explain.
  3. Here’s what I mean.
  4. Here’s why.
  5. Personally.
  6. Sounds silly? It is not.

Personally, I use for example a lot because taking an example makes it easier for me to explain the concept.

You can see it in the blogging guide and affiliate marketing guide.

If you are using storytelling and copywriting in your blog post and struggling to find new cliffhangers. 

Then see hollywood movies or web series in english to see which cliffhangers they use to bind you with your sofa!

Here are some tips to generate new cliffhangers.

See facebook ads, insta ads and youtube ads. 

Go to the landing page see which words have binded you there and use it as a cliffhanger.

With this you can sign the newsletters of famous websites in your niche. 

Read their promotional emails, find those words which binds you and use them in your blog as cliffhangers.

However, the cliffhangers should look natural with the content of your blog.

Links in image: Conversion optimiser or detoriator?

People don’t put their affiliate links in the images of their blog post thinking that they won’t do even a single conversion?

However, let me be clear that the truth is opposite to what you are thinking. 

Because it is a highly effective tactic to increase conversions especially in amazon affiliate marketing websites.

20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021 - Success guaranteed!
20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021.

People can miss your contextual links or sparkly CTA buttons.

However, if you will add a strong CTA with your hyperlinked images the visitor won’t ignore it.

Secret tip: You can use CTA images rather than CTA buttons below the image to capture more conversions.

ADD CTAs where people click.

There is a huge misconception between the new affiliate marketers. 

That you should place CTAs between the reading part of your readers to increase conversions.

However, due to this the opposite happens that people won’t buy anything from your website and also leave it which increases bounce rate.

Remember that you are writing an article not only for sales but also to educate readers about that product or service.

Looks tough? It isn’t 

Let’s take an example that you want to know how to use “ahrefs” which is a keyword research tool.

Then after that you search “how to use ahrefs” on google and click on a website from the organic listings.

You get an article which tells that same. 

However, when you are reading an article you see a pop up saying buy ahrefs at the cheapest price.

The pop up contains a CTA which will redirect you to ahrefs website so that you can buy it.

Now, tell me in the comments what emotion you would have at that point of time.

Personally, I would be annoyed out of hell and would leave the website midway.

By the pop up or the CTAs between the reading portion of the article you are disturbing the reader’s psychological state of Flow.

It will surely hurt a lot of your conversions.

Now you have got the point but where you should place CTA then?

Here are some places where you can place CTA:

  • Just below the fold which means just below the headlines.
  • At the end of all the text matter.
  • Bottom of your page.
  • After the image. However, use CTA image rather than buttons.
  • Sticky widget.
  • Pop up after finishing the article.

Make use of heatmaps.

Heat maps play a vital role in affiliate marketing.

It tells which are the regions of your blog where users are clicking more or less on your blog post or website.

This is extremely important if you want to increase conversions.

20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021 - Success guaranteed!
20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021.

It tells you that these are the regions from where you have to remove the CTAs from your blog post.

With this it also tells which are the regions where you should place your CTA.

You can use hotjar for making heatmaps of affiliate marketing posts.

For free you can go with SumoMe which has limited no of free heatmaps.

Power of color branding!

This is a quite common way to increase sales but most newbies take it very lightly.

As, I have been saying that the more brand-like feel you will give to your visitors.

More they would buy from the links of your blog and increase the conversions of your blog.

And one of the main aspects of branding is to integrate branding in the colors you use on your blog.

Got it? No! Don’t worry. I will explain it in an easy way.

20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021 - Success guaranteed!
20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021.

Close your eyes and think of facebook. Tell me which color comes to your mind?

Obviously, Blue and white.

Now think of instagram what color popped up into your mind? It is pink, white and orange.

Now, you have understood the importance of color branding. 

So, if you want to make your baby website a brand symbol in affiliate marketing then choose 2 or 3 colors which suits your theme and maintain it on your website.

Also, pro bloggers like Ankit Singla who uses blue and white color on their website.

Kulwant Nagi who uses orange, purple and white color on his blog.

So, if these experts are using it then why shouldn’t you.

Also, you should use a consistent color in the CTA buttons as well because it also helps in color branding as well.

Comparison – Deal maker or breaker?

As, I have previously told you that you can give options to your readers if the product you are reviewing is not that good.

It was because all of us want to have our hands at the best product or service available in the market.

While reviewing a product you should definitely mention its comparison with other similar products in the market.

Now, you may ask how it would benefit us?

It can benefit you in three ways.

First, it gives your reader to choose from a wide range of similar products which increases the chance of conversions.

Second, it adds trust to the reader that you are reviewing the product unbiasedly.

Also, if they have some vs like queries such as Redmi Note 9 pro vs Realme 6 pro which they should choose.

If you have this keyword as the heading in your post then it would remove their clouds of confusion.

And would help them to take the decision and buy from your links.

Now, one question could also arise in your mind: how can we get these keywords?

You can get these keywords in two ways.

First, use ubersuggest. For example, I have searched for Redmi Note 9 vs Realme 6 in the search box.

20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021 - Success guaranteed!

Go to the comparison to get all vs like keywords for your review article.

Second go to google search the keyword, Redmi Note 9 vs Realme 6.

