How To Start Affiliate Marketing In India: Super Guide in 2021.

If you have come to this article then it is possible that you have previously heard of affiliate marketing.

And want to know how to start affiliate marketing in India which can help you earn money.

So, to know how to make money with the help of affiliate marketing guide you have to read this article till the end.

Many of us wants to earn money while sleeping at night.

If you are familiar with affiliate marketing and just want to increase your sales.

Then here is a guide to increase affiliate conversions of your affiliate blog.

All of us wants to wake up in the morning and want to have huge money in their account.

Affiliate marketing guide.

Sound fascinating? Isn’t it.

All of us comes in this field of blogging to earn a passive income side by side while going to college or doing job.

Affiliate marketing is one of the hottest and most money making way which you have from your blog.

Also, if you want to know SEO from start to end then here is an guide for it.

In this article, I will be including basic and some working advanced affiliate marketing tips as well.

So, ready to make your money making dream into reality?

Let’s dive in this article!

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What does affiliate marketing mean?

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Affiliate marketing is a way in which you can get some commission by promoting products or services which made by some other person or company.

Sound’s confusing? It’s not.

Let us take an example of a LIC agent which get’s commission of selling a policy to someone.

In this process, the policy which is a service is made by LIC which is company and the agent which is selling the policy is same as affiliate marketer.

Now, you got it. Right!

In simple words, if you have blog on some niche such as tech find some products or services in tech related field.

Then, you promote it to people and if they buy it you will get some commission out of the product.

Now, it is a common belief between people who doesn’t know affiliate marketing.

That in affiliate marketing the marketer is selling the products at a higher cost.

Affiliate marketing guide.

However, this is not true the cost of product that affiliate is promoting is similar to the one which the owner itself is selling.

Now, if product owners are giving a small commission to affiliate marketers then they are making less money from the product.

Why product owner use affiliate marketer?

Now, most of you might think why owners hire affiliate for the sale of their product?

This answer is quite simple if you know somewhat about digital marketing.

However, I will answer this question as simple as I can because I am assuming that you are a newbie in this field.

Let’s again take an example, that if a product owner want to reach their target customer fast.

Their is two ways which are either affiliate marketers or paid ads.

Now, take a scenario of owner doing paid ads which requires lots of testing.

Also, here an article from oakcitytechnology.com which tells that the CTR (click through rate) of google ads is less than 10% and organic clicks are 94%.

Let’s assume that 30% of the price of a single product or service is being spent by the company on ads.

Whereas, in affiliate marketing where affiliate marketers are providing some sort of value to their readers base.

When they promote these products or services there is a high chance of the reader to buy the product or service.

And in return the owner gives 20% of the product price commission to affiliate marketer.

So, in affiliate marketing the owner gets better ROI than the paid ads.

So, it is win-win situation for both of them i.e. affiliate marketer as well as owner of product or service.

Parties involved in affiliate marketing.

An affiliate marketing involves two major parties:

  • Merchant or the owner of product.
  • Affiliate marketer.

Now, I must tell you that by this model you are going to fail in affiliate marketing.

You may ask? Why? How?

It is because first of all nowadays most of people are aware of affiliate marketing and next this is a only profit model of affiliate marketing

Only profit model of affiliate marketing means that in this model the merchant as well as the affiliate marketer is looking for profit.

Affiliate marketing guide.

However, it is the same in case of paid ads as well because the merchant in this case is also running ads for his profit.

Now, you might ask how we can make our affiliate marketing journey successful?

For this you have to consider three parties in rather than two affiliate marketing.

  • Merchant.
  • Affiliate marketer.
  • Customer.

So, in this successful model of affiliate marketing there is customer.

You know why the ROI of ads is less because people don’t have trust on these search results.

So, for doing successful affiliate marketing you have to first provide some value to the customer in form of in depth articles.

And then when the customer or the reader get some trust on you. After that promote the affiliate products to your customer.

There is a high chance that the customer would buy the product and will help you get earning fast.

So, remember first “customer is the king” give answer to all their queries in a single post and see if they buy your product or not.

How Does Affiliate Marketing works.

First off all, you have to find a product or service that you have to promote.

Do, remember that the product should be related to your niche and also useful to your audience as well.

Here are ways to find perfect affiliate programs to promote.

  • Search on google: You can find affiliate programs of your niche by typing, “niche + affiliate program”.
  • Join affiliate marketplaces: You can join affiliate marketplaces where you will get products to promote according to your niche. Some marketplaces are:
    • JvZoo.
    • Clickbank.
    • CJ affiliate.
  • Spy your competitors: This is a great way to get high commission affiliate products to promote. By seeing the products which your competitor are promoting.

After, that you have to select a specific merchant whose products you can promote.

Then, you should tie with that merchant for the affiliate program and if they approve it then you are an affiliate of that program.

After joining the program you’ll be giving a unique affiliate ID and this will be included in your affiliate link URL as well.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

There are a lot of ways to promote affiliate products such as writing affiliate reviews, sending email newsletter, recommending in articles and displaying ads.

The merchant will be given unique ID in order to track the clicks, impressions and conversions from the links.

When a user buys some products from that link you will earn a commission. This will be released when you will reach a threshold amount.

You can see from this image of google trends that how much anticipation is there for the term affiliate marketing in India.

According to Awin, 81% brands of US uses affiliate marketing and if this trends won’t go away then it will surely increase as everything.

Ways to make money with affiliate marketing.

Here are some ways with which you can make money with affiliate marketing:

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

1. Pay per sale.

This route is the most common one for making money with affiliate marketing.