You can use the keywords that come as suggestions from google.

20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021 - Success guaranteed!

With that you can also use the LSI keywords that are listed at bottom in google.

20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021 - Success guaranteed!

Trust – An important sales factor.

Sales always happens because of the two perspectives, one is trust and second is value.

I have talked about value content earlier in this post now let’s talk about trust.

Super tactic to increase trust is to add testimonials, reviews, and public opinions about that product before your review article.

If you are using a product and writing a review about it don’t forget to add an invoice of the purchase in that article for more readers’ trust.

20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021 - Success guaranteed!

Also, as I have just said in the previous section, you can also compare it with other products.

So, in order to increase an extra bit of trust into the reader. 

You can tell the pros of the product you are reviewing over other similar products.

However, you should tell all the things truthfully to your readers.

Reasons for clicking/buying.

I have previously told you in my affiliate marketing guide. 

That one of the super and never old ways of increasing conversions is giving discounts to your customers.

Now, this is not a very easy tactic to implement in your blog. 

It is because most of the famous affiliate marketing programs don’t allow bonuses for fair competition between affiliate marketers.

Also, in amazon affiliate marketing you can’t give bonuses. 

However, you can search the merchant who is selling the product that you are reviewing at the cheapest price.

Most of you might ask me, “Will it decrease my affiliate income or not?”.

I would say yes but remember if you are giving the best deal to your customer it would build trust of your customer.

And after that if your reader wants some other product or service within the niche of the website.

Then your website would be the first place he/she would visit. 

Also, you can provide coupons to your visitors if you have a hosting based website.

Also, if you want to increase clicks on your CTAs then you can also give a trial period of the product or service.

20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021 - Success guaranteed!

For example if you have a website where you promote themes for wordpress then you can give use CTA such as “try demo theme for free”.

This would increase clicks on your CTA links. 

And if the marketing strategy of the merchant website would be good then you can also get conversions as well.

CTA Anchor texts.

This is one of the most underrated but super important ways to increase conversions.

However, before telling you which are those ways in which you can improve it.

First of all, I would like to tell you what anchor text actually is.

Anchor text in a simple way is the text or image in which you insert links.

There are different types of anchor texts.

So, anchor texts can be of contextual links, CTA buttons or image alt text as well.

20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021 - Success guaranteed!
20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021.

Also, if you want more conversions than the old school anchor texts aren’t as effective as they were 10 yrs ago.

By old school anchor text, I mean anchor texts such as, “Buy now”, “Get it now ” which is now dead.

Also, remember don’t just copy paste these tips and tricks on your blog and then just wait for the money to come.

As an affiliate marketer you have to think of some ways to land your potential customers to the merchant’s website.
So, that they would buy the product or service and you earn a commission for it.

Also, a great compelling CTA will drive more curiosity in the reader to read the full product review.

Which will increase the overall dwell time of your website.

I have recently told a compelling CTA for theme websites which is, “check out the theme demos”.

For amazon affiliate websites you can use “check the lowest price”.

It is true that this won’t present your readers with the price of the product. 

But would generate anticipation within your readers and would increase sales.

I personally recommend you to read this quality article on CTA making from Kissmetrics.

Affiliate links in the same tab?

Opening affiliate links in the same tab rather than the new tab increases a lot of conversions. 

Opening the affiliate links in the new tab causes increased friction for conversions as the reader has to go to the new tab.

This might sound silly but it is true as hell!

And as I have told in my affiliate marketing guide that more friction in any conversion related thing leads to lesser conversions.

However, this also increases the bounce rate of your website which is a downside.

But if you want to reduce bounce rate and also increase conversions. 

Then do add a CTA at the end of the review article which will open in the same tab.

Also, Akshay Hallur from bloggingx agrees with me as well.

It is a physiological fact that if the affiliate merchant website opens up in the same tab it adds up conversions.

Generally, the links which open in the new tab add a negative emotion in sales.

Put CTA at bottom according to AIDA.

Do you know which affiliate links converts a lot? It is the affiliate links in the bottom lines of the article.

Also, the majority of the intermediate or pro affiliate marketers only put CTA at the end of article only.

Now, you would ask me which links contextual or CTA buttons convert more at the end?

It is the contextual links in the end line or the last paragraph.

I would validate this tip with the AIDA principle from copywriting.

20+ Actionable affiliate marketing tips for beginners 2021 - Success guaranteed!

Now, what is AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. 

In the full review article try to drive attention, add interest to readers in your article.

Then, pull out the problems that your readers face to have the desire for the product you are promoting.

And at last when you add a contextual or CTA button at the end it would increase conversions.

As it tells the reader to take action which helps in better conversions of readers to customers.

Bottom line.

There are a lot of tips out there in the world of affiliate marketing but in this article I have written those which many of the professionals hesitate to disclose.

I have learnt all these tips in my experience of 1 year in this field. And also I promise you I will come up with more such secret tips in future as well.

So, I just want one thing from you that do share this article on social media which would help in SEO and also motivates us to work hard for you.

So, that’s it for this article hope you liked it and do tell me which of these tips you find the most interesting and valuable for you.

Also, if you have any query related to blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing then comment box is open for you.

Continue your reading with this super guide!

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