In this way you have to make a sale and after that the merchant will pay a specific percentage of commission from the price of the product.

Here you have to first convince you customer to pay for the product and then you will get the commission.

So, to get paid in this way your content marketing and CRO (conversion rate optimisation) techniques should be top notch.

2. Pay per lead.

With this system you have to convince the audience to do tasks on the website to which your affiliate link directed to.

Simple. Isn’t it?

Let’s take an example, that you have written an article towards such pay per lead program where your audience can earn money while doing some tasks.

In this way, you convinced your audience to go to that website and do some task which can help them to earn money.

Also, with your audience earning from that website you will also get some commission for helping that website to get a lead.

Some ways of getting leads are signing up to the trial version of the product, filling contact form or newsletter or downloading some files.

3. Pay per click.

This way is kinda similar to that for ads because if you are monetizing your website with ads you need high traffic to get high income.

However, in ads either you get paid for click or for impressions or for both of them as well.

In pay per click affiliate marketing methods that user have to click on the links or the ads of the merchant website in order to get paid.

Now, you might me thinking that you are a pro affiliate and know the model of successful affiliate marketing.

However, you don’t know even 1% of affiliate marketing till now.

You have to learn affiliate marketing terms as well which takes place in background and also implement affiliate marketing on your blog to become a wizard of it.

Important terms in affiliate marketing.

1. Affiliate Link.

As mentioned the affiliate link helps you to get to the merchant website by clicking on the link.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

Every affiliate link is unique because it contains the specific customer id to track its conversion, impressions etc.

Here is an example of affiliate link:
https://www.amazon. com/dp/ASIN/?tag=your_Associates_ID.

2. Affiliate Manager.

It is a chance that the merchant itself is handling the affiliate program by himself.

Most of the time the merchant hires an affiliate manager which handles the affiliate programs.

Also, he/she will tell you how to increase sales, have better ROI and promotional methods you can use to promote the product.

3. Affiliate marketplace.

The affiliate network is a type of connection between the affiliates and merchant providing product or service.

The affiliate marketplace guides the affiliates in finding the merchants providing the right products according to their niche.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

It also helps in giving the fully functional, appropriate link tracking system which tells the impressions, clicks and conversions through your affiliate links.

Examples: ShareASale, amazon, ebay, clickbank etc.

4. Commission.

It is the amount of money that you’ll get by providing a sale to the merchant. It is usually pre determined.

Such as amazon affiliate commission rates.

5. Cloaking.

This refers to hiding of the tracking code of the affiliate links due to some security reasons.

The best benefit of cloaking is that it builds the trust of the customer to click on the link because non cloaked affiliate link seems like a spam one.



6. Landing Page.

This is a type of webpage which is used to collect the leads and drive sales. One of the best landing page is the homepage of your website itself.

7. Impression.

Impression is the number of time an ad appear on a page.

8. Niche.

It is the topic on which your affiliate blog will be based on.

9. SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation.

Search engine optimisation are the set of techniques which you implement on your website or blog to rank higher on google or any other search engine for a particular search term and query.

10. ROI (Return of investment).

ROI stands for return of investment.

It is calculated to see that the investment that we have done is profitable or not.

ROI= (Gross profit – Investment)/Investment * 100.

11. Custom affiliate income.

When you are just started working on a affiliate program you are given specified percentage of commission.

However, when you bring a lot of sales to the affiliate program then you got the choice to control the percentage of commission.

And that is known as custom affiliate income.

12. Payment mode.

This is the method with which affiliates gets the commission for the selling products or services.

The most common modes of payment are Paypal, wire transfers etc.

13. 2 Tier affiliate marketing.

In this type of affiliate marketing if you convince a person to join an affiliate program you earn a commission.

Also, after that if the referred person convinces other person to join affiliate program you too will make a commission in it as well.

It is very similar to MLM (multi level marketing) working model.

14. Split testing.

Mostly known as A/B testing, it is a process in which you make two copies of ads, web pages and lead generation pages to see which performs better.

Types of affiliate marketing.

There are several ways to get the right targeted traffic to the affiliate links and get sales which makes affiliate marketing diverse.

Affiliate marketing are mainly of three kinds:

1. Unattached affiliate marketing.

In this type of affiliate marketing there is no need of your presence and authority in promoting other people products.

This is a pay per click method of doing affiliate marketing.

This type of affiliate marketing can be done by using google adwords or FB ads.

In this type of affiliate marketing you can to do a lot of split testing such as changing the color of ads, making a lot of copies of ads etc to make a good ROI from your campaigns.

Source: Masterblogging.

If you want to know who has got success it then I would only say one name that is Saurabh Bhatnagar who is crazy FB ads expert.

This is a very popular way of doing affiliate marketing because at first you might have to do a lot of split testing and funnel building.

However, at the end this is a whole automated process.

People prefer this method because organically to build authority and provide valuable information to people takes time.

So, it is a way of doing time effective affiliate marketing.

Then here is a free book by our own Funnell GURU who have started this who funnel building process MR. Russell Brunson.

So, if you have interest in funnel building and wants to know how to create a funnel which your competitors can’t beat.

Get Your Free Copy!

2. Related affiliate marketing.

In this type of affiliate marketing you have to be present to sell these products to your customers.

You can make this presence by a blog, podcast, videos and social media.

Then after that you have to collect those products in your niche which you have never used.

For example if you are a blogger and writes about tech then you might do affiliate marketing of those products which you personally don’t use.

I don’t talk about any other bloggers see my blogs in which you can see that I promote hosting of namecheap and hostinger.

However, I don’t use namecheap but I promote it as it has good reviews and has competitive pricing as well.

Source: Masterblogging.

Similarly on the finance based blogs, you may find the several ads of financial institutions.

Believe me its fine to promote those products which you don’t personally use.

If the link or banner ad is related to your niche and also has good reviews then you can promote it.

This would led to higher conversion.

Also if you give all the unbiased information about the product then people would have trust on you and would become your customer as well.

3. Involved affiliate marketing.

Sometimes the affiliate marketers who have reached at a benchmark in their career tries to promote only those products which they use as well.

It is because people has a lot of expectations from the content of their blog and if they promote a bad product then they might fall from the eyes of people.

Also, if you have experienced the product by yourself you likely to tell your own experience and tell the pros and cons you faced while using the product.

Source: Masterblogging.

Didn’t get? Then here’s an example.

Let me take example of mine, you know that I widely promote hostinger throughout my blog. Why?

It is because I personally use it, I can tell you what pros and cons I faced, what are it good services such as pricing, uptime etc.

You can do any of the three types of affiliate marketing.

However, Pat Flynn from the smartpassiveincome.com advises to promote products that you personally use.

[convertful id=”107062″]

How to start affiliate marketing in India?

If you decided to start affiliate marketing then the first thing would be to start a blog.

It is because the 0$ or minimum investment affiliate marketing can only be done with a blog.

So, if you want to know how to start one then here is a 10,000 word guide on how to start blogging by me.

Once your affiliate marketing site is up and working you can to create a disclosure page to tell your readers how you can make money.

With this you should make a privacy policy page and terms of service page to gain the trust of the users.

With this it also protects you from a legal action as well because you don’t know what future holds for you.

So, now that your website is up and running then here’s what to do next.

Step 1: Pick up a niche.

Now, I have been quite bad in picking up the niche of websites that I own and that is the reason why I am capable to guide you.

It is because I know what mistakes newbies make and I can tell you how not to do so.

First, write about what you love not about what is trending in the world.

Let’s talk about my other website immunebazaar.com where I particularly write about tech and gaming stuff.

However, it was not the niche of that website in the beginning because at the time of buying the domain I thought that I would write about health there.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

So, if you don’t want to do this mistake then write those things that you want to have or the things that you have interest in.

For example, I want to build a high end gaming pc and I watch a lot of pc building and gaming videos.

So, after failing in the health niche for the first time I thought to write about computers, gaming and consoles on that other website.

My golden advice would be to write about the thing that you have expertise or have interest rather than writing about what is trending in the world.

It would help you to get the urge for writing a blog on daily basis and also helps in building a bond with your audience as well.

2. Find relevant products.

The best place to find affiliate products is the affiliate marketplaces such as JVzoo, clickbank etc because they have various products of different niches.

Also, if you are promoting a single product why not do it for various products in your niche.

It will help you to build a portfolio as well as getting a lot of money by promoting different products.

Also, why you should do affiliate of only those products which you are either using or not using. Why not? Both.

However like I told you before do check that the product you are promoting is good enough and value providing or not.

Source: ShoutMeLoud

If not then people would loose trust on you and again when they land to your website they won’t buy any product.

You have to remember in order to sell to a customer you have to make the him/her your god.

Also, people think that you can promote only those products which have affiliate programs.

And that is true for noob affiliate marketers but if you have been doing sales lately and have quite good record in it.

Then you can also send a mail and ask for promoting their products directly from their company.

And if you have good record in sales then they would give you their product to promote.

Also, different affiliates have different shares for their affiliate marketers.

My golden rule is that you have to not rely on a single product as your income source but instead promote various good products.

3. Create king content.

You should know that “Content is king” and you can’t expect a reader to buy from your link if you have written a mediocre or copied content.

Remember that especially in India people thinks of buying a product but don’t buys it.

It doesn’t mean that people don’t buy in India. Yes, they buy product as well as service but you have to make them convince.

Sharp your writing as well as sales skills and then you’ll surely see the difference.

Secret affiliate marketing tip:

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer then you have to create in depth articles.

Why? Here’s the reason.

Query >>> Awareness >>> Interest >>> Consideration >>> Intent >>> Evaluation >> Purchase.

This is a sales funnel it tells that how every purchase goes on internet.

Let’s start decoding this whole funnel.

Think like a customer if you want to buy something online you have some query that you insert on google.

Then you get some search results and you get aware about which website is ranking on google.

You will then click on that search result which has got your interest by its catchy headline and higher rankings on google.

Suppose that you want to buy a gadget which can remove bacteria from the air.

If you know that air purifier is the one which can solve your query then well and good.

However, if you don’t know what gadget will remove bacteria.

Then you decide or consider to buy an air purifier.

Intent is the one of the main thing in the sales funnel and also in making the sales happen.

Intent are the questions which you would think while buying a product or service.

For example if you are thinking to buy an air purifier.

You can have such questions such as best air purifier, pros and cons of it, why you should buy it, what features the product and service have.

And if the article would have all these questions solved.

Then you can’t go away to other website to find the answers of these questions.

Now, to make the purchase you would think of some kind of proof to know that the product or service is legit and good.

If the website have reviews telling the product is good and value providing then it would give you an extra reason to buy.

This is evaluation or rechecking step.

These are all the steps that will definitely convince to make a purchase.

This is one of the secret affiliate marketing hack which are only taught in paid courses.

You are getting it for free.

Are you feeling excited to know other secret hacks as well. If yes, then continue reading.

Polishing your sales and writing skill would help you get with this affiliate marketing funnel easily.

For that you have to learn SEO copywriting with affiliate marketing.

4. Promote.

This is the step which you have to reach the product that you have made to the potential customers.

However, the catch of this step is that if you are promoting the post containing affiliate links.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

Then don’t ask people to just buy the products or service but instead tell about the benefits and also try to create hype so that more people will visit the page.

Promotional methods for affiliate marketing.

There are many ways of doing affiliate marketing. However, in this blog post we will be seeing only those which are proven.

How to do affiliate marketing with a website?

There are a lot of ways with which you can do affiliate marketing with website. Whether it is organic or paid ads.


PPC means paid per clicks that involves launching ads on search engine or social media platforms.

In this type of methods the ads are designed with the help of copywriting and the sole purpose of ads is to generate clicks.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

People make a landing page or lead magnet page. So, that the user coming to their website through search engine ads or social media ads will signup there.

After that they take your email address and name, then they send emails to you hoping for the sale of their affiliate product.

Blogging and SEO.

This is one of the hottest way of doing affiliate marketing with the minimal cost method of doing affiliate marketing.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

There are a variety of ways to promote the products such as you can write review articles, dedicated articles on the product or service, and also comparison articles as well.

Best affiliate marketing themes.

If you will ask me which is the best affiliate marketing theme then my answer would be:

One of the lightest and fastest theme in the wordpress in generate press. I personally use it on this blog and you can see my Gtmetrix score as well.

Quite fast? Right!

However, in order to get more customization and premium looking feel. You can buy its premium version as well which costs 59$ for 1 year on unlimited websites.

GP premium

Also, Ankit Singla, Mr Vyas are also generate press premium on their blog

However, if you want a more e-commerce looking theme then one of the best choices would be Astra.

Astra is super fast, lightweight theme which is fully supported for woo- commerce. So, you can also set up your affiliate marketing store as well.

Astra comes with a free as well as paid plan known as Astra pro which is one of the fastest lightest themes in the whole WordPress.

Astra theme.

The pro plan gives you a lot of customisation option so that you can make your website a lot more professional.

Want to know more about Astra theme then here is the review of Astra 3.0.

Even Akshay Hallur, the pro blogger and the owner of the pro blog bloggingx also uses it along with elementor pro to make a gorgeous looking website.

Check out theme demos!

The third one which is quite similar to generate press which is schema and it is also quite fast and good looking.

Similarly it has both free and pro plans as well.

Schema theme.

The pro plan of Schema theme costs around 55 to 75$ per year and 250$ for a lifetime on a single website.

If you will ask me that in which theme you should invest your money in then specifically for affiliate marketing it is Astra Pro for me.

Best affiliate marketing plugins.
Here are some my favorite affiliate marketing plugins that will help you become an affiliate marketing pro.
#1 Table builder: AAWP or WP Table builder.

One of the best tool for affiliate marketers out there to increase conversions is table builder.

Table builder helps you to get more affiliate marketing sales than regular CTRs and buttons.

AAWP can make all your problem of table building easy.

And not only table building it has a lot of features as well such as single product listing, more conversion optimised buttons etc.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

It costs around 156$ for three websites for 1 year.

However, if you only want to make tables and have no money to spend then do go for WP table builder.

#2 All in one plugin: Affiliate Booster.

This is all in one free plugin that give you all the things which you’ll be required to write the golden affiliate marketing articles.

It is made by the affiliate guru Mr. Kulwant Nagi and gives you the feature of three indivisual plugins in one.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

This plugin provides the following features:

  • Pros and cons.
  • Notification block.
  • Single product listing like AAWP plugin.
  • Notice block.
  • Star ratings.
  • Conversion optimised buttons.

So, I would recommend you to definitely use this plugin on your affiliate marketing website.

#3 Cloaking plugin: Pretty Links.

Cloaking your affiliate links is super important because it gives people the trust to buy some product or service on the merchant’s website.

Also, the normal uncloaked affiliate links looks fishy and people avoid to make their transaction on that website.

Pretty links is one of the best cloaking plugins for free.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

It has a lot of features other than cloaking the affiliate links. Some features of this plugin are:

  • Track the number of clicks per affiliate links.
  • Tracks visitor’s activity with affiliate links with the cookie-based system.
  • Turn on/off the tracking of individual affiliate links.
  • Create nofollow/noindex affiliate links.
  • You can exclude /go/ or /recommend/ from the url and make it like xyz.com/product name/.
  • You can make temporary (302 or 307) or permanent redirections (301) of the affiliate links with this plugin.
#4 Pop-up plugin: Poptin or Optinmaster.

Pop-ups are one of the best methods of doing affiliate marketing because it can lead to a huge increase in conversions.

However, do read the Terms and conditions of the affiliate programs which you are promoting before using this.

It is because some affiliate don’t allow this method of doing affiliate marketing such as amazon affiliates.

However, if you want to use popups then here are my two favorite choices.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

First is optin monster, which is paid and offers a lot of great features and conversion optimised popups at 9$ per month.

However, if you are tight on budget then you can go for Poptin which is free of cost and helps you to make pop up forms.

#5 Post type sidebar: Content aware sidebars.

This is the plugin which would sureshot increase your conversions.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

Content aware sidebars helps you to add page, post or category specific sidebar elements which native wordpress doesn’t allow.

You can also make your sidebar sticky by using Q2W3 plugin.

#6 Coupons plugin: Coupons and deals plugin.

Do you know what makes hostinger so popular around the globe. It is mainly due to its evergreen discounts on their website.

And similar is the case for the affiliate sales that if anyone find some kind of discount on a particular product or service.

It is seen that more and more people would make a purchase there and increase your sales.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

In order to give discounts on particular product or service you can use coupons and deals plugin that would present discounts and coupons in boxes.

It has several features such as:

  • Text.
  • Coupon templates.
  • Image coupons.
  • Expiration countdowns.
  • Social share buttons.
  • You can also customize whole coupon as well.
Best hosting and domain provider for affiliate marketer.

If you want to start affiliate marketing website then the important factor for conversions is speed of the website.

Do you know that delay in 1 second of loading time can lead to decrease in 7% conversions.

Source: Neil Patel.

And the speed of the website is highly dependent on the type of hosting you have.

Also, nowadays due to the google page experience algorithm core web vitals have become a ranking factor so choosing the fast web hosting is very important.

I personally use hostinger and here is the gtmetrix score of my website. See its LCP is just 1 second and I am using shared hosting on this website.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

Hostinger hosting has a lot of great features other than its blazing fast speed. Some of them are:

  • 99.9% uptime of your website. It keeps you website up and working all the time.
  • Inbuilt cache manager to cache the database cache to make the loading time faster.
  • HTTP/2, PHP 7 support, GIT support which helps in more customisation of your website.
  • Easy to use and attractive h panel.
  • Lightning fast and fun support.
  • Free domain and SSL.
  • Very competitive pricing so that beginner can easily afford it.

Only one con that I found in this hosting is there is no daily backup present for free of cost.

However, you can do it manually as well.

If you are a beginner and want to start your website then go with the premium shared web hosting plan.

As it gives free domain with it, gives great bandwidth and allows you to add 100 websites.

So, it is future proof and I have also personally using it on this website and other two website as well.

It just cost around 3,200 rupees which is the cheapest as compared to other hosting providers.

Activate The Best Deal!

However, if you don’t want to buy hostinger hosting then you can also try out namecheap which gives hosting which is low cost as well.

Activate Your Best Deal!

Now let’s come to know that from where you can buy domains at the cheapest cost.

If you want any of the domains at low cost then Namecheap is the solution to all your problems.

I personally use this domain registrar to buy all my domains.

However, this domain is not bought from namecheap it is from godaddy where I spend around 750 rupees for this domain.

But when I got to know about Namecheap then I bought another domain which is immunebazaar.com at just 680 rupees that is phenomenal.

Activate Your Best Deal!

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

Also, you can check out hostinger for domains as well because its price is similar to namecheap.

Activate The Best Deal

However, the drawback of hostinger is that they don’t give WHOIS certificate with domains for extra protection.

How to do affiliate marketing without a website?

Solo Ads.

Now solo ads is a way to promote your affiliate products in the email lists of other people by paying them to do so.

You might ask me that how solo ads work?

For example you have started affiliate marketing of a marketing software. You have got some sale but want to increase it.

So, in order to increase it without a website you can contact influencers in your niche by using websites like Udimi.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

You have to pitch your offer to them and if they think that your offer is good enough then they would promote it in their email lists.

They would take a commission for every click on your affiliate links by their subscribers.

Now, major drawbacks of this type of affiliate marketing is that we don’t know which type of traffic would go to merchant website.

It can be good traffic that converts and also can be the traffic that won’t convert.

Viral E-book.

This affiliate marketing techniques is quite simple.

In this technique you have to create a e-book that goes viral and in it you can use affiliate links.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

It may sound simple but to create a viral thing requires a lot of research and marketing as well.

Video affiliate marketing.

This type of affiliate marketing mostly done via YouTube where you can make high quality videos and put you affiliate links in the description.

You should tell them that you have added affiliate links in your description so that people would have trust on you.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

For making sales you have to be clear as water to generate sales. Remember that!

Also, for making sales you should create high quality videos because you can’t expect biryani when you have cooked a low priced rice.

Social Media.

Social media is the best platform to get famous in 2021. Also, with getting famous you can promote your affiliate products in your posts, story, etc.

You can use the swipe up feature of Instagram which can be used for affiliate marketing.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

You can also add the affiliate link in you instagram bio which would also lead to conversions.

Want to know why you should use social media then here is a guide for it.

However, remember to be crystal clear and provide valuable content to your audience so that they would help you get more affiliate sales.

Email Marketing.

Email marketing can be used with a website as well as without a website as well.

If you are doing affiliate marketing even it is organic or paid you should definitely use email marketing with that.

And if you won’t integrate your affiliate marketing with email marketing after reading this article then I can surely say you are hurting a lot of your sales.

You can buy a server for your emails or you can easily store the emails by yourself.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

After that plan which emails you want to send to your subscribers and add your affiliate links in it which would definitely boost your conversions.

However, don’t just send the emails for the sake of conversions.

But also send something useful in the emails so that people would take interest to open your mails.

If you want to do affiliate marketing either with a website or with a landing page.

Then one of the best and affordable tool to build landing pages, email list and much more is GetResponse.

I personally use it and also recommend you as well.

Activate The Best Deal!

Post on online communities or forums.

This is an another of doing affiliate marketing by answering a particular question on online communities or forums.

Then adding affiliate links in that answers hoping that the conversion would occur.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

There are a lot of online communities such as quora or reddit or you can also find online forums where you can also add affiliate links.

Now, it might sound kinda similar but it is one of the primary aspect of sales that if you want sales then first provide something valuable first.

Best affiliate programs to join in India.

In this article, we have talked about some websites where you get several affiliate products to promote on your website.

These websites are known as affiliate networks or affiliate programs.

So, let’s discuss some best affiliate networks for affiliate marketers in India.

1. Amazon affiliate program.

Amazon is the leading e-commerce website in the whole world.

The logo of Amazon means that they provide A to Z products on their website and this make it the boss of all the e-commerce websites on internet.

Also, along with Amazon its affiliate program is also the go to place for all the newbies affiliate marketers.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

The commission rates vary from 2% to 10% depending on the products.

I would like tell you that if you are new to affiliate marketing then don’t go for those products which have high commission.

However, select those products which lies in your niche.

2. Clickbank.

On clickbank you can get a lot of products as it is a dedicated affiliate marketplace.

They have merchants which gives high commission to affiliate marketers who help them to sell their products.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

However, the problem of this marketplace is that the navigation of right products is quite tough in this website.

Along with these problems, this affiliate marketplace is one of the best for beginners to start their affiliate marketplace.

3. ShareASale.

Another great affiliate marketplace is ShareAsale which offers a lot of products to promote on your website.

Along, with the best products to promote this marketplace has other tools like detailed statistics to see impressions, clicks and conversions.

There are a lot of products categories in this marketplace.

So that you can promote affiliate products according to your niche easily.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

You can choose product ranging from baby products, softwares, books, automotive, computer’s, fashion and more.

I love how you can easily select the products according to your niche for promotion on your website on this marketplace.

There are lot of ways to promote ShareASale products on your website some best ways are contextual affiliate links, banners etc.

4. CJ Affiliate.

CJ affiliate marketplace is the best place if you want to promote hosting or other marketing tools on your website.

Just like clickbank, you have a lot of products waiting for you to get your hand on it.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

You can sign up and then apply for the products according to your niche.

Some products would be approved instantly but some may require some time to get approved and start promoting their products on your website.

5. Impact Radius.

Impact radius is another great and reputed affiliate marketplace to get the products to promote on your website.

It was started in 2008 by the founders of Commission Junction and savings.com.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

On this marketplace you will get products from companies like hostgator and ConstantContact.

How to choose the best affiliate networks?

There are a lot of affiliate marketplace other than those mentioned in this article.

I would like to first start with all these and then you can explore other marketplaces as well.

First, try all of them, see which works for you and continue with the one mainly.

Like, I have mentioned put all your eggs in your basket because shouldn’t satisfy with just one product.

However, before promoting affiliate products from any of these marketplaces do read the TOS (Terms of service).

For example, Amazon affiliate doesn’t allow using pop up as the marketing strategy to get conversions of products.

How do you increase affiliate conversions?

I want to say one thing if you are promoting products then you are doing it for money and there is no shame in it.

I have discussed the basics to intermediate of affiliate marketing till now.

However, this is the right time to dive a little deeper and go on to some advanced affiliate marketing tips.

Here are some tips to boost affiliate conversions.

1. Product Choice.

How do you judge that a product is good or not? There is two factors which normal people consider that a product is good or not.

  • Reviews and testimonials.
  • Brand.

A product which has good reviews and comes from a reputed brands will tend to generate more sales than that product will has lack of assurances.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

So, you have to choose the products from the reputed brands because it will count for conversions.

If you want to promote a good product but you haven’t used it and there are no affiliate program of it.

Then ask the merchant to let you promote their product on your website for review.

2. Think of your audience first.

Different products have different commissions and it is very tempting to go for the higher commission ones.

But are you confirmed of their integrity?

If you will promote products only on the basis of the sales or conversions.

Then in the long run you won’t get new customers and would loose existing ones as well.

Only promote those products which is according to your niche and provides value to your audience.

Look for only those products which is needed by your audience in this way you will create not a one time but life long customers.

For example, a tech blog won’t promote spices or kitchen equipments.

Surely you can do advertise that blog post promoting spices or kitchen equipments by ppc marketing.

However, people would make a single time purchase from your links but won’t be a lifelong customer.

But if you will add related products such as tripod, mobile phones etc on your blog then it will make every single of your customer into a life long one.

3. Look for discounts.

I am a kind of person who explains marketing, sale with examples so that you would get the concept easily.

Do you know what makes a person who is not interested in buying a product to buy the product?

It is basically the discount that bind the person to the product and convince him or her to buy it.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

So, if you are asking any merchant to give you the right to promote their product on your website.

With that do ask them if they can give any sort of discount coupon or discounted prices to your customers.

Also, it is a win-win situation so why won’t the person in need of that product or service buy it.

It would keep the visitor on your website for longer time which results in more sales as well.

4. Content is king.

This is one of the best and evergreen tips for increasing user retention on your website.

“Content was the king, is the king and will forever be the king”.

Also, remember you can’t expect sales from a thin, badly written piece of content.

With that writing long form of content get more social media share which increases the visitor count on your website.

However, it is not always necessary to increase the length of your content.

Yes, it is true that long content get more share but don’t start bluffing in your article for the sake of making it long.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

Let us take an example, if you make a blog post about, “how to recover deleted whatsapp chat”.

I have searched it on google and mostly found listicle type of content which was around 1000 words only.

You can see that they are still ranking even if they have thin content.

So, yes it is necessary to write long articles but more than that do see the intent of the people finding solution of that query.

How can we do that? It is simple as hell!

  • Go to google.
  • Type your keyword on which you want to blog about.
  • See the type of post is it guide of 10000+ words, listicles of 2000 to 3000 words or just a thin content.
  • It tells you the intent of the person who is actually searching answer for that term on google.
  • It is because you can’t give the whole information of facebook even when that the user is only searching a way to create a page on google.

So, I think you have got the point now!

If yes then do comment and share it on your social media as well.

How to become a successful affiliate marketer in India.

You know people says that affiliate marketing is just placing your affiliate links on your blog and boom conversion are raining like cats.🤣

There are a lot of things that you will understand while doing affiliate marketing.

However, if you are able to find that one arrow that can hit bull’s eye for you.

Then this affiliate marketing can give you what your job, offline business can’t give you even in your 10 lifetimes.

However, this doesn’t that you can write thin, useless content and still get that money.

Always remember work with all your hearts first then you will surely get rewarded.

Here are some ways to become a successful affiliate marketer.

1. Research and evidence.

Before, writing a blog post devote at least your 30 minutes for making an outline of your article.

With that you should also have some research of the product you are promoting such as what is the intent of user, pros and cons, similar products etc.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

Also, you have to find some data, demographics related to that post so that you can get more trust and more sales as well from visitors.

However, this data step you can also do it partially while writing articles.

Take some time in this process in order to gain more trust and stand out from other affiliate marketers out there.

2. Build a rapport with your audience.

You know how people are ranking their new websites on google organically. It is because they are working on their website according to micro niche.

Also, this way is super important in affiliate marketing as well.

Want to get super 1.5 million lucrative niche ideas? Then click on the link.

It helps you create a rapport with your audience.

Also your audience will see you as an expert of that niche and would more likely buy the products which you are promoting.

Not understood it fully? Then here is my secret weapons, examples!

Suppose you have a blog like me about computers and gaming and there you promote laptops, headsets, keyboards etc.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

Suppose, you are ranking for a keyword, best gaming keyboards in India and a person visits on your website through that keyword from google.

First time he read the article but won’t bought it from your website.

Then second time, he/she typed on google best budget mouse for gaming.

On this keyword, your website is also ranking and this time the user see that you are also ranking for various stuff in the niche “gaming and PC”.

This will give the visitor a signal that you might be a expert and know a lot about computers and gaming.

And after knowing this there is a lot of chance that he/she will buy the product from your website.

Also, it is possible that if he/she need products similar to your website’s niche then the first website he/she would visit will be yours.

3. Introduce the personal aspect.

Introduce the personal aspect means that promote those products which you have trial and tested which will increase your sales.

Do I believe it? Not fully!

There are huge amount of products to promote in affiliate marketing. This doesn’t means that you choose any blah-blah products.

It is a good way to promote those products which you have trust on.

As, I have told you that promoting good and reliable products helps in conversion as well.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

If you will promote those products which you personally use then you will eventually see that your users would take your recommendations more often.

It will make you a brand which people would trust not only for a single product but for all their needs.

It is because they would have trust that you won’t sell bogus products to them.

4. Make Use of Several Avenues to Bring in Traffic.

Now, it is great that you are doing affiliate marketing organically and driving traffic towards your website.

It is the best methods to do affiliate marketing at the lowest cost.

However, don’t just restrict yourself to it when you are somewhat big also start make landing page for affiliate marketing.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

Then, find some great websites which you can display ads using adswords or buying the adspace on that website.

But if you are new and doesn’t have much income then you can affiliate marketing through email marketing, social media etc which is free.

5. Analytics.

Do you know what is the main reason why you don’t get conversions? It is because you don’t see which links is converting and which is not.

Basically, I want to say that if you don’t set up analytics of your affiliate links then you might be loosing a lot of conversions of your affiliate products.

Now, you might me thinking that how setting up analytics can lead to conversions.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

It tells if your links are not getting conversions then it means that there is an urgent need to change your affiliate marketing strategies.

Almost all the affiliate platforms gives you basic analytics but in order to monitor more things of your affiliate links.

For that you can use pretty links it has features such as cloaking links, analytics etc.

6. Stay up to date.

Now, in this competition and ever changing digital world you need to learn new things about affiliate marketing as well.

Things change very fast nowadays it may be possible that the affiliate techniques which you were using and were getting results soon become obsolete.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

So, if you want to earn in today’s world then you have to stay ahead from the competition by learning new things.

7. Make use of tools.

There are a lot of things which you have to do along with affiliate marketing to rank higher on google.

Adding links, making tables, SEO optimisation, using ad campaign effectively can be very tiring for you.

You can make use of some tools which can make your process easier and also automate your process as well.

how to start affiliate marketing in India.

You can use Pretty Links for cloaking the affiliate links, also it has analytics for tracking affiliate links.

Another best tool is groove funnels which is one of best digital marketing software.

Also, they are giving free accounts to some of their early customers. So, avail your free account as fast as you can!

Tools has a lot of importance in affiliate marketing.

If you want more great tools for affiliate marketing then here is a post from master blogging on it.

8. Patience and regularity.

Now, as I have told you that it might look simple to do affiliate marketing but it has a lot of different involved in it.

They have to be putted in the right place in order to earn money through affiliate marketing.

It is a forever learning process and if you have putted all the pieces into its place then you have to sit back and wait for results.

how to start affiliate marketing in India

You might be thinking that more products you promote leads to more earning but it is not true for newbies.

For newbies, first start promoting some products and if you get result then only go for other products.

9. Spy your competitors.

This is one of the things which you should do in order to find best products and content that people want.

You can do it by using ahrefs. I personally use it as a group buy tool.

how to start affiliate marketing in India

Here is how you can get great products or posts from ahrefs.

1: Go to Ahrefs and go to site explorer.

2: Add your competitors site.

3: Go to top pages on the left sidebar.

4: See the top pages of the competitors website.

5: Replicate the posts and product reviews on your website as it is working for your competitors website.

Even Neil Patel, the marketing giant also says the same as well.

10. Investment for more income.

This affiliate marketing industry is dynamic. You should be open to learning even if you are a expert as well so that you can learn new trends fastly.

There are a lot of affiliate courses on udemy to learn affiliate marketing.

Many of the free courses are useless so in order to learn properly you have to do some investment.

I am not saying that you should buy in the initial stage but if you have started earning then don’t forget to investment in it.

Here are some blogs which you can learn affiliate for free:

  1. Light world wide.
  2. Master blogging.
  3. Bloggingx.

Best amazon affiliate marketing websites 2021.

Now, you ask me why I am telling only about amazon affiliate websites.

It is because people nowadays people go for high recurring products such as SAAS (software as a service).

However, this niche is quite saturated and very difficult to rank as well.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t rank in this niche but ranking in this niche is quite hard and takes time.

So, in the efforts of 1 SAAS product websites you can operate more than 5 amazon affiliate websites.

Here are some amazon affiliate marketing website which are making more than 10,000$ per month.

  • ThisIsWhyImBroke.com.
  • Thewirecutter.com.
  • 10beasts.com.
  • vloggerpro.com.
  • theadventurejunkies.com
  • direbikeplanet.com

Ads vs affiliate marketing – Which gives more earning?

Now, if you would ask me which out of the two are best? Then, I would always go for affiliate marketing.

Also, with ads there are many problems such as they can increase the core web vitals especially CLS (cumulative layout shift).

The latest page experience update of google makes the core web vitals a ranking factor on google.

So, if you are newbie you can go with ads but eventually you have to come to affiliate marketing as well.

Want to know some tricks for google adsense approval then here is post for it.

Here are some benefits of affiliate marketing to help you decide why you should start affiliate marketing.

Advantages of affiliate marketing over ads.

  • Targeted traffic: If you want to generate income even if there are not a lot of people visiting your website then affiliate marketing is best.

  • Doesn’t affect site’s UI and UX: Ads can increase your website’s core web vitals which affects the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) which is not good for your website. However, affiliate links doesn’t do this.

  • Minimal investment: If you want to start marketing and want to earn money with minimal investment then affiliate marketing is the way.

  • Billion dollar business: Affiliate marketing is one of those ways which can be scaled upto millions of dollars which you can’t get in adsense.

  • You can work flexibly: Now if you are an affiliate marketer and want to work then you just want a laptop and you can start working. This helps you to work from anywhere on this globe.

Frequently asked questions of affiliate marketing.

How much can I earn with affiliate marketing?

The possibilities is unlimited but to earn more you have to learn and invest more as well.

Let’s take an example of affiliate guru Mr. Kulwant Nagi who have earned more than half a million dollars through affiliate marketing till 2016.

So, potential to earn in this field is very huge but you should have to focus more on learning and investing the money in tools and course to learn new things.

Is affiliate marketing legal?

Yes, absolutely it is legal and safe way to earn money online. Yes, some people do say that affiliate marketing is fraud.

However, I think either they haven’t worked hard or have fallen in the trap of network marketing.

Network marketing is fraud and they often say that they are doing affiliate marketing.

And that is the reason why affiliate marketing is so badly trolled.

How to start affiliate marketing with no money?

You can start affiliate marketing from social media with no or very low investment.

However, with this you have to setup website because many affiliate programs doesn’t allow to post their affiliate links directly on social media.

Do I need a blog to do affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can earn money without owning your blog but it wouldn’t be that much.

Also, there would be a problem that some affiliate programs doesn’t allow sharing of affiliate links directly on social media.

So, in that case you will need a website to do proper affiliate marketing.

How much will it cost me to start?

Now, if you are signing for an affiliate program then it is free.

However, if you want to scale up it and want to earn some decent amount then set up your blog as well.

You can use hostinger for super cheap fast hosting and for domain you can use namecheap.

What qualifications do I need for affiliate marketing?

Now, this is not a criteria for online business. You can have any qualification and still can do affiliate marketing.

If you want to start in english blogging then you should have a strong command on english for that.

However, if you are getting started in the regional languages such as hindi etc then you have to have good command on that language.

Can I still use AdSense with Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, adsense has no problem with affiliate marketing.

You can use both of them together but you should have to lessen you ad numbers because affiliate links = ad in the eyes google.

So, in order to maintain UI of your website you have to lessen the number of ads.

How much can I earn with affiliate marketing?

The possibilities is unlimited but to earn more you have to learn and invest more as well.

Let’s take an example of affiliate guru Mr. Kulwant Nagi who have earned more than half a million dollars through affiliate marketing till 2016.


Affiliate marketing is not just a quick money making tip just like event blogging but it is a multi million dollar business.

It takes a lot of hardwork, patience, learning and implementation to get succeed in it.

This is one of the few ways in which you can earn money without taking tension of your boss or getting caught in something illegal.

There are many live examples who have reversed their conditions with the help of affiliate marketing.

Some examples are Harsh Aggarwal, Ankit Singla, Kulwant Nagi etc.

You just have to work hard and then you’ll see get amazing results.

Also, I want to tell you that this article is a beginner to intermediate. There are a lot of things in affiliate marketing which you need to know.

So, I want to tell you that if you want to get the secret affiliate marketing tips and tricks then do bookmark this website.

That’s it for this article, hope you liked it and if you liked it then do share it with your friends.

If you have any query related to affiliate marketing then do share

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